Rising World 2

Rising World 2

by Snow Quill

Vonn the Engineer is an Earthman, sent to a magical kingdom just as its technology is starting to take off. With weapons and tools of his own design, he sets out not to conquer but to build. In his first year of this new life he's used the arcane rules of the "System" to earn spells and other powers. He researches dungeons, crystals, engines and more. What long-term impact will he have as he works toward fame and fortune?

This book is a sequel to "Rising World", which is available on Amazon at https://www.royalroad.com/amazon/B09H5CQSX5 and (partly) on RR at https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/43182/rising-world. Posting M-W-F.

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Snow Quill

Snow Quill

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A sequel to Rising World, an isekai (or portal fantasy, if you like) about the re-incarnated engineer trying to technologically uplift the fantasy world while the locals still don't quite get what is he trying to do. 

Too bad the original was gutted, turned to Stub and moved to a different site, you do need to get familiar with the story.

Style - Same as the original i.e. first book. There are straight to the point, very short chapters, 3rd person narration with minimal descriptions. Sometimes confusing whether story changes POV or not. 

Grammar - All stories shall receive 5-stars for Grammar by default.

Story - The author knows that "Rome wasn't built in the day" hence the protagonist's impact on the world is minuscule, which actually, is quite realistic, and I commend the story for that. However, this also leaves characters (and there is a lot of them) with very little to do in between chapters other than trying to socialize. Which doesn’t work because the story is formulaic and is trying to skip through many unimportant parts which do include the non-relevant dialogues, so a lot of interactions are skipped in the process leaving the story kinda empty.

Characters - A lot and a lot of characters. A very little to do with them, since a lot of stuff (interactions) are skipped so the story can have its brief, easy to read chapters. 

After a brief consideration I decided that this story's only true weak point is the style in which it is written, it feels so brief and oversimplified it doesn't allow myriad different characters to shine. So I will put the relatively low score on the style while keeping the overall rating along with the character and story scores high.