David sat under the tree, thinking about what he should do next. He remembers it clearly that as he dying by Gupalo’s acidic spit, then he got a message from the system. That message said that he had discovered a broken shard. That meant that in the office of that monster is a thing that he had to destroy.

To get his hands on the broken shard he needs to infiltrate the so-called 'base of operations' of Gupalo. And that was the hard part. As David went inside the warehouse, he saw how many people were standing guard at the warehouse. And the most difficult part was bypassing the eyes of those guys and going inside.

David also knew that if he goes into the warehouse, then he had to take down Gupalo as well. The way that Gupalo talked about the golden pin, David understood that one thing. And that was the fact that the old owner of this body found must be worth quite a lot. And if he steals it, then Gupalo wouldn't let it go. He would use all of his forces to find that thing as well as the thief.

According to Gupalo, Solaris is the owner and the master of the pin. That is why his foremost suspicion would go on him. And he would try everything in his power to find David. And he didn't want that.

David had learned a very long time ago, that is very dangerous to let your enemy go. If someone wants to sleep peacefully at night, then they had to first destroy their enemies…

As David sat under the tree, he started thinking about how he should proceed. As he didn't have any intel about the base of operations of Gupalo, he had some heavy lifting. First and foremost he needs to scout the area for information. David needed to find any kind of exploits that he could find about that place. His priority would be getting the broken shard. While his second priority would be to kill Gupalo.

David then looked at the knife that he got from the bulky kid. He saw that the quality of the knife was abysmal as well as the knife was rusted from the edges. But it was sharp. But the durability of the weapon was still questionable. Thus this would not make a good weapon to carry around during infiltration. He would need a new weapon as well.

David then started to think that maybe he should test out his powers. As he was alone and there was no backup, it would be a good idea to know about his powers more. This way he could avoid any sort of unwanted situations…

Thinking about his powers, David then opened his inventory again. And soon a small black hole appeared beside him in the middle of the air. David then took the letter and tried to feed it to the hole. And as soon as the letter and the envelope made contact with the black hole, they were sucked in by it.

David watched this with amazement in his eyes. But it was then he realized something important, how was he supposed to bring the items out of the inventory…

"Summon envelope," David said out loud. He thought that maybe this was also voice and thought activated like the status window. But to his surprise, nothing happened.

"Give me envelope?" David then tried again. But still, nothing happened.

After trying a bunch of more phrases, with no result, David then touched the black hole as a last resort. And surprisingly as soon he touched it, he started feeling odd.

He couldn't describe it, but in his head, he could feel the presence of the envelope in a large empty space. And as he concentrated on the presence of the envelope, the envelope magically appeared in his hands. As David saw this he was very impressed by the powers he possess…

Then David started thinking about what to do next. He started planning his next moves…


David spent the next 2 hours or so under the tree. He started planning his heist of the warehouse. There was no doubt in the fact that to gather more information about the warehouse, he needed to investigate and die a lot of times. But first, he needed to procure some things which could help in the heist as well as in the assassination attempt on that monster.

First and foremost, David decided that it would be for the best if he learns about the money of this world. And then he should rob someone of their money. After robbing the money he would simply store it in his inventory. And then he would commit suicide. This way he would be able to get his hands on some free money.

Money would be a very powerful asset in this endeavor. It would help David one way or another. So first and foremost he would need to procure some money.

Then David decided that if he can then he would be on the lookout for a weapon as well. This rusty knife would for now, but he could always use a good weapon. And last but not least, he needs a notebook and writing material.

Planning an operation such as this would be a very complex thing. If he want to do it right, then he had to gather a lot of information. And as he is working alone on this operation then he needed a place where he could store all the useful information. And that is when the notebook would come in handy.

After making a list of things he would need as well as things he needs to do, David finally sat under the tree with relief. He was feeling quite hungry at the moment. He looked around and saw that the sun was upon him. He started thinking back about much time had passed.

According to him, about 3 hours had passed, since he woke up in the hut. Previously he had not survived for more than 1 hour after he woke up. So now as he sat under the tree, he made a new record of staying alive in this world. It was not a big achievement or anything but still, he felt happy about it.

As David was sitting under the tree and relaxing, suddenly he started getting messages…




{Host was not able to procure more time.}

{Armageddon would start in 3…2…1..0}

It was then the trees around him that started shaking wildly. David got up from the ground after sensing something is very wrong. He knew that this was an earthquake. David then started running out of the forest. But as he was moving, cracks started to appear on the ground.

While running David maneuvered around the cracks and kept running outside this piece of land. It was then suddenly a very deep ravine with lava at the bottom opened under him.

Due to the constant shaking of the ground, David stumbled and fell into the ravine, thus killing himself….


In a small hut by the beach, David was sleeping peacefully. But then suddenly he woke up and started screaming…


As he woke, he jumped up and climbed out of his mattress. He then looked around and started calming down. His whole body was sweating profusely as if he had just gotten out of the sauna. As David stood at his place, he started thinking back about the time he fell into lava. It was the most horrible experience of his whole life.

It was then a message appeared in front of him…

{Host had experienced the Armageddon}

{Due to his experience, host had unlocked a hidden perk.}

{Host had acquired 'The time clock to Armageddon'}

David looked at those messages with shock. He knew that Armageddon meant the end of the world. But he had never thought that he would experience the Armageddon firsthand. David then thought about the word 'status' and opened his status window…


Name- David Gonsalves 00:00:00:03:01:45

Rank of Host- Rank-1

K-13/13 D-13/13

Inventory-<Tap to expand>

Perks- <The Time Clock to Armageddon>

David looked at the clock that had now appeared in his status window. Looking at the clock, he understood that he didn't have a lot of time on his hands. If he didn't want to die over and over again by plunging to his death in a pool of lava then he had to execute his plan in these three hours.

If he is able to destroy the broken shard in these three hours then according to the message by God he would be able to extend the time until Armaggedon hits…


David then took several breaths and then he got into action. He took the clothes hanging on the rope at the other end of the hut and went outside…

As David got out, he started wearing his clothes while walking toward the market. He knew that the market would be a good place to find out more about this village and Gupalo. Also, he had decided that while visiting the market he will also be on the lookout for any stealing opportunities that might come his way.

David got fully dressed as he reached the market. He remembers the last time, he met that muscular man and his goons while roaming in the market. That is why he had to make sure that he don't come across any of them while roaming the market. At least not until he had stolen all the good he needs.

Like the previous time, David went with the flow of the people and started looking at different things in the market. While roaming he started noticing how the currency was used by the stalls. While doing so, he also started looking for anything that he could steal…

After 10 mins or so, David eventually came across a weapons stall. An old man was selling some short swords and machetes by the side of the road. David came to the stall and started inspecting the weapons.

The build quality of these weapons was not that great. The sword and machete were heavy and upon closer look, it could be seen that these weapons were crafted in a hurry. One of the swords was thin in between while it was fat on the other ends. Looking at the weird shapes, David understood that these might be the only kinds of weapons that he would be able to find.

Looking at the weapons, David started having second thoughts about stealing these weapons. He was not an expert on medieval-style weapons, nor he had ever wielded one. But it doesn't take an expert eye to understand that these weapons are defective. And if he is not wrong then on constant use they would break easily.

"Oi! Siberian bitch!" someone yelled from behind. Listening to this voice, everyone in the market stopped. They all started looking at David and the boy that yelled. And David recognized the voice that yelled from his back. He turned around to meet eye to eye with the bulky boy and Gori…

As David turned around he saw the bulky boy standing not too far away from him. Gori was standing behind him. While in front of the bulky boy was the bald man that had broken his nose previously. David also couldn't help by notice that several people were standing behind the trio. Looking at them, a frown appeared on David's face…

"Boss had summoned you. Get moving squirt." The muscular man said.

David then mentally opened his status window. Then he opened his inventory. As soon as he clicked on the inventory button and black hole appeared by his side. Then David picked up the best short sword from the stall and shoved it in the black hole. Then the sword just disappeared into thin air.

Everyone present in the market was flabbergasted as David did this…

"How… did....did….u….?" the muscular man asked in disbelief.

"Never seen a black hole before baldy?" David said with a smirk on his face.

"What? What is a black hole? You awakened your magic potential didn't you?" the bald man asked looking at David.

Hearing the man's reply, David started to feel that the bald man couldn't see the black hole beside him. It was then he understood that maybe people of this world couldn't see the black hole. And then he realized something else, when he opened his status window no one reacted to it. Thinking about this, David understood that The Wild System is something that only he could see.

David just smiled at this discovery. Then he looked at the old man that was selling the short sword…

"Old man, can you see the dark hole in the air right here?" David asked while directly pointing towards the black hole.

The old man whose mouth was still open from disbelief shaked his head from left to right…

"ANSWER ME WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU BOY!" the bald man yelled when he saw that David ignored him completely and started talking to the street vendor.



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