After kaiser came back home surprisingly he met the youngest miss of the vermilion family waiting for him to go back home. Those two are staring at each other like this is a fateful encounter in the life of kaiser.


“So who are you? Young miss, are you lost or something?”


However, kaiser’s memories are still fuzzy and incomplete because of the time he spent 10,000 years in the abyss.


“How rude! Young miss can I kill that brute and arrogant person?”


“Nope calm down for now Beatrix that is my order!”


Alice is reading the flow of his mana and confirmed that he is telling the truth and explaining the situation properly.


“I’m Alice Vermilion the youngest miss of the vermilion family.”


“And I’m here for only one reason, to meet the one who contributed the most to hunting flame boars!”


“So tell me kaiser, Are you an Ally or a Foe?”


“What is your true motive for suddenly showing your hidden fang for hunting this month’s deadline?”


Alice is looking at me doubtfully and seriously.


“I’m sorry for my rudeness behavior earlier my lady also the answer to your question is a very simple reason!”


“What I simply desire is a personal connection that will support me always in the shadow and if my life is in a pinch or dangerous situation that person will protect me and back up me like an impregnable shield.”


“You see in this world the people in the forsaken realm are being treated as a plebeian by any person from the noble/royal realm so they never treated us equally or even discriminated against us however only the Vermillion Family accept us wholeheartedly even though we are only treated as a trash to other people.”


“So this is a quiz question for you my lady, what do you think about us my lady? Are we just tools for delivering food meat to you or have you never treated us human beings in the first place?”


“So tell me honestly my lady your sincere feeling!”


Kaiser is intentionally testing Alice’s patience if she deserves to be the young miss of the Vermillion family or maybe not.


Beatrix use her sword to point at my neck to kill me however Alice stopped Beatrix’s foolish action while she touch the sword and her hand is bleeding dropping to the floor.


“Kaiser your name is right, I thought that you were a foolish person or an idiot who know nothing except for the village clover however you are right I am nothing compared to my elder brother and sister.”


“My family motto you see is Merit is everything in this world because of that my dad the patriarch is a greedier person more than anyone else if is merit is talking about.”


“My dad never even acknowledge me as her daughter in the first place because compared to my elder brother and sister they are a prodigy.”


“Day by day and night by night they are always competing like they are rivals or enemies so about experiencing like a normal family is only just a wishful dream to me.”


“One day I was awakened as a mage in the Vermillion family when I was 5 years old, I was treated as a prodigy at first because I have inherited the royal bloodline of our ancestor however happiness does not last long.”


“I’m a Quadruplet magic user so I have a talent for using four different kinds of magic simultaneously however the problem is my mana overcharge where my mana goes berserk if I cannot control my emotion because of that I was treated as an outcast in the Vermillion family.”


“My mom is the only one who loves me as her daughter and supported me all this time so that’s why I swear in my name to protect mom and give her a better life she deserves if I become the successor of the Vermillion family.”


“That is why I need you kaiser no matter what happens!”


“To achieve my goals and dreams, I need someone to protect me and guide me all the time.”


“So Kaiser will you become a partner and my sword that will pierce any enemies that tries to harm me and protect me.”


“At the same time, I swear in my name that I will fulfill any of your desire in other words I will do anything you want so please accept me as your partner kaiser!”


Alice desperately begs kaiser to accept her offer while looking at kaiser with an eye of determination and a face of sincerity.


“It can’t be helped.”


“I humbly accept your offer on one condition so sign this contract that I made personally using contract magic.”


After that Alice read the contract seriously and she was shocked by the contract and react by blushing like a red tomato.


“Are you an idiot Kaiser who the hell will accept this unfair contract!”


“Also what do you mean that after you help me, I will become your slave.”


“Don’t tell me you are after my body!”


“You pervert idiot kaiser!”


Alice slaps me in the face and it is hurt somehow.



“What the heck is this 5-year contract as your partner in other words after 5 years you will leave me and by not taking responsibility.”


“Alice please calm down what if my parent misled the words you are using beside you said that you will do anything right.”


“Alice you will become my slave and my money bank so prepared for it’s!”

“Kaiser you pervert idiot!”


Although Alice responds to me with a girly argument in the end she just pouts while writing the signature and accepting the contract.


“Are you happy now idiot kaiser!”


“Of course, my lady 100% satisfied!”


“For now come here closer, my lady.”


“What! Isn’t it earlier to do something like that earlier in the morning also your parent is watching us!”


“Pfft! I never thought that you were a bad girl thinking something lewd earlier in the morning HAHAHAHAHA!”


“What did you say kaiser!”


“I’m sorry my lady I am just teasing you!”


After that Alice obediently comes near kaiser while pouting because of kaiser’s mischief.


[Healing creation magic: Angel hymns]

the user summons the countless spirit and uses them to form an array to the target and use a golden trumpet to the user or target. The user can generate multiple healing spirits to heal multiple people at once. However, each healing spirit can only contain a single person.




“Kaiser, did you just heal me using healing magic?”


“I only thought that healing magic is for priests, saints, healers, or from the holy empire only.”


“So who in the world are you kaiser?”


“I am just an ordinary villager A who dreams to become the sage monarch in the future.”


“So my lady please tell me what you want me to do?”


“I only just need you to stay always by my side and protect me!”

“But aren’t you a Master (10th circle mage).”


“About that kaiser, I was born to be Master (10th circle mage).”


“The Vermillion family is special being because all of them have an advantage start when they were born in the famous family clan.”


“So are you telling me that your family tradition is that when a successor was born in the Vermillion family, the minimum requirement was Master (10th circle mage)?”




“Tch! so damn unfair however that is a basic common sense in our world.”


“There are two types that revolve around the world.”


“The world of Infinity World: Zysyss revolves around magic and sword. Even discrimination among people is due to the amount of magic power they have or their talent for swordsmanship. Royalties have the highest magic powers or prodigy prowess in swordsmanship and commoners from the forsaken realm are said to be the scum of the country with negligible magic powers or were born with no talent in the sword .”


“Of course, there is an exception and that is none other than you the Vermillion Family and Augustus Family who dominate the half of the world system.”


“If you ask me, I have no interest in getting involved in the ridiculous game of thrones of the two Dominator families.”


“Young miss, that man is really getting on my nerve, can I teach him a lesson for a little bit?”


“Calm down, Beatrix!”


“However now that I have accepted your offer, I swear in my name that I will always protect you and be there always by your side my lady!”


Kaiser bows down majestically and kisses the right-hand palm of Alice Vermillion while looking at her with a mischief smile.


“I’m looking forward to working with you my lady!”


To be continued…

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