Lost Things

Lost Things

by BNTarwarn

"In this disordered continent, where everyone seeks to be the heroes of their own tales, there are still some rooms for smaller stories to breathe."

"Past, present, and future—keep your eyes open, and see where they lead you to."

This story follows three housemates’ lives: Carson Calding, Virgil Barion, and John Salore—onto their adventures of finding Carson’s pastVirgil’s present, and John’s future. Despite their clashing backgrounds and circumstances that forced them together, they’re definitely going to find the things they had lost, for sure.

Each entire chapter will be updated biweekly. There'll be three smaller parts per each chapter.

Note that this story was written to be an interactive one, with polls at the end of each parts deciding on what happens next. Though, the polls for this story won't be available on Royal Road updates. (I also upload this in Arcane Odyssey forum, and it's currently the only place where I open the polls and use the poll results from.)

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