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The intensity of light that was being beamed on David’s face was so strong that he was barely able to open his eyes. He was feeling dizzy while his body felt as though a 10-ton bulldozer had run him over. David was no stranger to such kind of treatment as he had faced a lot of things in his life. But he never had thought that he would have to face such treatment again after he took the job at RAW.

A lot of thoughts were popping in his head about his current situation. And the biggest question was, who kidnapped him? He tried to open his eyes but the beam was too intense. He figured that several big lamps with intense light were pointing at him directly which is why the beam is so intense. That is why it was impossible to see beyond those lights. David tried to move his body but he was not able to. He couldn’t feel any restraints on his body but he figured that his body might have gone numb from restraints.

"FINALLY!" a woman exclaimed. "I thought that I wouldn't be able to talk to you before you were sent off." Said the woman.

David was having a hard time judging the direction from which the voice was coming. The voice felt as though it was coming from all directions. So it was very hard for him to pinpoint the source of the voice.

"Let me tell you this, your servitude will be well rewarded. What you are going to do will save millions of lives. And I appreciate that you will save my baby." The woman said.

As David listened to the lady's voice, he started feeling left out of the whole conversation. He had no idea what this lady was talking about. Hell, he had no idea why she had kidnapped him in the first place. But from the talks of the lady, it was clear that she wanted him to save her baby. But why him?

David wanted to say out loud, 'GO TO THE POLICE, BITCH!', but for some reason, he was not able to talk. When he felt that he can't even move his mouth as well, David started to believe that maybe this crazy lady had drugged him…

This was a very serious problem. He belived that the woman in question is not mentally stable. And she could do a lot of harm to him. He wanted to talk to the lady so that he could at least know why was he kidnapped. But alas he was not able to.

The room remained pin dropped silence for a few minutes, while David struggled internally to fight the effect of the drug. But after some time, the lady spoke once more…

"David, the time has come. Now you must go on a journey. Believe in yourself and the power that has been handed to you. That power is also a curse. And to get rid of the curse is to go and complete all the tasks. I will watch over you. GOOD LUCK." The woman said.

Before David could make sense of what the hell that woman was talking about, he fell unconscious again…


David woke up again, by a light beam falling directly on his face. He was still feeling dizzy and his body still felt like it had been crushed by a 10-ton bulldozer. But this time the intensity of light on his face was very less compared to when he previously woke up.

He slowly opened his eyes and it was then he was greeted by an unfamiliar ceiling. The ceiling looked like it was made of mud and then whitewashed with some sort of white paste. The ceiling was uneven and didn't look like it was made by a professional.

He felt that he was lying on some sort of mattress. David then sat up to see where he was. While sitting on a mattress David saw that he was in a small and smelly hut. Like the ceiling, the walls of the hut were also made from mud and then whitewashed with some sort of white paste. The hut smelled like fish, which likely meant that he was near some ocean.

David was confused as he didn’t know how he ended up here. He remembered the voice of the woman that kidnapped him. He remembers that he was in a brightly lit room. Then he was here. David was expecting that he would be locked up in a small room where he would be chained by the wall. But he didn’t expect that he would wake in a hut. Still confused about what he was doing here, he decided to look around the hut for more clues.

He looked at the room and saw that there was a rope at the other end of the room. Two pairs of pants and shirts were hanging in the room. There was a broken mirror fixed on the wall. And in the end, there was this mattress that he was sitting on. The mattress wasn't comfortable at all. It felt like this mattress was filled with sand instead of something soft.

There was a small hole in the wall, just above the door of the room. The beam of light from which David woke up was coming from that hole. The room was small and nice but didn’t have anything to work with.

David looked at his body. He was lying naked on the bed. He was only wearing what looked like a loincloth wrapped around his genital area. His body was badly tanned and looked very skinny from what he remembers. Seeing the state of the body, David understood that he must have passed out for a long time. After all, he couldn't lose this much weight in just 2- weeks. That crazy must have drugged him for more than a month to make him this slim.

He wanted to know where he was and what is going on, so David then tried getting up. It took some effort to get up. But in the end, David was able to stand up straight. He went towards the rope from which the clothes were hanging. He saw that the clothes were roughly his size. So he put them on and started heading out.

But as David was moving towards the door, he saw a glimpse of his face in the mirror. At first, he ignored his face and walked by the mirror. But then he came back as he felt that something was wrong with his face. And As he came back, David finally was able to see what was wrong with his face.

David saw that the person staring at him in the mirror was not him. His face had changed somehow. He touched his face to feel his new face. He couldn't believe what he was witnessing. The man in the mirror was quite young. From the looks of it, the man in the mirror didn't have any facial hair. He had brown skin and long wavy jet black hair. Looking at his new face, David was shocked.

He started investigating his own body and sure enough, his body had also changed. He checked for some scars that he got while he was in the army and his childhood. And upon checking he found out, that his previous scars had vanished.

David was having a very hard time grasping the gist of his situation. He didn't know what was happening to him or why this was happening to him? But now he was more determined to go and investigate more about what was happening to him. With determination, David walked out of the door of the hut to see where the hell was he…


As David got out of the hut, he was greeted with sand and a very very good view of the ocean. He looked around and saw that he was in some sort of village by the side of the beach. There were several huts in the area similar to one from which he came out. He could see some coconut trees and some fishing boats on the beach.

He also saw some people on the beach. He thought that he should try to talk to them and find out where he was. But it was then he was interrupted by someone…

"What in the name of Ouroboros…" someone said from behind. David turned around and saw a child slumped on the ground. That child looked shocked seeing David standing in front of him.

"How… are yo… alive?" the child spoke in some foreign language. He had never heard a language like this before in his life. But for some reason, he was able to understand what that child was saying. Seeing this, David started to get more confused about what was happening here.

"Gori did you burn the body?" came another voice. Another boy came in front of David from the back of the hut. The boy that came later had a slightly bulky body. And as he came in front of the hut, he was also shocked when he saw David. Immediately, the bulky boy took out a knife from his back and pointed it at David.

"How in the hell in Ourobos, are you still alive?" the boy spoke looking towards David.

"Am I supposed to be dead?" David finally asked the bulky boy. As David spoke, he was surprised that he was able to speak the foreign freely even though he had never learned to talk or speak this language before in his life.

"Yes, don't you remember. I killed your punk ass." The bulky boy spoke as he showed David his knife.

David looked at the way from which the boy was holding his knife. Looking at his technique, he instantly knew that this man doesn't know how to use a knife nor was he a threat to him. So he acted calmly as he wanted to defuse the situation before it escalates any further.

"Calm down boy, see, I am unarmed. I couldn't hurt you. So why don't you put the knife down and then we could talk. Let's try the peaceful way of settling things." David said to calm the bulky boy.

"Talk things calmly? Since when did you became a bitch Solaris?" the bulky boy said as he started moving towards David.

"Look boy, I don't who are you nor do I know what is your beef with me. But we could talk things out before things get a little violent" David said.

"Well, I like doing things violently." The boy spoke and then he suddenly lunged toward David.

The boy was a rookie when it came to stabbing someone. The boy pushed his knife-wielding hand forward from his body and pushed towards David like he was holding a spear. This was a mistake as even an amateur fighter could tackle it. And David was not an amateur.

As soon as the boy's hand came near his body to stab him, David stepped aside to avoid the attack. As David had avoided the attack, he grabbed the boy's arm. He then immediately ducked down and came under the boy's arm. Then with the help of the momentum the boy had, David pulled the boy's body forward and slammed him onto the ground.


The boy groaned as he was slammed to the ground. David still held the boy's hand with his tight grip. Then he twisted the boy's arm and then with some force from his hand and leg simultaneously he dislocated the boy's shoulder.

That boy immediately let go of the knife in his hand and started screaming with pain. It was then David was tackled from behind. Before the boy named Gori was petrified after he saw David standing before him. But when he saw that his friend was pinned down by David, a sudden flare of courage aroused inside his heart. So he did what any amateur like him would do. Tackle their opponent.

David fell on the sand, with Gori on his back pinning him down by lying on his back. To get out of this situation, David started slamming his elbows, on Gori's head. And this trick worked as Gori let go of him and covered his face with his hands to protect him from David's slams.

But by this time, David got the opportunity to get up. As soon as he got up, he first slammed his feet on Gori's stomach. He was not a child beater, but to hell with these kids…

But it was then before David could notice, the bulky boy stood up behind him. The bulky boy had a knife in his hands. And before David could turn around, the bulky boy shoved the small knife, in David's throat…

David fell to the ground. He could feel blood coming up his mouth. He was having some trouble breathing as the knife was blocking his windpipe. He could feel that he was slowly drowning in his own blood. And slowly life faded away from his eyes. But before David died, he only saw a glimpse. But he was sure that he saw a blue color window floating in front of his eyes…



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