The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon [Progression Litrpg]

The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon [Progression Litrpg]

by Vitaly S Alexius

Ukrainian urban explorer Yulia Ishenko makes a wish upon the heart of Chernobyl to make a difference in the world. Upon touching Chernobylite she is pulled into the world of magic and is reborn in a chimera village on the Edge of the Infinite Dungeon also known as the Bottomless Chasm.

What are these odd, crystalline-organic chimera? What is the System? Can Yulia macgyver her litrpg System to get ahead in an alien culture, return her humanity and regain what she lost without becoming a monster herself? Read to find out!

A progression litrpg with wholesome characters & plentiful adventures of doom!

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Enough progress in the story has been made for me to get a feel for it, and it is indeed the exceptional, wonderful narrative I thought I had finally found when I read the first chapter. 

With impeccable skill and silky-smooth prose, it's easy to see the sheer effort and dedication to the craft that shines so brightly in this work. Vivid detail is lifelike to the extreme, and beautiful art accompanying various scenes can be found interspersed throughout. 

One area that I feel deserves specific recognition is the background settings. Despite the unique blend of reality and fantasy, scenes are exquisitely painted out in this story, as if each paragraph was its own canvas. I felt almost as if I was there as the settings were described, cliche as it sounds. 

Sure, the basic premise is a reincarnation into magical world. But, the main character is not a hopelessly inept caricature awaiting something interesting to befall her, she actively seeks adventure and exploration, even in the most hazardous of environments. 

Please, don't take my word for it. Try this story for yourself, so that you might also experience the overwhelming joy from reading this that I have. 

Justification of my ratings for subcategories : The style is immaculate, and enhances the narrative immensely. The story itself has been moving along at a good pace, and plot points have good amounts of exposition. I haven't seen any grammatical errors, and the characters are well thought out and complex. Overall, my opinion of this story is extremely high, which I hope is reflected throughout this review. 


Fell in love with the MC in one chapter

Reviewed at: Ch 12

Seriously who is that talented? Even my favorite serials took a few chapters to "sink in." I love the unique world, the unique MC background and my only regret is that I found out about this before it had 400 chapters and I could binge the entire thing.

Does anyone have a time machine? Maybe some clever Urbex person with a microwave and a blowtorch?


Bonus points for great art

Reviewed at: Ch 5

Pretty fun story so far. Rarely does the background of the isekai protagonist actually matter, but it certainly does in this case. It's a really unique setup for a transmigration, and with time I think it could evolve into something great.

Also, the art is amazing. Like, genuinely stuff that you might find in an exhibition somewhere. While the story itself is pretty decent in its own right, the art elevates it to another level, in my opinion.

Style: 4/5 Unfortunately, this is where the fiction leans the most on its art. There's a lot of telly kind of style where sentences are structured like "There was XYZ. There was also ABC." and it really feels like it could be expanded upon. This didn't hurt the overall rating since the art makes up for it, but there are definitely points where the style feels overly simplistic. The flow is generally pretty solid, though.

Story: 5/5 Very strong hook with the Chernobyl diver. So far, I'm not quite as interested in the reincarnation world, but hints of the character's old personality are coming back, and the application of Science!! to a magical monster-society that hasn't seen it before is sure to be interesting.

Grammar: 5/5 No noticeable issues.

Character: 4.5/5 This is mostly for the MC, who has a rather extremely interesting past. I think that the mother is a little one-note, but the MC has a lot of room to grow and there's a lot of potential regarding her mindset, which I really do like.

Overall, solid story.


A nice start, but often wanders

Reviewed at: Ch 18

The writing is solid and character is sensible. Grammar has been immaculate from what I have seen and I am legitimately curious to see where the story leads.

My biggest complaint is actually around some of the naming/magic system and how it seems to actively fight against the readers preconceptions.

Main character has been shown that they can build a basic exosuit in a garage? Except it relies on the reader to have existing knowledge about non-powered exoskeletons to understand that all it is doing is sacrificing some range of motion in order to let her carry 15+ kilos of lead shielding.

Then she's given a system with the classic stats of strength agility etc. Except that she magically knows how to resculpt them from minute one and they have largely have nothing to do with their original purposes.

'Agility' is now magic wind powers and potential space manipulation. 'Dexterity' is now somehow being tied to mind control?

It might come to make more sense, but at the moment there hasn't been the world building to justify it and instead it reads strangly and pulls me out of the narrative.


P.s. the art is amazing. I really do love it though again it sometimes fights my minds image/expectation of them living on the side of an infinitely deep hole


I can see this becoming one of the next big series

Reviewed at: Ch 3

The worldbuilding in this story is absolutely incredible. The author weaves real life and fantasy together very well, and lots of lesser-known aspects of biology, geology, and cultural anthropology are used to inspire a more complex but fun fantasy world. Tons of new and interesting things that I've never seen anything like have been introduced, and the author is really good at portraying those things. Epic and/or terrifying concepts are delivered so that the reader feels all the emotion that the main character does. Speaking of the main character, so far she's been a treat to read about. She can be a little too knowledgable/capable at times, but she's mostly a really fun and unique character to read about, and I'm excited to see how she reacts as she explores the incredible world around her. So far the story has been slow, with the only real action so far being in the first chapter (the action we did get was very well written, so I'm waiting for what we see next), but I expect that to resolve itself as the story moves forward. Now that the MC has a genuinely interesting plot hook to follow, it looks like the story will start to truly begin a more exploratory phase and I'm all for it. Overall, this has been a great story so far, and it truly feels like I'm reading the beginning of something great!

Juan Gomez

Catching and refreshing.

Reviewed at: Ch 11

It's an isekai, that already interests me but it's one that is so well done, that I almost finished all the chapters without leaving a comment or review. There is art made by the same author that shows us a little about what the protagonist sees, which I appreciate.

Fully recommended for those who enjoy discovering new worlds with a charming protagonist.


Great Storytelling, Sick Art

Reviewed at: Ch 10

I almost want more of a story about the MC's first life... such rich backstory created in a simple chapter.

New world has some intersting tidbits and tons of room for MC to flex those skills she brought over from Earth.

Deck is stacked against her, Gender Roles too... she seems a smart and resourceful gal though. Good read to far.


Interesting world and beautiful images

Reviewed at: Ch 9

Highly enjoy the setup of this story, especially the use of the elephants foot as a mechanism to make the isekai more interesting. The paintings have been beautiful and good way to supplement the world building, hope to see more! Liked the use of references like Dantes inferno. Looking forward to seeing how this story turns out:)



The story is great; it contains new ideas and the MC uses logic and science in what they do. The character flaws are reasonable, I'm not bored, I'm literally exercising my rusty science skills trying to think of the bigger picture in this, and best of all, It has an extended multiverse with a cohesive explanation for why it exists!


What a good surprise !

Reviewed at: Ch 9

It's a really good surprise to me. This book is quite original with it's system and the world in which our adorable protagonist evolve. The artworks are quite pleasant and original. Even if I am more partisan to let the imagination create the image while reading, the illustrations are so well done and respectful of the description that I find amazing ! Don't hesitate to read this story full of potential.