David was taken aback when the baldy gave him money. Then the baldy said that he was sponsoring his shopping spree. All of this came as a bit of a surprise to David. From their previous encounter, David got the feeling that baldy didn't like him very much for some reason. And he was about 70% sure that, that was the case.

So when that baldy offered him money, David understood that this gesture meant that he was cooking some sort of scheme for him. That is why as soon as David departed after meeting the trio he put his guard up. He didn't know what that man was planning. Not that it mattered, because with his ability he would be able to deal with anything that the man throws at him. But still, David proceeded with a little bit of caution.

After departing, David started going deeper into the market. After roaming around here and there, David brought several items. After weapons, David really wanted to buy a rope. As a soldier as well as a survival expert, he knew the value of rope. He couldn't even count on fingers when a tall rope came as a big help when he was stuck in a difficult situation. That is why he bought a 20 feet tall rope.

After buying rope, David then bought a decent knife. Although David had the rusted knife but he didn't want to rely on that knife. He believed that it could break at any time. So he decided to buy a knife that could at least would be more durable. After shopping for a knife, David looked for a notebook or anything that he could use to write. But to his surprise, no shop in the market sold paper and writing material.

David remembers clearly that the Gupalo's office contained all these papers that were stacked on one another. Looking at them, David assumed that it must be quite easy to procure some paper. But he was wrong…

As soon as David finished his shopping he summoned his status window to see how much time was left until Armageddon.



Name- David Gonsalves 00:00:00:01:59:05

Rank of Host- Rank-1

K-13/13 D-13/13

Inventory-<Tap to expand>

Perks- <The Time Clock to Armageddon>


Seeing that he has 2 hours left, which was plenty of time to go and check out the slums and warehouse area. He looked around and saw that while shopping he went too far deep into the market. Because of his foolishness, now he was lost.

David thought that he should probably ask someone about where he should go. He was thinking that he should go and scout the areas before making a plan about infiltration. But it was then that 2 men approached David. Both of them came and stood in front of him. David didn't know the two men. But then he realized that he had seen the two of them recently. He wrecked his brain and soon realized that these men were the goons that were roaming around with the baldy.

"Time is over pup. Let's go to GG's" one of the men said. Hearing this David understood that he was right.

"And you guys are the gentlemen that came here to escort me?" David asked. The two in return just stared at him while not saying a word.

Seeing this David understood that these men were ordered to take him to GG's either by hook or crook. David wanted to slip into the slums as discreetly as possible. But it seems to him that this was not possible for now. Facing no other choice, David smiled while looking at both the gentlemen.

Then suddenly David pounced into action. He first kicked the guy standing on the right square in the chest. Because of the sudden attack, the man was caught off guard and he stumbled backward and fell to the ground.

Seeing that David kicked one of the guys, the whole market came to a halt and started looking at their fight…

While David didn't waste any time when he saw that one of his assailants was on the ground. He had already opened his status menu and clicked on inventory. And as soon as the black hole appeared he pushed his hands on the black hole and summoned a short sword from it.

As soon as David felt the handle of the sword in his hands, he immediately swung his sword towards the guy standing on his left. But till that time, the person on left had put his guard up. He immediately jumped back from the range of David's sword. And because of the person’s agility, he was only able to receive a slight cut on his chest.

David sighed as he saw that he was not able to take care of these men. Now he had to fight them and really wanted to avoid that. He was not all worried about his injuries or his death at the moment because of his powers. And now he had everything that he needed he even if he dies, he wouldn't mind it…

The man who David had kicked earlier, quickly got up and took out a knife from his back. His partner also did the same, while David also raised his sword in the air. While raising the sword, David couldn't help but smile. He liked the feeling of fighting two men with a sword.

But David didn't know that as he raised his sword, his eyes started changing again. And they became similar to that possessed by a cat…

David then pounced at both of the men with the intent to kill. The man on the right was angry that David kicked him. So he was the first one that attacked him. The man with all of his energy swung his arm towards David. What he didn't expect was David's next move. As he swung his knife, David intercepted that attack with his bare hands. Due to this, the knife penetrated David’s hand.

As the knife penetrated, David’s hands, it got stuck there. The assailant soon also realized that he could not remove the knife from David's hand. But till that time, it had been too late. David stabbed the man with his short sword with full force. The sword penetrated the portion between the man's rib cage. David gripped the sword tightly and performed a downward swing.

This downward swing made the wound deeper and sliced the man's stomach. Soon the man fell to the ground with his intestines and blood pouring out all over the ground.

The man on the left saw how the blood and intestine of his colleague were now lying on the ground. While on the other hand, David looked like he had a bath in blood. Seeing this scene the man lost his will to fight.

But David was not done yet. He took the knife from his hand by force. It hurt like hell, but David knew that he will commit suicide later on, and that would erase all the pain.

David then saw the man on the left and was horrified as he looked at him. Seeing this as a good opportunity, David threw the knife he took off his hands and threw it at the remaining goon.

The knife was not sharp enough and it bounced off as soon as it hit the man in the chest. Seeing this, David was surprised as he was supposed to be pretty good at throwing a knife.

The man stumbled back and fell to the ground from the impact of the knife. Till that time, David took out his rusted knife and threw it at the man once again. But this time too, the knife simply bounced off. As the second knife kill attempt also failed, David got more irritated. And till this time, the second goon understood that if he wants to live, he should probably run away from there.

So the good got up quickly and started running. Till that time David took his good knife that he brought a while ago. Then he tried the third time for a knife kill.

David threw the knife, and this time it got stuck. But the aim of David of little off and the knife got stuck at the man's butt cheek…

The man fell to the ground as the knife penetrated his butt cheek. David sighed seeing the man in this position. He then took his short sword and started walking toward his prey…


David had to do a lot of nasty and dishonorable things while he was in the secret black-ops unit. He didn't love doing those things, but it was a necessity for sake of his country. And during those times, David realized something about himself that he didn't know before. And that was the fact that he was adrenaline junky…

He liked the feeling that he would be stuck in a tense situation, a situation where any wrong move could lead him and his teammates to their death. But when he retired from the team, he couldn't let go of the feeling of adrenaline coursing through his veins just yet. That is why he took the job at RAW instead of being promoted in the army…

Now after coming to this world, David was happy as he could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins once more. After killing those two men, David wrapped a dirty cloth around his hand and started heading deeper into the slums. He figured that he would eventually come across the warehouse. So he might as well go and start exploring

David thought about covering his face, but he decided not to do it. When he came to the slums previously he saw that there was not a single person that was covering his face. Remembering that he understood that covering his face may get him into trouble. So he decided not to do it.

While walking deeper into the slums, David started thinking about his possible strategies. It was not a secret that the whole warehouse was heavily guarded. Thus if he wants to get closer to the warehouse, then he had to think about possible ways to avoid the eyes of the guards.

If he wanted he could just walk into the warehouse, without any hurdles. After all, he could just say that he was called here by Gupalo. But with the number of guards in the warehouse, David would have a hard time navigating through them and sneak inside Gulapo's office.

His first priority was to get his hands on the broken shard. And to get that he needed to sneak into the office and steal it. And then his second priority was to see to it that the monstrosity name Guplo does see the dawn of the next day.

David thought that he could sneak into the office of Gulapo after creating a distraction. He remembered how drugs were being made in the warehouse. He couldn't say for sure, but he was guessing that there must be something in that warehouse that is inflammable that he could use as a distraction. And even if there is nothing inflammable there, he could always light a fire in the slums. That might get the attention of the guards.


With many thoughts and ideas about how to proceed further, David navigated his way through the web of alleys. And after 10 mins, David realized that he was lost. But still, he persisted and went through some more alleys. And finally, after 20 mins of pointless roaming, he finally came across the warehouse once again.

But as David reached the warehouse, he saw something that made him confused…

As David reached the warehouse, he came across a big piece of land. The piece of land was rectangular and beyond the rectangular piece of land was the big warehouse.

David didn't come across this piece of land when he came here last time. As he didn't come across this land, David started thinking that maybe he is at a different warehouse. Maybe there is more than one warehouse in this area. There was also a possibility that this warehouse was the same one that he visited earlier. And this is the backside of that warehouse. After all, in his previous visit, David didn't survey the whole warehouse.

For the sake of investigating David started moving towards the piece of land…

From what David could see, this land was used as a transportation hub. There were many types of items being loaded and unloaded in one cart. The most eye-catching thing that David saw was the thing that was pulling the carts. The creature in question looked like a mixed breed of cow, horse, and a rhino. The creature was tall like like a horse. It had a body like that of a cow as David could see teats on the creature similar to that of a cow. While the creature also had a horn on his mouth like the one possessed by a rhino.

Seeing that creature, reminded David once again that he was not on Earth anymore…

The ground was fairly crowded with people walking in and out of the ground constantly. Thus it was very easy for David to walk in without being noticed. As he went in further, he kept looking here and there for guards and their positions.

David also noticed the things that were being brought in. Most of the gunny sacks that were being brought in were filled with leaves. While there were big barrels that were going out of the ground…

David noticed that there was only one entrance to the warehouse it was a huge gate but anyone going in or out was being monitored by 4 men standing with spears.

Looking at those men, David understood that he could get those men to walk away from their position by creating distraction…

David speculated that if this is indeed the warehouse of Gulapo then the wall in front of him would be shared by his office. He looked around and sure enough at the other end of the wall was a window. David couldn't tell that this window was of Gulapo's office but he could confirm it later on.

Another convenient thing was that there was a large stack of sacks lying under the window. Thus this could be David's way into the Gulapo's office…

As David was thinking about what to do next, he saw that a green color monster came through the warehouse and started staring at him. Seeing this, David understood that his cover is blown. Thus he plastered a big smile and started walking toward the green-colored big monster.



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