Ymir hated awakened ones. When he was a kid, people use to tell him stories about the exploits of the awakened ones. He used to dream of being an awakened one, but as he grew older he started to realize that maybe he won't be able to become an awakened one in this life.

One of the first and foremost conditions of being an awakened one was that one should be able to wield mana. And only a handful of people in the world could do it. Most of the awakened ones awakened their abilities by a process called the awakening. And the awakening only takes place between of ages of 10-15 years. So Ymir knew when he turned 16 that he would never be an awakened one.

But it was then, Gupalo came to their village. It was the first time Ymir saw a Fishman. He idolized him as he was an awakened one. Gupalo started to change to their village. He was a powerful awakened one that took control of the village with his brute power in a very short amount of time. And soon the fishing village became the personal kitchen of Gupalo for making drugs.

Ymir started working for Gupalo because he idolized how he worked. When Ymir saw the power of Gupalo, he started idolizing him more. He r*ped innocent virgins and kill whomever he wants. Ymir liked the way Gulapo thought. He liked the way the Gulapo lived and wanted to become just like him. And to achieve his goal, Ymir, became one of his followers.

Ymir soon climbed up in the ranks of goons of Gupalo and became the right-hand man of Gupalo. And with his position came an unlimited amount of power and influence over the whole village. Ymir was the sword that maintained and protected the empire of Gupalo. And he liked his job very much. But one day, Ymir felt fear. And that fear originated from the thought that one day his power will be stripped away from him…

When Solaris came to the village, everyone saw him as a rich boy abandoned by his family. Nobody paid much attention to him at first. But one day some of the local thugs stole his money pouch. Solaris confronted those thugs, with such ferociousness that it left a mental image in all the villager’s minds. And it was then it was revealed that he was a Siberian.

Gupalo when heard that a Siberian came to the village, he summoned him because of sheer interest. Ymir was the one that went to fetch the boy. And when Gupalo asked him his age, it was then it was revealed that the boy was 5 years old.

The boy's age came as a shock to Ymir. After all, who in their right mind would think that a boy slightly taller than 4 feet could be a 5-year-old? Gupalo then took a liking to the boy. Solaris was then recruited to be one of the guards working in the warehouse. Gulapo gave him a hut by the beach as well as he started taking care of him.

Witnessing the nice treatment of Gupalo, confused Ymir. He was the right-hand man of Gupalo, yet he never treated him like this. So what was so special about the little boy. But it was then that Gupalo revealed that the boy had the potential of becoming an awakened one. This news came as a shock for Ymir…

Ymir was a smart guy. He knew that if Solaris became an awakened one, then he would have to say goodbye to his privileges. After all, why would Gupalo need him when he would have Solaris, a real awakened one working for him. And that was the day, Ymir decided that he would need to take care of Solaris if he wants to keep his position and power…

Ymir tried to kill him several times discreetly as possible. But failed each time. When he heard that Solaris was going to the sea for a fishing trip, he smeared some Guba oil in at the back of his boat. Ymir thought that the Guba oil will attract the attention of big sea creatures and Solairs's boat will capsize. But his mood became sour when Solaris has washed up ashore. And he was completely fine. Witnessing this Ymir thought that he would get other chances in the future.

But today something terrible happened…


Gupalo wanted to meet with Solaris, so he ordered Ymir and his men to go and fetch him. One of Ymir's men went to Solaris's house to fetch him. But he returned back with Gori and a fatso. According to his men, these guys were the friends of Solaris and could help him find him.

These boys were very eager to find Solaris as they were looking for him too. According to them, the golden pin that Solaris found was a treasure that they found in the jungle. As they found the pin together, then how could they let Solaris hog all the prize money. That is why they wanted to find him and confront him about it. While the fatso guaranteed that they would find Solaris in a matter of minutes.

And these two boys delivered what they had promised. They soon found Solaris buying a weapon in the marketplace. But it was then something terrible happened. Ymir saw Solaris making a weapon disappear in thin air. He didn't know how he did it, but making a weapon disappear like that was not something that a normal man could do. This was something that only an awakened one could do.

This was a very very bad news for him. This essentially meant that Solaris had become an awakened one. And now the position and privilege of Ymir that he had exploited till now will going to be stripped away…


"ANSWER ME WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU BOY!" the bald Ymir yelled when he saw that David ignored him completely and started talking to the street vendor.

But Solaris still ignored him. Seeing this Ymir became angrier. It was just yesterday that the boy use to hear every command that Ymir used to bark from his mouth. But now, he was completely ignoring him. This enraged him further. So he walked up to Solaris with eyes full of wrath. As he walked towards Solaris, he saw that the boy picked up an ax from the stall of the vendor and started inspecting it.

"Didn't you hear me boy? I asked you a question." Ymir asked as he came near Solaris.

"I heard you loud and clear the first time. It is just that I don't bother to answer every question that is thrown at me." Solaris said with a big smile plastered on his face.

'This fucker got cocky since he got awakened.' Ymir thought as he gritted his teeth while staring at Solaris. He wanted to beat the shit out of Solaris for his cockiness, but he couldn't do it in the middle of the market. He still had a job to do. Thus Ymir then swallowed his anger and said…

"Gupalo has summoned you. Come on let's get going." Ymir said.

"Yeah, I will be there in a moment. I need to buy some things first." Solaris said with a big smile plastered on his face.

"So you are saying to me, that you would rather go on a shopping than obey orders given by me?" Ymir said while stepping in closer and directly glaring at Solaris.

"Yes," Solaris said without any fear while staring back at him. It was then Ymir saw Solaris’s eyes started changing their shape. Solaris's eye black pupil started contracting. And soon his pupil completely change its shape and became cylindrical. The eyes of Solaris at the moment were pretty similar to the ones possessed by a cat.

Ymir was a smart guy. He saw how Solaris was holding the ax from the stall. He saw how he was looking straight in his eyes with no fear at all. From what he could see, he could tell that the boy in front of him wouldn't think twice before attacking him. He had the resolve in his eyes to attack him.

This infuriated Ymir. He previously thought that Solaris was just a small Siberian pup that he had to kill. But it seems that he was wrong. This pup was a wolf in disguise that was waiting for the right moment to strike. Looking at the unfrightened eyes of Solaris, Ymir started thinking about what he should do now…

If he kills Solaris right here and now, then somehow this news was bound to reach the ears of Gupalo. They were in the middle of the market for Ourobors's sake. Gupalo would find out that Solaris got awakened eventually as the whole market saw him making that machete disappear in thin air. So this got him thinking about what he should do next…

He couldn't kill him now. And he couldn't kill him later on either as Ymir knew that the responsibility of Solaris would fall on his head when Gupalo would find out that Solaris had become an awakened one. Ymir started to think that the last option for him is to find someone else to kill Solaris.

The idea that someone else could kill Solaris could work in favor of Ymir. He would hire someone else to do his dirty job. Then he could find the perpetrator and bring him in front of Gupalo. This is would shed some favorable light on Ymir. But the big question was, who can do this job such that it couldn’t be traced back to him.?

Ymir needed some time to enact his plan. So his mind started working on overdrive and started thinking about a solution for his predicament…

"Fine, you can go shopping. You know what, I will even sponsor you." Ymir said and then he handed a pouch to Solaris. The pouch was made from simple black leather. The pouch jingled when Ymir passed it to Solaris. Hearing the jingling sound, Solaris understood that this pouch must contain coins.

"You can go on your little shopping spree. But be at GG's brothel house in half an hour. If you don't reach the brothel on time then I will be hunting your ass down." Ymir said. Seeing Ymir's generosity it was evident that Solaris was taken aback. His eyes reverted back to their normal self and he looked at Ymir with a surprised face. Solaris then shrugged his shoulder and started inspecting the weapons again.

Ymir then walked back to his men. He ordered two of them to follow Solaris at every moment and keep an eye on him. And after half an hour they were allowed to drag his ass towards GG's. Then he took his men and headed to GG's himself.


Ymir sat at the table on GG with two of his men. The two boys that helped in searching for Solaris were also tagging along with them as they also wanted to meet Gupalo regarding the golden pin.

Currently, all 5 of them are in a private room. They were all seated in front of a slightly elevated stage where naked women were dancing and singing. But currently, all of them were silent and they weren't looking at the naked ladies in front of them.

Ymir was contemplating about what he should do next. He looked at the men that he was sitting with. The two men with him were very loyal to him. But if he uses them, and then they could be traced back to him. And Gupalo is not a small child who would fail to notice the most obvious culprit. Thus he couldn't use them.

Then Ymir started thinking that maybe he should wait for a day or two. Then he could find someone to kill the boy. But he feared that till then, it would be too late.

The two henchmen with Ymir were also having the same thoughts as Ymir. They knew that if Ymir is dethroned then they would need to find someone else that they could rely on. Their support and influence on the village will also be reduced.

On the other hand, Gori and fatso were having another type of conversation…

"I lied because it was necessary. What did I do wrong?" the fatso said in a hushed voice.

"But you told them that the three of us found the pin together, you idiot! That was supposed to be a story we would tell Gupalo after Solaris was dead." Gori yelled in a hushed voice.

"What the big deal?" the fatso said nonchalantly.

"Idiot, Solaris is not dead yet. That means that he could tell Gupalo and the others about our lies. And if Ymir found out about this then we are completely fucked" Gori said.


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