For You, I Would Forsake The World

For You, I Would Forsake The World

by Shiri Takagiri

This is the story of a person from a desolate and bleak future who dies and reincarnates into a fantasy world of swords and magic and finds meaning in his meaningless existence.

-- Notes --
- This story is told from multiple povs, I think I've made it obvious when the pov change has happened.
- This site doesn't really have a specific tag for it so I'll add it in the synopsis, the romance in this story is incest.
- I do all the writing and proofreading, so if you see some mistakes I've missed please point them out.
- The beginning is more world-building and setting up the plot and mechanics so don't expect too much action in the first ark.

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Shiri Takagiri

Shiri Takagiri

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