Chapter 22 - Everlasting Flame Physique



The Everlasting Fire Physique, a heaven-tiered Flame Physique that ranked in the top twenties across all the realms that exists.


As the name states, a fire that burns everlastingly, was present in Xia Dong's body, albeit in a dormant state.


This was why he still remained as a non-Evolver, as the Yang energy it was emitting subconsciously was too strong, it had suppressed all sorts of power trying to overcome it.


Xia Dong himself had tried numerous ways to become an Evolver, but failed every single time due to the power dispersing by itself, seemingly burnt away, but Xia Dong did not know that as he did not have Micro Sense.


He had consulted numerous doctors and Evolvers specializing in healing and black magic, but doctors would say it was inevitable as he had no talent, or the Evolvers would say that it was a curse. Of course, he hid the records as he did not want his enemies to know about him.


The only reason why Xia Dong could have survived until now was because the Everlasting Fire Physique had established a symbiotic relationship with Xia Dong unknowingly.


In the case where Xia Dong dies, then the Everlasting Fire Physique would be assimilated into the ground, where the place of Xia Dong's death would become a volcanic region.


Li Qu thought that it was some sort of fate playing into place, where if Xia Dong had died before he was even there, a natural disaster would have occurred, but here he was, about to cure him of his natural born talent or ill-fate.


The more coincidences he experienced, the more Li Qu felt like someone was pulling strings. But was it really the case?


Li Qu opened his eyes and asked Xia Dong a question that none of those phony doctors or Evolvers had ever asked him.


"Whenever you try to focus and meditate to detect the Essence Of Evolution, and you successfully pull it into your body, would it somehow disperse and your body feels like it was on fire afterwards?"


Xia Dong was nervous and expectant when he looked at Li Qu with his eyes closed, but when Li Qu opened his eyes and stated some facts that he had not told anyone as he thought it was something minor, he firmly believed in Li Qu now.


"M-Mr Li, can you really lift my curse? What about my daughter's?!"


Xia Dong nearly wanted to kneel to this mysterious entity in front of him because he was too excited at finally finding hope. He had been grasping at straws all along and he gave up because no one seemed to know.


Truthfully, it would have been weird if someone really knew about his conditions, and the person would most likely be an Immortal cultivator from the realms that Li Qu had come from.


In addition, Xia Dong would most likely not be alive anymore as Immortals were innately selfish creatures, only doing what benefits them the most.


If Immortals that were not as powerful as Li Qu were to detect Xia Dong's Everlasting Fire Physique, they would have snatched it when they saw it, or even try to possess his body.


Xia Dong would not have been alive to tell the tales, or even if he did, it would not have been the original person.


It was lucky that Li Qu had seen most of what the realms had to offer and was not greedy for treasures as he already had an immeasurable cultivation base and had a hidden physique himself.


"You can be considered lucky that I have met you before you died, and that this is actually not a curse."


Li Qu then proceeded to explain to Xia Dong about his Everlasting Fire Physique and what would happen if he died.


Xia Dong was horrified as he absorbed new information about himself that he had never known, especially after he heard that the place that he died would shortly become a volcanic region due to his Everlasting Fire Physique.


"It is not a matter of luck but destiny. You are lucky to be born with this physique if you know how to use it to your advantage, but unlucky if you could not, like your current situation."


Li Qu was, in fact, right on the dot. If Li Qu had come any later by a few tens or so years, Xia Dong would most probably become one of the villains that caused a natural disaster.


"Mr Li, I sincerely ask you to help me, I can work under you if that is your wish!"


Xia Dong was sure now that Li Qu could help him, he kneeled and pleaded with Li Qu as it was almost every human's dream to possess superpowers, whether it be to protect themselves or their families and country, or to be an evil villain.


Although that was Xia Dong's dream, his number one priority was not to cause a disaster after he died.


In front of him was his benefactor, Li Qu was so close in distance to him that Xia Dong felt overwhelmed by the fact that he would be indebted to him, most likely for life.


"I do not want you. I just want your daughter to work in my teahouse. As simple as that."


Said Li Qu coolly as he sat down on the sofa and crossed his legs on top of one another, looking extremely handsome.


"That's simple, that's simple! I will tell her about your request, I will force her even if she rejects!"


Xia Dong was exhilarated as he repeated his words twice.


He did not have to hand his reins over his business empire and just had to make his daughter work for this mysteriously powerful person in front of him.


Even if he had to hand it over, he would be willing to, for a chance to finally have powers and not to be a ticking time bomb.


Li Qu looked on in interest as the businessman's attitude turned subservient and asked a question that left Xia Dong perplexed.


"Have you ever heard of 'Immortal Cultivators'?"



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