The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon [Progression Litrpg]

The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon [Progression Litrpg]

by Vitaly S Alexius

Ukrainian urban explorer Yulia Ishenko makes a wish upon the heart of Chernobyl to make a difference in the world. Upon touching Chernobylite she is pulled into the world of magic and is reborn in a chimera village on the Edge of the Infinite Dungeon also known as the Bottomless Chasm.

What are these odd, crystalline-organic chimera? What is the System? Can Yulia macgyver her litrpg System to get ahead in an alien culture, return her humanity and regain what she lost without becoming a monster herself? Read to find out!

A progression litrpg with wholesome characters & plentiful adventures of doom!

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Dont worry, its great!

Reviewed at: Ch 16

1. Style - Wonderfully written. The author uses a fairly diverse amount of words to showcase their world and its intricacies. 

2. Story - I've had the pleasure of reading up to ch. 15. The story's pace has been rather quick so far. The author tries to explain stats (litrpg) in a sequential way, making it easy to follow along the MC learning about them. The story in of itself hasn't moved very far though. We've met a few characters and had a few personal conflicts. My only real criticism pertains to the conflics being inconsequential so far. Problems are almost always either ignored or resolved immediately. 

3. Grammar - nothing to critique! Well written. I've not seen any errors. 

4. Character - MC seems like a decent person so far. Both in terms of acting like a grown adult human would act as well as a member of a tribe community might see the world. She combines both points of view instead of clinging to her old life. Other characters have been multidimensional although we've only really met around 6 people so far. (Mentor, Mom, Friend, Friend's Mom, Hunter and Dad.) Apart from 2 of those, most had only a couple lines of dialogue at most. 

Review: I'll give it 5 /5 cause it's better than just about 90% of the fictions on RR. Lastly I'd like to say that I enjoyed the art interspersed in between the first few chapters. A bit of concept art can go a long way. Reminds me of a book I enjoyed a while back. (The 13 & 1/2 half life of Captain Bluebeard) <-- rough translation, don't know how it's called in English.


Dare to be different

Reviewed at: Ch 30

In a sea of OP MCs, this one dares to be different both in concept and approach. The occasional art is also a very nice feature that sets the tone for important scences. 

The story is compelling and lacking in the many tropes that would make this feel only as a possibly interesting spin on a tired theme. The MC is clever and fun to follow, the setup is interesting and I can't wait to read more.


Great start, wonderful art.

Reviewed at: Ch 6

I'm an absolute sucker for brand new words that are completely void of humans, and this story provides that in spades. One thing I want to touch on before anything else is the art in the chapters, which is something that I personally love, but I know that some people prefer to imagine all the descriptors. If that's you, then consider yourself warned ahead of time.

Style- The descriptions and visuals in the story are beautiful and haunting at once, and are very set in a style that you'll instantly know if you enjoy. Personally, I love having a visual reference, and the art woven through the chapters makes everything more enjoyable. The only gripe I have is that the descriptions feel a little analytic for a first-person story, but it's not a dealbreaker at all.

Grammar- No errors whatsoever that I noticed, but maybe you'd find some if you went through with a fine-toothed comb. I'm not an editor, so I'll leave that to other people.

Character- Aside from the main character, there hasn't been a deep delve into the minds of anyone so far. But from what I've read of the main character, this won't be a problem at all later on.

Story- So far, we're really only starting to learn what the story will be about. A competent character put into a very primitive society breeds conflict and commentary in equal parts, and I'm looking forward to what our isekai-d leading woman will do to shape the society she was reborn into.

If you've read to this point, and you're still not convinced to give this story a try, take the leap and read the first few chapters. You won't regret it.


well I do like the story would love to say more but will need more . I see this is a fresh point of view to rebirth in a new world and I like what I see. The art is sweet love it!!! as you wright more for us to read I and others will have more to review for you and don't wory I see some that give a down vote just give one not because they want give a review to tell you why


To early for a conclusion.

Reviewed at: Ch 24

Im not into Monster reincarnation storys and nearly dropped this at the start.
I powerd throu and enjoyed most of the ride so far.
However it also does not make me go "I need more, right now".

The storys forshadows that our MC will turn or at least posses a human form in the future and will most likely go to the human city.
I really want to see how that plays out.
Anything before that is kinda a moot point for me.
I do not enjoy her tribe life or the forest ark that started now.


Overall It was ok to read but it did not hook me.

Quallity wise i would rate this 3 stars.
abouve avrage on the merrit of all the research done alone.
I give it another 0,5 star for the promise of turning into something more.

Do note that i will rate the avarage story on RR with 2,5 Stars.



I'll give it 5/5

Reviewed at: Ch 12

I'll give it a 5 out of 5.

The magic is original and carries risks or so it seems so far.

The writing style is top stuff.

The characters aren't perfect but they are geting fleshed out nicely and on the positive side they aren't perfect also in the sense they can't do everything with first tries.

Also the characters can't be fleshed out already because we are looking at a culture we dont know.









Exercises in misapplication of resources.

Reviewed at: Ch 25

The primary skill of the protagonist is breaking things down into components and using them to build something else. She is pretty much a McGiver archetype.

Unlike others of that architype, she is opperating in a world with underlying magic and a system built on top of it, instead of the usual technological detritus. "Which is the best stat" is the wrong question. The question to be asked is "what underlying magic are each of the stat points constructed from, and what else could I build if I take them apart". This is aided further by a mentor with no system access who built for herself a completly different set of stats from the same underlying magics.


Cool beggining, and great art!

Reviewed at: Ch 24

Still a new novel with some good potential. The art really helps make this stand out for some of the more abstract ideas. Also this is getting review bombed for some reason, so im helping out. 

Will update my review when there is more chapters in the future so its not just a pump.


One of the better reads. Found it through reading Enduring Good, I think I like this book more...

4.5 stars right now because the book is still in it's early stages... It has room to go up or down. If you like a good fantasy story, isekai, lit rpg, etc you will probably enjoy this.


A great start and huge potential

Reviewed at: Ch 32

This is a transmigration story that follows a Ukrainian woman being placed in the body of a monster from a dungeon. The use of this seemingly cliche story premise has allowed the author to expand upon the "system" based magic system in a truly unique way that seemlessly justifies our MCs situation and allows for varied and entirely different ways of viewing the system based on cultures and experience of characters in the novel.

Style: At times, the descriptions of settings can be too much (based on your preference) which is why this category suffered some, but this is aided in many parts by the beautiful art used to support the writing. It is clear the author has a very in-depth and specific vision of their story which I take as a major plus. The pacing is wonderful, without much focus on long periods of recovery/grinding and a great incorporation of the MCs past with their current situation.

Story: A great unique take on an overdone genre, with great use of MC backstory, monster specific culture and magic system, and set up for future conflict that doesn't make the initial chapters feel like the MC has been transported into a safe zone to enable their eventual level up.

Grammar: No issues I've found.

Character Score: The MC is fully fleshed out, not inept or overly competent with a backsground that truly feels relevant to the story instead of glossed over and forgotten about immediately. Supporting characters are also suitably complex, with believable motivations and backstories that aren't tailored made just to support the MC.

I look forward to following this story as it expands further and good luck to the author in executing their vision!