' How should I spend this money?. Well, let's do it according to the plan. ' He muttered but he already had some basic plan for money and the money was a lot, he had never seen that amount of money in his entire life so he was a little bit panicking to spend the amount of money.

The basic salary was around 6000 Yus, Yus was this country's currency. He got around 4000 Yus from the government and Hero-Foundation which was very few, and barely enough for him to live.

So He did the job after the Elementary School was over and the Academy which he was going to attend only accepted ' 15 years to 16 years ' and he was like 14 years old when the elementary school was over. So he took the job at the restaurant and trained his body, studied like there was no tomorrow because he was aiming for a Scholarship after all, he couldn't afford to attend the Academy. He only slept around 5 hours or less than a day.

That was how he knew the thief's plan. The thief came to the shop where he was working, they left the notebook and he got some information from it. After all, he was using his ' One in Ten Thousand' which had a 'One-month cooldown '. He believed in his superpowers and he waited for the thieves like a predator and got his rewards.

' Good. I will invest the money to do some business. ' He thought and he already had some businesses plan in his head.

He continuously walked in the night as the night sky looked beautiful. The stars and the moon exactly looked from his previous life's and they looked beautiful.

' They really looks beautiful. ' He looked at the night sky and muttered with a smile.

This world was hard on him. He only got his Superpower when his age was 10 and he was bullied a lot at the orphanage because he didn't have a Superpower. When he got Superpower, he was still bullied because his Superpower looked weak. He couldn't enhance his luck 24 hours so he indeed had a lot of bad days or terrible hours.

' Well, My Superpower is ' Body's Aroma' though ' He laughed a little bit as he recalled his memories.

Yep, he registered as ' Body's Aroma ' in his Profile when he got ' Superpower '. Of course, it was against the law and he gave the middle-finger to the law. If you didn't have Superpowers, there was a lot of discrimination and he didn't want to reveal his Superpowers to anyone so he registered ' Body's Aroma ' as his Superpower.

He indeed had ' Body's Aroma ' which was produced by his other ' Superpower ' which was Charm. The charm of Smell, it only worked on the opposite sex and there was no particular effect on males but it had a very calming effect on the females and even an addicting smell to Females. His ' Charm ' Superpower was super strong if he used it correctly.

After walking for a few minutes, he reached to the certain community and there were a lot of High-end condos and Sport cars or luxury cars. The condo was a little bit more expensive than an average condo because the place existed in the downtown and the location was wonderful. The community was very closed to the very famous ' Hero's Agency ' . The condo looked beautiful exterior design and it definitely looked very big condo. It probably cost over 7 million Yus. It was a very large amount of money and normal apartment might cost around 500k to 700k and a luxury condo might cost around 5 million or less than that.

" Sister Reine, I'm Here. " He reached in front of the certain condo and he was very familiar with the community so security helped him to use the elevator. It needed a password or code to use the elevator for the guests. Residents had smart cards to use the elevator and the condo also had an ' Intelligent System ' so it could recognize the residents and helped them a lot.

" Oh! Shinji, I will open the door. " A female's voice replied him from the other side. The condo was soundproof but ' the intelligent System ' was advanced enough to convey the words to Shinji. It could judge the residents wanted to convey the words to outside and automatically translated it .

His name was Ichikami Shinji and his familyname was Ichikami, his birth name was Shinji. So Reine and Shinji had very good relationship .

" Come in. Come in." Reine said him as he entered into the condo. The condo's entrance looked very beautiful oval-shaped shaped design, it was a very unique design with led lights and a big screen. It immediately gave ' the luxury feeling ' , the moment Shinji entered to the condo.

" Well, I am preparing a lot of dishes for you. Tomorrow, you're going to attend that famous academy and I am really proud of you. " Reine said with happiness as she hugged him. She hugged him tightly as her large breasts pressed against him and their huge was quite intimated.

Reine's height was around 175 centimeters and she had an oval-shaped face with gorgeous lips. Her hair was red and she ties it into a ponytail. Her eyes were very beautiful baby blue color and there was a mole under her left eye. Her body's curves were very outstanding and her sex appeal was too much for a man. Her age was around 31 years old and her mature charm was also there. She used to be a model and she retired after the marriage.

Her parents had money so she was allowed to follow her dream. She married her husband from her father's arrangement and her husband was too simp for her. Her father was from the government, the Chief Executive Officer of the ' Financial Sub-Department ' and had a ton of power. Her husband's family was very rich and closed to billionaires. So her life was stress free.

" Ahh... Shinji has really nice smell and your touch is very addictive. " Reine said with a craving tone and her eyes were half-closed like taking a drug.

" Ok. Stop. " Shinji said with a little bit of dominating tone as Reine immediately let go of him immediately like an obedience dog obeying to his master.

" Good girl. " He patted to her head and Reine had a smile which was showing pure Bliss and she immediately kneeled on the floor, easier for Shinji to pat her head. It was a kinda hilarious scene where 3womenure woman was kneeling on the floor and receiving patting from 15 years old kid.

' Not bad. My training is paying off. ' Shinji muttered as he continuously patted her with a smile.


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