After Alice signs the contract magic, she and I abide by the covenant contract that is made by me. So whoever broke the contract will be punished by the god of contract and that is how important the contract magic is in this world.


“So, my lady how long are you staying in my house with your violent maid beside you glaring at me?”


“Beatrix don't hurt him because from now on this onward he is my butler.”


“My lady you never mention anything about making me your butler!”


“Pfft! About that kaiser, we are now even!”


“Idiot kaiser, I need you to become my butler to hide your true identity as my partner and my trump card.”


“As my butler, you will have the freedom to do whatever you want as long I’m always nearby your side.”


“Isn’t that two birds and one stone my dear kaiser!”


“Now that you mention it is my lady you are right.”


Look like she is not stupid or reckless like I thought and always plans things before making a move and also she is worthy to join my future guild shortly, what an interesting woman!


“By the way, I’m really curious to ask but what is that letter you are holding while tying it to the leg of the crimson bird?”


“This crimson bird is the signature of Vermillion Family so whoever outsider touches its death penalty will be served.”


“I am sending the letter about my current situation and the reason why I’m here in the Village clover also sooner or later my royal carriage is coming to get me home so kaiser you're coming with me as my butler.”


“Mom and dad please save me?”


Kaiser is blinking his eye intentionally to warn his parent that it is pain in the ass leaving today however my mom and dad misunderstand me and prepare the dishes for my promotion celebration.


“Young miss before you leave will you eat dinner with us first?”


Mom and dad have a sparkling eyes while anticipating something.


“Of course, I humbly accept your offer!”


Everyone was shocked by Alice's response because it was so sudden.

After that we celebrate food for the promotion of kaiser, Mom cooks my favorite food Lasagna gratin and dad prepares the chocolate cake and gift box for me. we laugh, smile, and talk about funny jokes also we drink the melon shake that my mom made.


A few hours later…


“Son I am very proud of you so don’t worry about us and do what you want in your life and remember that we will always be here to support you!”


“Kaiser I know that it is hard for us to separate with you however you are a man of our hope so like your mother I only wish you your happiness and don’t forget to write us a letter every 1 month that is your promise son!”


“Mom and Dad I promise to always write you a letter to wait for my return of success when I become the Sage Monarch in the future.”

“ I’m leaving home!”


“See you later our dear son.”


Kaiser leave home while carrying the bag of his things that was prepared by his mom and dad also he decided to work from the Vermillion family house as a butler.


“Have you said your goodbye Kaiser to your parent?”


“Of course my lady!”


“Then welcome aboard kaiser to the world of Vermillion Family!”


“I’m fired up!”


After that kaiser rides the royal carriage that is owned by Alice Vermillion, Together they are going to one destination and that is the Vermillion Family Household.


“So my lady why are laying comfortably on my lap like a princess in the story?


“It is because you are my butler so I can do whatever I want!”


“What a selfish cunning lady!”


“Did you say something Kaiser?”


“Nothing my lady, I am very honored by caressing my lovely princess!”




Alice blushes like a red tomato while hiding her embarrassment to kaiser by pretending to be asleep.


“So by the way when will you stop glaring at me?”


Kaiser feels uncomfortable with Beatrix's gaze.


“Don’t think that I will acknowledge you kaiser!”


Beatrix is underestimating him and looking down on him.


“I don’t know what tricks you did to deceive my lady however if I notice even the slightest bit that you are enemies I will never hesitate to kill you mercilessly.”


Beatrix hates the fact that her master pleads for help from the person living in the forsaken realm.


“How scary!”

Kaiser decided to teach that maid a lesson.


“In the first place, your master will never ask for help from the plebeian if you have done a good job as her maid!”


Kaiser is stating the facts and truth while feeling pissed for some reason by Beatrix's arrogant attitude.



He was not expecting a response from kaiser.


“Even though you are always there for her you are a useless fool!”


“What did you say?”


“Know your place, arrogant maid!”


“Cross the line or else I will end your foolish life once and for all!”


Kaiser activated his intimidation aura by gathering mana in one place, he is staring at the maid like that is her prey. A strong and tremendous killing aura suffocates Beatrix while she cannot move.




Gravity magic: Presence of the Overlord

This magic attribute allows the user to manipulate gravity at will. A spell that controls gravity whenever the user wants by intimidating them or dominating the gravity by force.


“What in the world you have done to me?”


Beatrix feels pain and suffering from the gravity magic. She feels so much pain and is hard to breathe because of the strong gravity force.

“Kaiser calm down your anger!”


Alice touch my face gently and calm down my anger.


“Will you spare my maid foolish action also I know that you cannot forgive her however can you spare at least her life?”


Alice was looking at me with an eye of sincerity and honesty.


“Sigh… I understand my lady but only this once if she ever does that attitude in front of me again then I will make sure to let her know her place.”


“Thank you, Kaiser!”


“Also Beatrix how many times do I have to tell you to respect him as my partner but you never listen so this is the result.”


“From now on this onward whoever disrespects kaiser is the same as disrespecting me you understand Beatrix.”


“Yes my lady!”


“Kaiser the path you are taking right now is full of thorns and danger however will you continue staying by my side?”


“Of course, there is no such thing shortcut to the path of glory!”


After that Alice sleep again in my lap peacefully while smiling with a satisfied face. After the long-awaited long journey of going home, we finally arrive at our destination.


These three types of houses in the Vermillion Family, first is the main house that is the domain of the patriarch, second is the royal sub house for the successor of the Vermillion also there is only 12th sub house overall lastly is the branch house for the outcast who is not worthy to called Vermillion successor.


Springfield house of the Vermillion Family.


The beautiful white house is 25,000 sq. ft. wide. This luxury mansion is huge and has plenty of space, large rooms, and all kinds of interesting rooms. The library is the main setting of this luxury mansion features. there’s something magical about a room with walls lined with books. The library below is by far my all-time favorite grimoire library set and collection.


“What the heck in the world is that mansion?”


“Kaiser from now on this onward this is our home!”


“Are you serious about that my lady!”


“What a jackpot!”


“Sweet this is the first time I experience luxury, with this I will not worry about shelter anymore.”


“By the way my lady how many people living in your mansion currently?”

“About that kaiser, only me and my maid live in that big mansion because I am an outcast so no want to go near me.”


“So, I am very lonely honestly”




“Then my lady you have not to worry about anything because I will be here always beside you!”


Alice blushes up to her ears and smiles at my honest answer because she has a unique talent to know if someone is lying or maybe not. She is reading the mana flow of the human so she can tell if it was truth or a lie.


After that royal carriage was in a garage in the front yard, the carriage driver leaves immediately and we finally arrive at our destination.


“Welcome home kaiser to the Springfield house!”


Alice show me the way to the mansion and she introduces me one by one to the place she lived.


“Kaiser I’m hungry so please cook food for us!”


“What? my lady don’t tell me you two don’t know how to cook.”




“I’m only an assassin maid so I only know how to clean!”


“What the heck do you mean by that?”




“It’s can’t be helped!”


“My lady from now on this onward I will claim the chef position of this house.”


After that kaiser cooks food professionally because to survive cooking food for yourself is a piece of basic knowledge.


Alice was watching kaiser from behind the door while admiring his amazing technique of cooking skills. Kaiser focus all of his attention on cooking so the result was flawless.


“Here is our dinner for today's original Beefsteak style.”


“Enjoy your meal!”


“I will taste the food first young miss!”


In one bite Beatrix cried tears of joy at the food while enjoying every bite and she cannot stop eating it.


“So delicious!’


“Young miss you can try it, it is surprisingly delicious!


“Then thanks for the food.”


Alice uses her spoon and surprisingly the meat texture is soft like cotton and the umami is sparking like a firework, she bites the beef meat and suddenly tears fall from her eyes and it feels like her burden goes away.


“So delicious kaiser!”


“My lady from now on I will carry your half burden because you are not alone anymore.”


“I know that the pressure and burden you felt is suffocating however this time you have me and that stupid maid.”


“I Like Strong Women, You Know. But There’s Nothing Wrong With Relying On Others Sometimes, Right?”


Alice started crying and let all out her frustration while hugging me gently like she don’t want to let me go. she had been all alone all this time while acting like she is not suffering from the burden and pressure why did she have a poker face because she doesn’t want other people to think her as a weak person so that why she is cold to other sometimes.


A few moments later…


“Have you calmed down my lady?”


“Thank you kaiser!”


“Look like I cannot fool you by acting like nothing hurt me but kaiser I am scared to be alone again so please stay by my side!”


“Don’t worry I will stay by your side and protect you always!”


To be continued…


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