The sky is beautiful and peaceful, while my lady is sleeping on my lap like a princess without any care in the world. I hope this day goes on forever when I see my lady smile.


A few moments later…




“Young miss we finally arrive at Vermillion Family 1st section.”


All of the knights feel a fit of jealousy and hate for me, saying that who the hell is that guy that flirting with our young miss.


“My lady it’s time to wake!”


“Kaiser are we already here?”


“Of course my lady!”


“Let go meet my parent kaiser!”


“My lady somebody will misunderstand what you said!”




“Sigh… my lady is really an innocent air-headed type but that’s what I like about her!”


Kaiser whispered in the air while smiling.


After that, we walk in front of the big door and two guardian magic knights open the door using magic. then we finally arrive in the castle of the domain of the patriarch.


“So this is the good renown family that dominates half of the world!”


Kaiser felt exhilarated and excited.


“Kaiser I know you are excited however no matter what happens always stay by my side okay!”


“Yes my lady!”


After all of the people gathered in one place the meeting commence now.


All of them are seated at the round table and all of them are big shots. There are 13th round table chairs for the successor of the Vermillion Family and this event is called “Mystic Banquet”


Is an event where all the 13th successors who are part of the Vermillion Family gather. After the proposal, the approval of three successors is needed to confirm and schedule it. Absentees have to be prepared to face severe consequences, as this is a covenant established between all Vermillion families.


Right now I’m here in front of them beside my lady, I never thought the day will come that I will meet my idol in my past life. Although that is all in the past, right now I think of them as my rival and how to surpass them all!


“Long time no see Alice!”


Ariadne greeted her little sister, She has long straight blond hair and eyes color blue, she has a slender body, average height, and is a beautiful woman who has a sexy body. wearing a sky empress armor who pierce through the darkness.


“Of course, long time no see too Ariadne nee-sama!”


Ariadne Vermillion

Ⅶ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Sky Empress}


“By the way Alice who is that young man beside you?”


“He is my personal butler and my partner!”


“Hehe! Interesting look like our little sister become matured slightly!”


“By the way my lady what is the point of hiding my identity as butler if you tell her the truth?”


“Don’t worry she is our ally!”


“Who the hell invite that brat here in the sacred meeting?”


He is looking down on him while looking at him as a predator, Alexander is a tall, muscular man with red hair and amber eyes. His red hair is kept short, ruffled, and spiked, with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns. He wears a crimson robe mage and a staff of destruction.


Alexander Vermillion

Ⅸ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Tyrant king}


“The brat that you are talking about is my precious person Alexander oni-sama!”


“He was invited by none other than the supreme patriarch!”




Everyone was shocked by the decision of the absolute ruler because he was renowned as the most strict and stubborn person once he decided something no one can stand against him.




“What the hell are you talking about my lady?”




“Sorry kaiser I already mention to you my dad and he approves of my decision to hire you as my butler!”




Damn it! so that means my plan to be low-key failed and I have no choice but to prove my strength and that I am worthy to be her partner and butler.




“What an interesting young man for getting the approval of the supreme one!”


“I hope you prove your worth to us!”


Zephyr Vermillion

Ⅳ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Dragon King}


He is interested in Kaiser’s potential and analyzing him.


Human Form: He is a tall handsome man wearing eyeglasses, and he has a masculine body with the hair color of blond hair up to ears and blue eyes also wearing a white suit with 2 majestic golden wings behind his back.


Dragon form: Onnass - The Dragonlord is a gargantuan Dragon whose entire upper body is covered in silver round scale which in turn is decorated by spiraling blue markings. Its lower body, specifically its belly, inner tail, and legs are gold in color and seem to be rather smooth. It possesses a blunt, rounded head with four large and elongated plates extending backward, and has blue beady eyes. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth, and below it is an elongated protrusion pointing downwards. Onassis’s gargantuan, multilayered wings are composed of the very same plates covering its whole body, which take on a formation reminiscent of a bird’s feathers. Its massive tail splits in two at its end where the silver plates disappear and take on a double stinger-like appearance.


“How boring when will the meeting start?”


Arthur Vermillion

Ⅲ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Holy King}


Arthur is feeling impatience and bored. He has spiky bright blue hair and large eyes with vertical pupils the same color as his hair. He has an average height with a muscular body. He wearing the holy armor of Abbadon and Holy robe of light lastly he is a magic swordsman with a holy sword Excalibur equip.


“Don’t worry Arthur just be patience cause the patriarch will show up sooner or later.”


Apollo Vermillion

Ⅱ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Sun Emperor}


Apollo is a patient man and smart. Apollo is a tall young man and is considered good-looking. He has yellow/blond, medium-long hair, and golden eyes. Another distinct feature he has are his long eyelashes. He is the second strongest in the Guardian star of the Vermillion Family. He wears a Heavenly king robe of the sun god and a stigma of the power of the sun that manipulate sun magic.




Selena Vermillion

Ⅴ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Moon Empress}


Selena seems to be a heavy sleeper as she is asleep all the time, despite how much noise is made around her. However, she still seems aware of her surroundings while sleeping. Selena is a beautiful young lady, a Straight long haired fair-skinned woman of slightly below average height. Wearing a beautiful moon dress and a wand of moon star. When she is awake, Selena is very chipper with a carefree, caring, playful, and highly energetic “big sister” attitude.




Anastasia Vermillion

Ⅵ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Shadow Empress}


Anastasia is a tall woman with upper-back length purple hair that is braided as she usually keeps her hair tied back into a bun with only a single lone braid hanging down on the left side of her face while she has bangs swept to the left side, light blue eyes with visible long eyelashes and full pink lips. She always wears a white robe uniform for research and she is a quiet, kind, and smart type of woman she loves knowledge and wisdom more than anyone else and is a bookworm.




Tristan Vermilion

Ⅷ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Dark King}


Tristan is a tall man with a very muscular build. He has light blue eyes and crimson red hair of medium length that is messily combed backward, making it stick outwards. Tristan’s attire is very simple and consists only of a white A-shirt and black trousers. He is the second magic swordsman that uses swordsmanship plus dark magic.




Allen Vermillion

Ⅹ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Elemental King}


Allen patiently waiting for the supreme monarch. He is a handsome young man with talent using spirit magic. His color hair is blond and his hair length is up to his ears and his eyes color is amethyst, he is a tall man with a muscular body. He wears a mystic star robe that elemental user uses and a stigma of spirit emblem.


“Hey how long we will wait?”


Owen Vermillion

Ⅺ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Gravity King}


Owen is feeling impatience for some reason. He is a hard-core battle junkie who loves to battle and fight. He has wavy black hair up to his ears and brown eyes, he has an average height and muscular body. He always wears a white scale scarf and black t-shirt and a short.


“Don’t worry the patriarch is already here!”


Finn Vermillion

Ⅻ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Lightning King}


Finn has noticed the presence of the patriarch. Finn is a young man of short stature with blue eyes and medium-length messy blond hair. His hair is long enough to cover both his ears and forehead. He always wears a holy lightning robe and boot of Hermes.


The patriarch slowly opens the door and walks in front of us like a ruler with a dignified godly aura until he reaches his throne, after that, he sits majestically and looks upon us who has a godly aura and unparalleled mana with a fierce domineering eye that envelops the castle.


“Long live the patriarch!”


Artemis Vermillion

Ⅰ Guardian star of the Vermillion Family

{Ice Empress}


Artemis bows down upon the patriarch the ruler of the Vermillion Family. Her beauty is renowned throughout the Vermillion Family and she is rated as the most beautiful woman. She has straight pink long hair and a cute fair-skinned young woman with shoulder-length silver hair(light pink hair) that has a black bow in the middle of her square bangs, blue eyes and she has a sexy and attractive body face like a goddess beauty. She wears a complete holy armor set every time whenever she has a mission.


All of them bow down and three-leaf salute the ruler of the Vermillion Family.


To be continued…


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