The Wild Hunt{A Time Loop LITRPG}

The Wild Hunt{A Time Loop LITRPG}

by Indian_Sage

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

David works for a spy agency in India. He was once one of the best black-ops operatives out in the world. But now he had aged and become an old man that likes puzzles. He still works in the defence sector and is a high-ranking officer in the agency responsible for directing secret black-ops missions...
But one fateful day, out of nowhere, he gets transmigrated to an unknown world by a courtesy of a goddess...
The Goddess gives David The Wild Hunt System and makes him the slave to the system…
The Wild Hunt System grants David the ability to travel back in time once he dies. And David would keep on going back in time for all eternity till the tasks given by the system are not completed…
Now stuck in the time loop, David had to live in this new world and hunt down the targets that the system had assigned to him. He would live and die over and over again till he had not completed all of his tasks….

Please note-->

1>This story is written by a non-native English speaker. That essentially means that the language of this story could have some grammatical mistakes. But nothing major that would make the story unreadable...

2>As a non-native English speaker, one could expect that the style of the story is not polished as other establish writers. The language would be simple that any person with the basic knowledge of English could understand it.

3>This novel would contain some explicit gore and sex scenes.

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