Chapter 23 - Immortal Cultivators?



“Have you ever heard of ‘Immortal Cultivators’?”


The reason Li Qu asked this question was because firstly, Xia Dong definitely needed to cultivate by using a special cultivation Scripture that Li Qu had.


If not, there would be no way that Xia Dong could ever be cured of his ‘curse’ and would slowly wait to die in an area with no civilization in order not to cause a natural disaster to the people around him.


Li Qu had countless amounts of Immortal Scriptures, Demonic Techniques and the likes of those memorized in his mind, throughout his whole cultivation journey.


He had pillaged natural occurring pocket realms, killed an innumerable number of cultivators and demons while ‘inheriting’ their treasures after their deaths, found numerous Inheritance Immortal Abodes of fallen Immortals that wanted to leave their legacies, and much more.


Secondly, Li Qu wanted to know if there were any traces of Immortal Cultivators that had been on Earth, presently or previously.


Li Qu had thoughts that he would not only be the only cultivator that had been to Earth, there might be some sort of signs or influence that Immortal Cultivators made a mark here.


“I-Immortal Cultivators? Isn’t that something from the legends and books that only people that liked to fantasize would read?”


“There is one standing right in front of you now.”


Li Qu was not just any regular Immortal Cultivator, but an actual ex-Immortal Emperor.


One at the very top, barring a few others, they were considered the best of the best!


Xia Dong was initially suspicious about Li Qu’s identity, but he thought and realized that Li Qu might really be an ‘Immortal Cultivator’, from listening to him speak things that were not ever heard before, to his actions of sending his Spiritual Sense into his body.


The businessman could actually confirm that Li Qu was not lying, he was shocked at him revealing his background, although he was strong.


“I’m really thankful to you, but why would you reveal your background to me? Aren’t you scared that I’ll accidentally expose it to other people?”


Xia Dong asked while feeling a hint of doubt, as he could not fathom why Li Qu would reveal it so easily.


In the corporate world, every move from the higher-ups were political and well thought-out, any hidden cards they had were good cards.


Hiding all traces of their own movements, hiring people to slander their reputations anonymously, covering their own background information, and forging fake ID’s in order not to expose their family origins.


Those were just a few basic things that the higher echelons of elites would do in order not to reveal their secrets.


“One, I am more powerful than you think. Two, you have no choice but to cultivate. If you do not want to, you are guaranteed to die.”


Li Qu could foresee a future in the parallel universe where Xia Dong had rejected him, due to being wary of an unknown civilization of powerful Immortals.


Let’s just say it was not a pretty sight to see when the volcano, Mount Xia Dong, erupted with a force that could wipe out Dryington in a span of two days.


“How strong are you, really…? I simply cannot fathom a being more powerful than an Ascended like the current President of Mei Country. Initially, we thought you were an unidentified entity…Similar to an Ascended.”


A 10th Stage Bio-Beast that attempted Ascension would also be called an ‘Entity’ by the people on Earth after they succeeded, similar in power to a human Ascended.


Most of the entities were already registered into the government’s database as it was best to keep them in their sights, lest they decide to suddenly go on a rampage and organize a Bio-Beast Tide out of nowhere to decimate human civilization.


Scott was curious about Li Qu’s power as well, rightfully so, as he was frozen in place just from that little bit of killing intent emitted by Li Qu.


“My power? No one has ever forced me to use my full power in an exceptionally long time, but if I were to destroy Earth… It would probably take a single punch in my prime.”


Li Qu thought of a way to describe how powerful he was in his prime and gave an example of what someone at his level of power could achieve.


“A-A-A single punch! Y-you’re not joking right? Right?!”


Scott stammered and Xia Dong was dumbstruck, it was too unbelievable for them as they had not experienced anything close to that level of power in their whole life.


Although they had seen what an Ascended was capable of, they could not comprehend the scene of a single tiny person destroying Earth in a single punch! It was simply too absurd.


"In your prime? W-what about now?"


"Hmm... Maybe a hundred punches without using any skills?"


Xia Dong was speechless for a good few moments but soon regained his composure and asked with a hint of enthusiasm, as he imagined himself with that level of power.


“Is that the power of an Immortal Cultivator? Would I be able to achieve that level of power as well?”


Li Qu thought for a short while as he ruminated on how to explain to Xia Dong, he then raised his hands slightly outwards and stretched out his index finger to signify the number, ‘One’.


“That would be the power of an Immortal Emperor, but if you want to reach that level, hmmm… You could, considering your Physique, but it would take at least one epoch, or tens of millions of years.”


Xia Dong instantly deflated but he caught on to something that Li Qu mentioned and was bereft of speech as he had a horrifying thought.


“T-then h-how old is Mr Li…? You still look young! Ahaha…!”


Xia Dong awkwardly asked and tried to play it off as a joke as he was scared out of his wits at his own thoughts.


“Me? I lost count at two million. It was a bother to remember something this insignificant as my life was too boring and repetitive.”


Although Xia Dong had asked it, he did not expect Li Qu to seriously ponder about his question and give a truthful reply as though it was not a big deal.


“Holy m-mother of god…”


Scott nearly fainted, although it was an exaggeration but he d*mn near peed his pants as he thanked his lucky stars for not dying after blocking Li Qu’s way.


“There is honestly nothing to make a big fuss out of. If you cultivate, you could have a lifespan that is as long as since the founding of the religion that this guy has faith in until the present time as well.”


Li Qu explained to Xia Dong of the endless limits of cultivating immortality and the future ahead of him.


“It has been a rather fun chat. I will now instill the cultivation method in a jade slip and give you a single strand of my Immortal Qi to help you use the jade slip for the first time, slowly absorb the knowledge inside of it. Remember, do not be impatient when cultivating. Cultivation is a long process and journey.”


Li Qu closed his eyes and sent a single harmless strand of Immortal Qi to Xia Dong to guide him on how to activate the jade slip and taught him how to get started out initially using his Spiritual Sense.


“Done. Go back home and practice, report to my teahouse when you gain initial succession, along with your daughter. I need a waitress to help me out, I predict that I will have a lot of customers coming very soon.”


Li Qu said with a small laugh, the later parts of what he said were echoing as he waved his hands when a portal appeared and he stepped into it, disappearing as if he had never been here in the first place.


“Dong, can you remind me to change my underwear when I get home? I feel something warm flowing there.”


Scott said to Xia Dong as he felt a warm liquid flowing, the same thing happened when he received a fright as he saw a Bio-Beast for the first time in his life.


It was too nerve-wrecking for both of them, facing an existence that could potentially destroy Earth if he was to get angry.


Only after Li Qu left had they released a heavy and long breath of relief, only the adrenaline was keeping them from being rational when Li Qu was there.


Now that he was gone, Scott collapsed on the floor, sitting down on the ground feebly.


Drip drip drip!


Xia Dong’s hands were shaking as he took the glass of champagne to try and drink it to calm down with some of it spilling out onto the marble floor due to the intense shivering.



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