Celestial Teahouse System [Slice Of Life LitRPG]

Celestial Teahouse System [Slice Of Life LitRPG]

by D-[839]

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

“I guess this is the end of my lifespan? How pathetic.”

An infamous Immortal Emperor from Black Heaven Realm was at the end of his lifespan as he shut his old and wrinkled eyelids, awaiting his impending death with a hint of regret.

However, when he was on his last breath– the serenity was disrupted by a simple-looking pebble that started glowing intensely out of nowhere as it entered his dantian and he lost consciousness.

After what seemed like forever, he finally woke up and to his amazement– he discovered that his body had recovered to the state of his once youthful self with his cultivation only regressing by a little, while ending up in a foreign world filled with modern technology– Earth.

He realized that a mysterious robotic voice had suddenly established its presence in his mind unknowingly, issuing him missions and rewards that would help and guide him in a certain direction.

Enjoying his new life with a carefree attitude in a new world, running a teahouse with the help of the Celestial Teahouse System– Li Qu will slowly unravel the mysteries behind the pebble and the reason for his transmigration. Was he the only one to do so? Or was there a deeper meaning behind all of this?

Will be releasing chapters daily until it gets knocked off the Rising Star list. From then on, it'll be Monday - Friday.

Important Note: It's written in a style of a 'Chinese-translated-to-English' type of story. I get the confusion in the earlier chapters, however NO harem. It's mostly a turn-off-your-brain chill type of story.

Author's Note: As this is the first story that I've ever written, there will be occasional errors and as such, please forgive me in advance. 

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Word Count (8)
Table of Contents
60 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Li Qu ago
Chapter 2 - Modern Day Earth? ago
Chapter 3 - Celestial Teahouse System ago
Chapter 4 - Crater Incident ago
Chapter 5 - New Yolk ago
Chapter 6 - Xia Qiu ago
Chapter 7 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 8 - Location Confirmed ago
Chapter 9 - The First Celestial Teahouse ago
Chapter 10 - Beginner's Pack ago
Chapter 11 - Gold Spirit Tea ago
Chapter 12 - Tea Heart ago
Chapter 13 - Daily Mission ago
Chapter 14 - Power Levels and Gold Spirit Tea ago
Chapter 15 - Open For Business ago
Chapter 16 - Mike ago
Chapter 17 - The First Customer ago
Chapter 18 - Mike Drinking Tea ago
Chapter 19 - Li Qu's 'Small Plan' ago
Chapter 20 - State Of Dryington ago
Chapter 21 - Xia Dong ago
Chapter 22 - Everlasting Flame Physique ago
Chapter 23 - Immortal Cultivators? ago
Chapter 24 - New Employee Reports To Work ago
Chapter 25 - Captain Tom ago
Chapter 26 - Coward Tom ago
Chapter 27 - Falling Into Depravity ago
Chapter 28 - Xia Qiu's 'Curse' ago
Chapter 29 - Story Of The Heaven Realms ago
Chapter 30 - Xia Qiu Cultivates ago
Chapter 31 - Fifth Mission ago
Chapter 32 - Banished To The Shadow Realm ago
Chapter 33 - A Visit To The Forest (1) ago
Chapter 34 - A Visit To The Forest (2) ago
Chapter 35 - A Visit To The Forest (3) ago
Chapter 36 - Cal Cal ago
Chapter 37 - How Cal Cal Got To Earth ago
Chapter 38 - Elle Firsonia Cal ago
Chapter 39 - The Tribe Elders ago
Chapter 40 - 'Small Condition' ago
Chapter 41 - VIP Level 10 ago
Chapter 42 - Meeting Of The Higher-Ups ago
Chapter 43 - Trouble Comes Knocking ago
Chapter 44 - Edmundo Lain ago
Chapter 45 - 'Six' ago
Chapter 46 - The Countdown ago
Chapter 47 - The Breakdown ago
Chapter 48 - Mookbang ago
Chapter 49 - Suspicions Of Pontiff Jule ago
Chapter 50 - Enlightenment Tea (1) ago
Chapter 51 - Enlightenment Tea (2) ago
Chapter 52 - Enlightenment Tea (3) ago
Chapter 53 - Arrival ago
Chapter 54 - The Elves Have Tea ago
Chapter 55 - Xia Qiu Wakes Up ago
Chapter 56 - Manslaughter In Broad Daylight ago
Chapter 57 - Qi Mingyun ago
Chapter 58 - Another Sudden Mission ago
Chapter 59 - The Three Riddles ago
Chapter 60 - Li Qu's Profile Picture ago

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Second Try at a Review for this

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - Tea Heart

Since my last review got deleted for focusing too much on the genre as a whole, and for apparently saying that this story is a translation (which I did not say), and I am feeling petty enough to rewrite a review, I will be more careful this time.  

MAIN FOCUS (for the rules' sake, everything after this is the main focus of the review, the above is only a preface)

I have several issues with this story, mainly due to its execution as a story and as a Xianxia novel.  My critiques also would apply to many others of this genre, but are not unique to this genre, and are specifically focused on this story's issues.

I don't want to write my whole review again so I will go over of my problems in a "short" list:

1.  THIS IS NOT A TRANSLATION (as far as I am aware).  However, if you read it you may not be able to tell that, because the writting style READS LIKE it is a translation in its phrasing and diction EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT.  (This covers both style and grammar)

2.  In many ways, while I in no way think that the author is a plagarist, nor do I think their work should not be read due to similarities to other works, I do think that reading this will make a person feel as though they are reading something they have already read before. This is mainly due to the overuse of troupes from the Xianxia genre, or to put it in Royal Road's words, "...certain elements of the genre were poorly done or... take away from the story." (This covers story)

3.  Characters lack any dynamic or interesting traits, and are largely predictable if one has read any amount of online fiction.  Many character archetypes can be found in this novel, which takes away from the story due to creating a level of predictability in characters' dialogue, thoughts, and actions that borders on precognition.  (This covers characters)

4.  The last thing that I remember from my review is that there is an obviously Chinese influence on the novel, which is completely fine, but the fact that the story is set in New York (or New Yolk as it is in this story), completely ruins any immersion as there is a lack of understanding of Americans norms and mores.

I'll stop here, as I don't know what else I can say that is productive and falls within the rules to the absolute letter.


I'll be honest, I read up to ch 6 and gave up.
The writing is strange, while author says that the writing style is like a translated novel it feels more like poorly writen and with chinese sounding things placed randomly. It is very hard to read due to the difference.

6 chapters in and the story is absolutely missing besides the Make a Teahouse.

The characters are presented strangely, When MC appears in the park it says that he looked like a 20 year old young man, then 2 ch after he is referred as an uncle and then he is a handsome young man again.

Finally the System and the trope usage promises very little for the future of the novel. 


The story seems very interesting. Quality is great. Character development and plot so far is very good.  Keep up the good work! Will definitely be following for more. Can't wait to see how all of this unravels. Grammar is great, story is going on at a very good pace. Not too fast not too slow. I'm enjoying reading every chapter.