Duffy is a very famous man on Guda Island. He is well known because he is one of the strongest awakened ones that live on the island. That is why people who travels via his ship had to adhere to his commands to the simplest detail. Otherwise, the consequences of disobeying his orders are devastating.

No one wanted to see Captain Duffy mad. But that night something happened that made Duffy's anger soar up to unreached heights…

Duffy was sleeping quietly in his cabin. After he had anchored the ship, he sipped the whole bottle of Rum. He had planned to sleep till noon tomorrow and then come out of his cabin. But as he was sleeping, he suddenly heard something that made him spring up from his bed…


As he got up and looked toward the door, the screaming didn’t stop. Someone was screaming on the deck. Duffy was enraged that he was woken up but some screaming man. He then stood up from his bed and angrily started walking towards the deck. In his mind, Duffy had decided that he would skin the fools alive who were screaming like this in the middle of the night.

As he got out of the cabin, he saw that every one of his sailor crew had woken up and were looking at something at the far end of the ship. Seeing this Duffy started walking towards the other end to witness a very strange scene…

There were several men on the ground trying to hold a man on the ground. The man that was being held down was fidgetting on the ground like he was having a seizure. And that man was also the one that was screaming constantly. Seeing the strange scene, Duffy walked closer to the cluster of the men.

It was then that Duffy recognized the person that was having what looked like a seizure. He was none other than David, the boy that he met in the bar. As Duffy got closer, he saw that the boy was fidgetting like crazy. While the men that were holding him down were having a very hard calming him down.

It was then David suddenly stopped fidgetting all at once. The men that were holding him down, could not feel any sort of movement from him. One by one they let go of him. It was then Captian Duffy came towards one of the men that were holding him down. He then grabbed the sailor’s hand and checked his palm. And sure enough, Duffy saw that the man’s hand had some gooey stuff stuck on his hand.

Seeing the gooey stuff, Duffy looked at David who was lying unconscious on the floor…

“Captain… That boy… He is a Siberian captain.” One of the men came forward and said.

“Yes, I saw his eyes turn myself, Captain.” Another one of the sailors came forward and said.

“Where is George?” Duffy asked.

“He is in his room Captain.” Another one of his men said. Hearing this Duffy cursed that his son was still in his bed during all this commotion. He would have to remind him later to switch off the runes in his room when he goes to sleep at night…

“Listen to me, men… If you want to live a long wife, and want to die in the arms of a woman, then forget everything that happened today. Never mention this to anyone no matter what…” Captain Duffy said seriously.

Everyone present on the deck listen to his command and took it seriously. They all had been working with Captain Duffy for a very very long time and they knew what kind of man he was. Thus they all believed what he said…

“Take this boy to my room. I will take care of him for now. And someone please go and fetch the first mate of the ship for me. He and I need to talk…” Captain Duffy said and then every one of them started doing what he had ordered…

After sorting out everything, Captain Duffy returned to his cabin. His men had laid down David on the floor of his Cabin where he was still lying unconscious. Captain Duffy came in and took a seat on his bed. He didn't have to wait a long time when a knock came on his door…


“Come on in,” Duffy said. And then the door swung open and George walked inside the room.

George came inside and closed the door behind him. And then came to his father’s side and sat down. Then like his father, he started looking at David who was still lying unconscious….

“Did they tell you what happened?” Duffy asked.

“Yes… they told me that this boy is a Siberian. They told me that he started screaming all of a sudden in the middle of the night. Then he started having some sort of seizure and started fidgetting.” George said. After that George leaned toward the boy and looked at his face. Then he asked his father…

“What happened to him?” George asked.

“Cleansing,” Duffy said.

“But I thought that he was already an awakened one when you met him. That is why you brought him here.” George said surprised by the sudden revelation.

“He was. But that doesn't seem to be the case now. I think that he is a Silver class or above awakened one.” Duffy said.

“Silver? What the hell is he doing out here?” George asked.

“I don't know. But the late cleansing is a solid proof that this man is a Silver class or above.” Duffy said. Hearing his father’s words, George started thinking. And after a few seconds, he had a revelation. Then he asked….

“Father… Do you remember that wild night when he met that lady?” George suddenly asked. Hearing his question, Duffy's eyes suddenly widened with realization. He looked at his son with his eyes wide open.

“It can't be. This boy cant be related to her.” Duffy added.

“I think that he might be. Otherwise, there is no way that an awakened one like would be here.” George said.

“That boy that was with that woman….. Do you think this is that boy?” Duffy asked his son.

“There is a possibility that this is that same boy,” George said.

“But we checked right. No one had seen that woman anywhere on the Guda Island. We tried to track her, right?” Duffy said.

“Yet he somehow he is here…” George said.

It was then suddenly David started experiencing another seizure. He started screaming again. Seeing this Duffy waved his hand towards the door of his room. As he waved his hands, the runes that were carved on the door started glowing in golden color. This would make sure that David’s voice wouldn’t leave the room. After some thinking, Duffy then lunged into action…

“Quickly pick him up and put him in the tub…” Duffy said.

George then quickly scooped David from the floor and started taking him to a small area in Duffy’s room which had a small bronze tub. While taking him. David moved his arms and legs constantly. But the Rank-5 George easily overpowered him and easily put him inside the tub.

It was then Duffy moved his hands in the air and made a golden color circle in the air. Then Duffy drew a blue color rune in the golden circle. As the magic spell got completed, water started pouring out of the circle and started getting collected into the tub. The Duffy leaned down and started undressing David and soon he was stripped down.

The tub also became full, so Duffy then dispersed the magic circle and started looking a the boy was still having a seizure. While having a seizure, David’s body was also secreting some sort of blackish gooey substance…

“I thought that his cleansing is over,” George asked his father seeing the black gooey substance.

“The cleansing of the Silver class or above is very different from what lower classes. Their cleansing takes a lot of time.” Duffy said.

“Why?” George asked curiously.

“To put it simply, as you know when a person gets awakened, mana starts accumulating in their body. Then that mana starts changing the awakened one’s body from within and from the outside. But getting stronger in an awakened one’s world has only one simple drawback. And that is the farther you climb up the ladder of being an awakened one, further you deteriorate your seed……” Duffy said.

“Seed… As in…, you know…” George said.

“Yes. That is why high rank awakened one always choose a partner that has smaller rank than them...” Duffy said.

“But what does this have to do with the boy,” George asked.

“You see babies of awakened ones are special as they are born with a special body that is the product of two awakened ones. Like you. You were able to reach Rank-5 at such a young age because of my blood and your mother's blood flowing through your veins.

But when high-ranked awakened ones have a baby, then that baby would possess a strong body that would be capable of making huge strides in ranks…

And this boy is the offspring of a very high awakened one. His body is so strong that mana is forcefully trying to enter its body. Because of this, the impurities in this boy’s body are flushing out so forcefully that the boy couldn't handle it.” Duffy said.

“So what should we do?” George asked.

“Wait. Because waiting is all that we could do right now….” Duffy said….


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