Gori was a weak boy since his birth. But what he lacked in strength, he made it up for it with his brain. He was born and raised in this small village. Since he was a child, he had been an ambitious boy. He knew from the start that he was weak and he accepted it gracefully. Born in a family whose previous 4 generations had been fishermen, Gori knew that there was no chance that he would get awakened. So he understood that he had to rely on himself to reach somewhere.

That is why Gori befriended fatso. The big size, as well as the dumbness of fatso, made him a good companion. Fatso was the son of the local butcher of the village. That is why he was a very very big boy. Although he had a name, but everyone in the village and as well as his father calls him fatso or fatty.

Gori manipulated him freely as Fatso was not a very intelligent boy. In appearance, it would seem that the fatso was the leader of their little duo. But on probing further, someone would realize that Gori was the one that was calling the shots in their group. While fatso is just the muscle of their little group.

Fatso's dumbness causes trouble for both of them from time to time. But this time, fatso fucked up real bad …

They were at Solaris's hut. They wanted to burn Solaris's hut so that all the evidence regarding his murder would disappear forever. And no one would suspect anything. They were making preparations for burning his hut when one of the Ymir's men came to pick up Solaris.

When the man asked them, who were they, Gori panicked. But he still handled the situation by saying that they were Solaris's friends. Then that man opened the hut to check on Solaris. And it was then they both of them find out that Solaris's body was not present in the hut.

If someone else would have found Solaris's dead body then this news would have reached Gupalo and Ymir. But seeing Ymir's men looking for Solaris, Gori assumed that maybe Solaris was indeed alive. Thus he started panicking more. The night that they choked him, it was very dark outside. So Gori was confident that there was no way that Solaris would have seen them choking him to death. But he cannot be sure that they are out of the circle of suspicion yet.

Gori handled the situation with Ymir's man somehow. Then as they were about to get out of there, when that fatso blurted out something unnecessary. He blurted out that they were here to meet with Solaris to talk about splitting the money that he will get from Gupalo for the golden pin.

Gori always thought that fatso maybe is dumb, but he was still useful. But alas he was wrong…


"Idiot, Solaris is not dead yet. That means that he could tell Gupalo and the others about our lies. And if Ymir found out about this then we are completely fucked." Gori whispered as slowly and as quietly as possible...

"Don't call me an IDIOT!" the fatso yelled. As he yelled he stood up and started staring at Gori thinking about whether he should beat up Gori or not.

Hearing the sudden outburst of fatso, Ymir suddenly got a very very great idea. These two idiots who were tagging along could be very useful to him. If he can manipulate them into killing Solaris, then all of his problems would be solved in an instant.

Also these guys, themselves admitted that they found the golden pin with Solaris. So they manage to kill him he then Ymir could easily frame them. After all, these guys have a proper motive to kill Solaris. If he uses them he can kill Solaris without any hitch. And looking at the duo, the fat one looked like he could be very easily manipulated.

"You the wimpy one, why the hell are you calling him an idiot?" Ymir asked while looking at Gori.

"Ah… It is nothing. It is just that, I was a little bit concerned that we are intruding on your personal time Ymir. And I thought that we must go. But he refuses to leave" Gori said.

"You don't have to fret about that, I don't mind. So what is your name, wimpy boy?" Ymir asked with interest.

"Gori sir. And this is fatty." Gori said while pointing towards fatso.

"Hm… If I am not wrong then you are Tom's son, isn't that right fatty?" Ymir asked.

"Yes sir." Fatty replied with a big smile.

"How is your father, by the way, it had been a long time since I visited your father. How is he doing?" Ymir asked.

"He is doing just fine sir." Fatty said.

"Good… Ren. Ten. Why don't you guys go and find some men or women to spend some time with… And take the wimpy kid too, go make a man out of him." Ymir said to both of his men that were sitting beside him.

Hearing Ymir's orders, both of them men took his cue and got up. They then took Gori away. Gori looked at Ymir suspiciously but he didn't refute his order. After they left Ymir, fatty, some servers, and the dancers were the only people left in the room.

"Why are you sitting so far away. Come sit by me." Ymir said to fatty to which he gladly obliged.

Then Ymir started talking about him and fatty's father. How they were good friends before his father decided to open a butcher shop. Now that his father was always busy with some work or another, thus they cant even meet up now.

Ymir also saw that while sitting with him, fatty was eyeing a serving girl at the back. Serving the girl's work was only to serve the drinks. But seeing fatty eyeing the girl, an idea emerged from Ymir's brain.

"You seem to like that girl," Ymir said with a sly smile to fatty.

"No sir…" Fatty trembled as he heard Ymir's words.

"Why are you hesitating then? Your uncle is Ymir, you can do anything you want here…. Hey, you come over here." Ymir called out to the girl that fatty was staring at.

The girl in question trembled as Ymir called her. But she still went towards him. As she got close to him, Ymir snapped his fingers and said…

"Clothes off. My nephew wants to see you naked." Ymir said. Hearing this girl started sweating profusely.

"Sir… I.. I am a server….. I am not a…." The girl said in her trembling voice. Hearing this Ymir slapped her without a second thought.

"Do I look like that I fucking care? My nephew wants you and he will have you. Now it is up to you whether you want to accompany him willingly or by force." Ymir said while glaring at the girl.

"Thank you, uncle." Fatty said with awe after seeing his uncle's power. Hearing this, Ymir smiled.

"It is a small gift, my nephew. Now, do you want to test the length of this girl’s innards right now or later?" Ymir asked. Hearing this fatty stopped smiling and said.

"I will do devour her later uncle. For now, I need to focus on meeting with Gupalo." Fatty said with an angry face.

"Did that little Siberian shit refuse to give you guys any sort of compensation?" Ymir asked fatty.

"Yes. That dick wants to hog all the money for himself." Fatty said

"That little piece of shit…" Ymir cursed Solaris in front of Fatty. Hearing his remark, fatty suddenly got an idea…

"Uncle, can you kill him for me?" fatty asked.

"Me? No… I am sorry boy, I cannot kill him." Ymir said.

"Why not uncle? You are super smart as well as super strong. If you want you can completely annihilate that guy's whole family history." Fatty said while praising Ymir.

"Oh, I can definitely kill him without a sweat, but due to some circumstances, I cannot," Ymir said.

"But why uncle?" Fatty asked."

"You see my little nephew, I am one of the commanders of the Gupalo's forces. And Solaris is part of that force. Thus I cannot kill him or the people following will started hating me for it. And I cannot let that happen. So I cannot kill without a probable cause." Ymir said. This was all bullshit that Ymir wanted the fatty to gobble up…

"So is there anything else we could do?" fatty asked Ymir.

"Do you have any sort of proof that you three found the pin together?" Ymir asked.

"Unfortunately no uncle.." Fatty said dejectedly.

"That is bad. If you don't have proof then Gupalo himself wouldn't listen to whatever you wanted to say. You need solid evidence against Solaris to even dream about getting some sort of compensation from him." Ymir said.

"But we don't have one. Uncle, is there something else we could do?" Fatty asked.

"Well… There is one option. But I don't think you will be willing to go down that path." Ymir said.

"What is it, uncle?" He asked.

"That path is not for you… You won't be able to do it." Ymir said.

"I can do anything uncle. My father says that if you put your mind to it, then you could do anything. Please tell me, uncle, what do I need to do?" Fatty asked.

"Well… I can't kill Solaris. But someone else can….. What I mean to say is that, if Solaris dies somehow, then you guys can get fair compensation from Gupalo. I will make sure of it. But for that to happen, Solaris must die before he could meet with Gupalo." Ymir said. Hearing this, a big smile emerged on Fatty's face.

"Uncle I can kill him. That bitch tried stealing from me. I wanted to kill him for a long time for this. But now as you are giving me a chance, I am more than happy to kill the guy myself." Fatty said.

Hearing this, a smile bloomed on Ymir's face as well. Asking this guy to do this dirty job for him was a gamble. But he believed that this fatty might be able to pull it off with his help….


Currently, Ymir was sitting alone in the room and was drinking some alcohol. He had a big smile plastered on his face as his grand plan of killing Solaris was already in motion.


While on the other hand, the screaming of a girl could be heard in the adjacent room. After the talk between Ymir and fatty, the little fat boy couldn't hold himself. He took the girl that he liked by force into the adjacent room and now the fatty is having a time of his life.

Hearing the screams of the girls, Ymir was getting a little bit irritated. But he still concentrated on drinking rather than thinking about the background noises. He felt happy as today was the day when his biggest eyesore will be removed from his life permanently.

Solaris was late. In fact, he was very late. Ymir gave him about half an hour to come back to this place, but instead, more than an hour had passed. That is why he sent Ren to go and look for Solaris and the goons that he left to keep an eye on him.

Ymir didn't worry that Solaris might have gone to Gupalo. Because now as he had a good pawn, even if Gulapo starts treating Solaris differently, he could still kill him. That is why Ymir was having a time of his life by drinking.

As Ymir was drinking, suddenly someone knocked on the door…


"Come on in," Ymir yelled. And soon the doors were pushed open and Ren came in.

"Ah, Ren… Did you find that son of a bitch?" Ymir asked.

"No sir. But I did find two dead bodies of the men that we sent after him." Ren said.

"So that pup now had started biting. Interesting. Did the boy meet with Gupalo?" Ymir asked.

"No, he is not at Gulapo's warehouse either," Ren said.

"So where is he?" Ymir asked.

"That is the big question. According to eyewitnesses, he killed our men in the market, in front of everyone. Then he bought some more stuff and got out of here. And since then no one had seen him." Ren said.

"So where is he?" Ymir asked.

"No idea. I tried finding him, but no one saw him" Ren said.

"Is that so?" Ymir said while thinking about where Solaris would have gone. As Ymir was thinking, it was then suddenly everyone in the small village heard a very loud sound….


Both Ymir and Ren ran outside to see where the explosion took place. And as they got out, they saw dark black smoke rising from the direction of the warehouse…



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