David had experienced many instances in his life where he had to decide whether to sacrifice the lives of innocent people for the sake of the greater good or not. And sadly some decisions that he made in the past did involve killing innocent people. This heist will also be one such mission where David had to sacrifice the lives of some people. The only thing different about this mission would be that David would not regret his decision this time.

Currently, David had no way to kill Gupalo. He was strong and sort of indestructible. But that doesn't mean that he is immortal. So David decided that he would sacrifice the lives of innocent people for now. And when he would find a way to kill that green monster then he would return back to this time once again and try to complete the heist without killing these people…

David's plan was simple. He would create a distraction that is big enough to gather the attention of all the guards of the warehouse. After that, he just needs to go and sneak into Gupalo's office and steal the golden pin. Then be on his way out of the village.

His earlier plan also consisted of a second phase where he would also try to assassinate the green-colored big monster. But he scratched the idea of killing that monster during his previous walkthrough. As he was dying, David saw that the big green monster survived the explosion with hardly any scratches on him.

If an explosion like that couldn't kill him then there was no way that he would be able to kill him. So David, in the end, decided that it would be for the best if he just stole the pin and get out of there…


David walked towards the ground with the intent, not to die again in this place. He was tired of dying over and over again. Now he just has to grab that golden pin and be on his way.

Just like before, David walked into the transportation hub without any hiccups. No one paid attention to him as nobody cared. Previously when David got here, he had remembered all places where the guards are being posted. And during that time, David had found a little place where no guard was posted as well as it was a blind spot.

David quickly navigated his way towards the blind spot…

The blind spot was located behind a stack of gunny sacks. David hid behind the stack and started looking at his target. His target was a cart of earthen pots located about 40m away from the south. He remembers those earthen pots as these are the same earthen pots that he fell into when Gupalo punched him.

David then looked around once again to see whether the path is clear. When it came clear to him that the path in front of him is clear, David took out his crossbow.

The crossbow had one arrow mounted on it. As well as at the end of the arrow was a small piece of cloth that was burning. David previously smeared some alcohol on the cleaning cloth and wrapped it around the arrow. Then David lighted a fire on the cloth and quickly stored it in his inventory.

David knew that as soon he would take out the crossbow, he had to be fast to take the aim and fire. Because the fire could attract someone's attention to him. So as soon as David took out the crossbow, he aimed and fired the shot.

He was a good marksman when he was in the black ops unit, Thus he believed that he would be easily able to shoot a target that is 50m away from him. He was very confident about his shooting skills.

While aiming at the pots, David didn't forget the fact that he was handling a crossbow. So he raised the trajectory of the crossbow a little bit and aimed and then fired the shot. What David failed to consider was the weight of the arrow. Because of the cloth that was tied to the arrow, the arrow became heavy. And because of this, it didn't go on the required trajectory…

The arrow hit an old man walking by the pot, straight in his face. The arrow was still pretty sharp even though it was completely covered by cloth. So the arrow penetrated the man a little bit, just enough to make the burning arrow stuck on the old man’s face.


The man yelled in pain. He stumbled sideways and fell on the cart on which the earthen pots were kept. Because of the stumbling of the man, one of the earthen pots on the cart fell down on him. The earthen pot broke and liquid fell on the man which still had a lodged burning arrow on his face.


The Earthen pot that fell on the old man exploded. And soon after all the earthen pots in the vicinity exploded…

And soon chaos ensued all over the warehouse and the surrounding area. There was fire everywhere, a lot of people had burns all over their bodies and were screaming in pain….

David was safe as he hid behind a stack of sacks. But the explosion was very loud and more destructive than what he had expected…

As he saw the chaos on the ground, he understood that this may be a very appropriate time and he started running towards the window of Gupalo's office…

People from the warehouse came rushing out to see what had happened. Even the nearby guards started coming towards the grounds, to see what had happened. Between all of the commotion, David successfully snuck inside the office to steal the golden pin.

As David got inside the office, he quickly went towards the drawer of Gupalo's bench and fished out the golden pin. He then quickly glanced at the other drawers to see whether he could find anything else that could come in handy. And he found a pouch full of silver color coins, which he immediately put in his inventory along with the pin.

{Host had managed to destroy a Broken shard}

{The time for the Armaggedon is extended by 2.5 years}

After those messages appeared in front of David's eyes, he quickly got up and glanced at the situation outside. The situation on the ground was as chaotic as ever. And the green monster had also come to the ground to check on the situation.

David saw that most of the people are outside now, so it would be very dangerous to go from the window. So he decided that it would be for the best if he goes out from the front gate…


David then turned towards the door. He went towards the door and pushed it aside slightly so he could see what was happening down there. David saw that there was still a guard stationed at the end of the stairs. Even after the explosion took place, the guard didn't leave his post.

Seeing this David got more frustrated. He started thinking about what he should do next. He had to make that man go away from there, but then he noticed that the man may be stationed near the stairs. But he was more focused on what was happening outside rather than inside. Seeing this as an opportunity, David thought of an absurd plan.

There was a lot of noise outside of people screaming and shouting. So this could become David's cover. So David went back to Gupalo's office. He located what looked like a small shield. He then took the shield and slowly opened the gate. Then David started slowly walking downstairs with the shield in his hand.

After coming down two-three steps, David then jumped toward the guard standing down the stairs. As David jumped on him, he didn't forget to smack the guard with his shield.


The guard fell with a bang. But David didn't stop there to look at the guard. He started running towards the other end of the warehouse to get the hell out of there….


David when got out of the warehouse, he started running frantically. He would occasionally look behind to see whether someone was following him or not. And after coming to the outer parts of the slums, David finally stopped running.

He was breathing very heavily only after a very small distance. This made David realize that he should probably start training this body as it is very weak at the moment.

As his task was completed, David then started heading outside the slums. When David went on a shopping spree, he heard some villagers talking about a fight that broke out at the entrance of the village. The fight didn't interest David at all, but what he found interesting was that the fight was about the fare of traveling to another village.

So David figured that there must be a local transportation hub that get him out of this village. So he started heading towards the entrance of the village. David had to leave this village very urgently as sooner or later that green monster would realize that his golden pin is missing. And when he would realize it, then he didn't want to be here to feel his wrath…


It took some time, but David found the entrance of the village soon. As David got there, he saw that there were a ton of carts at the entrance of the village…

The entrance of the village is also the entrance and starting point of the market of the village. That is why it is the most crowded place in this village. Looking at the peaceful atmosphere of this place, David understood that the news of the explosion may have not reached this place. Before the news of the explosion comes and people start suspecting, he needs to get out of here fast…

David moved in between the heavily crowded people to see whether any carts could help him get out of there. And his question was soon answered. As he got deep into the crowd, he started hearing the shouts of some people screaming the name of the place where the cart was going.

While moving around, David heard the names of many places. But it was then he realized that he didn't know where to go. There were so many options to choose from, so David started getting more confused about which place to go and which place to avoid…

David then thought that hearing the names of those places would not get him anywhere. He needed to investigate further…

"GUMU! GUMU! GUMU! Leaving to Gumu for only 3 coppers! GUMU! GUMU!…" one of the men was shouting…

"Hey brother, how long would it take to reach Gumu?" David asked one of the men that shouting.

The man that was shouting smiled as he heard David's voice. That man then turned around to talk to the customer that approached him. Like a businessman, this man put on a big smile and faced David. But after seeing David's face, the man's smile turned into a frown…

David looked at the middle-aged man in front of him. The man had long hair and had a very sturdy look. He was shorter than David but was more muscular than him. When the man turned around, David noticed the change in that man's expression as soon as he saw David's face.

"It's you." The man said with a frown.

"Yeah, its me. Now, how much time would it take to reach Gumu?" David asked.

"I could get you there by midnight." The man said while maintaining a distasteful look on his face.

"Fine. When do we leave?" David asked.

"So you decided to leave huh?" the man asked.

"Do you know me?" David asked.

"Of course, I know you. Everyone in the village knows you. You are the Siberian pup." The man asked.

"Of course…" David said. Till now many people had called him a Siberian pup including Gupalo. But what he doesn't understand is what does that mean? He was human just like everyone else here. Then why is everyone calling him a Siberian?

"You will pay 12 coppers if you want to go." The man said while spitting on the ground.

"12? Earlier you were saying that shouting that Gumu would cost 3 coppers." David argued.

"That is for normal people. You are a Siberian." The man said.

"You know what I will find someone else," David said while walking away.

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