The assassination attempts had completely stopped since the last one over a year ago, Arthur guessed that they finally gave up after having failed so many times. It hasn't been too long since Arthur turned six years of age, unlike his older brother his father didn't throw a banquet but he got the rare opportunity to have dinner with his mother.

Arthur's relationship with his father was nonexistent, Alastair didn’t love his mother so he had disdain for Arthur who was the son of his wedlock with her. Arthurs half brother was born to Alastair's first wife Regina. Alastair was said to have loved Regina and went cold and heartless after her death and this was probably the reason he favoured his firstborn so much.

Arthur was in his study like any other day translating scrolls from ancient languages to the empire's common language until he began to hear loud arguing emanating from the courtyard.
He could faintly hear his mother, and because he was curious as to what could cause his mother to leave her room he decided to take a look.

Arthur stepped away from his desk and made his way to the courtyard, as he closed his door blue static light once again erupted from his fingers to the handle. What Arthur was doing was activating a defence array on his door which activated whenever someone touched it. What this array did was shock the intruder and hopefully scare them off. He had a few laughs when new and unknowing maids touched it just to receive shocks.

By the time Arthur got to the courtyard, his mother was already worn out and breathing heavily from all her screaming. She then stormed off in the direction of her quarters; as Arthur looked around to see if he could piece together what the argument was about his eyes were caught by a woman nervously standing behind his father.

The woman in question was malnourished but beautiful, she had long glossy white hair, and astonishingly eye-catching ruby red eyes that shone like genuine jewels. Standing behind that woman holding onto her leg was a cute shivering girl. This girl just like her mother had hair like snow but what differed was that it merged into a vermilion red; when Arthur’s eyes stopped on the child, he understood after seeing her bright, ghostly white eyes.

He laughed, he felt it was humorous that his father, the widely respected war hero who cared for appearances more than any other had an illegitimate child. After letting out his brief laugh Arthur noticed the child looking at him, as she was looking at him she tilted her head slightly in a curious but cute fashion. Uninterested Arthur decided to return to his study leaving the girl to stare holes into his back as he walked away.


*CRASH* one pot, 2 pots, a teacup, and a lamp?
Well, when I got back to my study my mother’s servant wasn't far behind as my mother had sent her to fetch me and now I have to listen to her tantrum.

“That wench! How dare she come here!” She screamed while throwing more items across the room. “Mother, it doesn't matter if she has an illegitimate child with her; it's not like she can steal your position,” I reassured her hoping I could leave but she just got madder.

“It’s not about that! This is a stain on my reputation!” She only grew angrier and angrier, “Mother, does that really-” I was cut off as she threw her teacup directly next to my head shattering it on the wall, the shards flew everywhere and one shard flew towards me slicing my cheek. Mother’s expression turned pale as she saw the deep wine-like liquid stream down my cheek, I knew what shocked her wasn't hurting me but rather the blood she saw. For some reason or another, she had hemophobia which is the fear of blood.

“Mother, I will take my leave. But please try and calm yourself, stress isn't good for your blood pressure.” Before I leave I tell my mother’s servant “You, bring my mother another set of tea!”
“Right away young master!” “And clean up this mess.” I look to another servant to indicate I was talking to them.


I open the door to my study after disabling the defence array and sit down in my chair feeling exhausted. I open the book I was reading previously and continue where I left off.

“Fascinating,” I mumbled to myself after coming across a section about summoning. Summoning magic seemed to be similar to spellcraft but was different as it used blood as a medium for the formulas.

I draw the pattern for a simple summoning circle in the middle of my study with the blood that was still running down my cheek as the book showed. The book said this was a simple summoning circle and that it didn't summon anything in particular, right?

I then pour what little mana I have into the circle just like the book described and the circle glowed a bright crimson. Not even a second later the air above the circle implodes and an immense amount of smoke is released blocking my vision.

What had I summoned? A fish? A dragon? A dog?
As the cloud of smoke dissipated my curiosity was satiated. What I summoned was… A crow?
*CAW* It cawed at me, odd but ok. I check the book to see if I need to do anything like a contract to control it, but the book states that once you successfully summon something it is automatically contracted.

“So, what should I call you? I don't know if I can unsummon something so I guess I have to take care of you for now.” I pondered for a bit and I’d found a name I thought was good “I’ll call you… blacky!” A sense of displeasure waved over me as if the crow was projecting its dissatisfaction with the name. “Is that a no? Ok, how about… Noire?” Well, I’ll take that as a yes because I didn't get that feeling anymore. Wait, why can I understand Noire?

I read further through the book and I found out why, when you initiate a summoning contract with something it's like binding your souls. This binding allows for simple things like emotions to be felt by the other.

But I wonder why I summoned a crow? I feel like the bird of death isn't a good omen.
And now there's that problem, “if you think I haven't noticed, you are wrong!”
*THUD* I opened the door to my study seeing the little girl who was supposed to be my half-sister who seemed to have fallen over, she then gave me a nervous and guilty stricken smile. It seems she had been watching me through the gap in my door.

“Where is your mother?” she looked no older than three so it was hardly safe for her to be wandering about alone in this tiger's den of a mansion. I say that because of how many times my brother tried to kill me, and I doubt he would leave her alone.

She stared at me with wide eyes that seemed to be sparkling in admiration. “Rose doesn't know where mwother is.” I sighed and told her “Get a maid to help you find her.” “Wose did but nyo one wistened!” She said while almost tearing up. *tsk* “You there!” the maid I pointed at walked towards me and said, “Yes, Young Master.” While giving a slight bow, “Take this child to find her mother, and do it quickly if I hear anything happened losing your job will be the last thing you would need to worry about!” The maid bow once again saying “Right away Young Master!”

While I have no intention of being family or acting like family to this child, that doesn't mean I enjoy watching a lost child suffer. Just as I’d asked the maid took Rose by the hand and led her down the halfway, Rose looked back towards me and yelled “BYE BYE BIG BWOTHER!” While waving her hand. I hate children.

I closed my door and looked back at the crow sitting on my desk seemingly waiting for me.
“Now what should I do with you?” I looked at Noire and pondered for a bit before sitting back behind my desk and delving into the pages about summoning.

“If you concentrate mana into your eyes and focus on your summon you can see through their eyes?” I read aloud for no apparent reason but whatever; it was an interesting concept so I tried.

When you move mana around your body it's an odd feeling, like a warm sludge slowly moving through your veins. At first, when I tried moving my mana it was like trying to move a 10-ton rock with just my hands, but over time and a lot of practice, it became easier. I've gotten to the point where it only feels like a viscous liquid but it's still slow.

I directed my mana into my eyes giving them a warm fuzzy feeling, I then focused on Noire and for a brief second, I could see through his eyes! But it ended shortly as I ran out of mana. When you exhaust your mana, you become lethargic and slow and eventually pass out. I already feel the effects so it should be any minute no- *thud*


To Be Continued

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