{Divine Blessing Ceremony}

A once-in-a-lifetime blessing ceremony where the god and goddess grant their incarnation a divine star blessing in their hand as proof of being awakened. Before being chosen by the god and goddess, They were granted a divine star blessing at the Constellation Tower in the Holy Empire, Once a person has turned 15 years old, they can attend the annual Divine Blessing Ceremony in March to receive their blessing. A mage who misses the ceremony after their fifteenth birthday can travel to any Constellation Tower and receive their blessing individually at any time.

It’s a wonderful day, the beautiful sky, fresh air and grass all over the ground lastly full of people you see working hard in their daily life, after that, I met my parent for a long time they accepted me wholeheartedly and ask me if there was something wrong however I hate to admit it but I cannot tell them about my secret that I am the former sword saint who was known as the last human who fought the 12th demigod alone so I only denied and act as nothing happens.

After that, I decided, for now, to support my mom and dad's work as a hunter so that I can help them and make their life better.

“Dad, can I join you as a hunter and support you please?”

“Son are you sure that the work of a hunter is dangerous you know also last time you always claimed that you hate being a hunter because you said it pain in the ass job!”

“That was before but now I decided to change for the better!

The young man smiled innocently while his arm crossed behind his head and act like this was for the better. Although that was half lying and half-true because his true motive was to get the attention of the Vermillion family for his flawless plan for acts of revenge on the 12 demigods.

“Okay then be ready to join because we will hunt foods for this month's deadline for Vermillion Family.”

Kaiser's dad brings the spear and wears his leather armor, hunter boots, and hunting equipment then lastly he joins the hunt for this month's deadline with his comrade hunter. Kaiser joined them and dad recommend me to them.

“Hey, Lucius what take you so long, and by the way who is that kid behind you wearing a complete set for hunter equipment?”

“Alex this is my only son Kaiser and I recommend him to you because he may not look like it but he is dependable and strong so maybe I could bring him along?”

Alex looked at Kaiser fiercely while he held his head firm however in the end he accept him wholeheartedly because of the lack of hunters in village clover needed.

“Welcome Kaiser to our group of hunters I look forward to working with you rookie!”

After that, we started hunting in the forest with my dad and others while running fast and hiding in the bushes carefully patrolling the area by the way overall we are 5 hunters including me and dad then we finally meet our prey.

SFX: Rumble, SFX: Rumble, SFX: Thud.

Rare tier.

[Elemental Monster.]

~Rookie Hunter~

[Species: Flame Boars.]


[A beast that lives in the forest of the forsaken realm. The love preying on the weak and Hunt as Group.]


[Fire Magic: Fire ball]

[Bull Thrust.]

SFX: Grunt, SFX: Growl.

“I lead the group and back off for now and prepare for an ambush.”

Lucius my dad slowly step by step go near the flame boar without it noticing his presence then he use his favorite spear art technique.

Heavenly spear art: Crushing thunder

a spear technique that thrusts the vital point of the target multiple times in one counterclockwise strike.

SFX: Swoosh, SFX: Swoosh, SFX: Bang.

Flame Boar was killed in one shot and had a big hole in its stomach and blood is spurting and falling to the ground then the voice of the world shows up as the status panel in the air.

[Level up!]

SFX: Pops up.

An articulate voice of a young woman, the one who oversees the law and system of the world.

Lucius look at the status panel and was shocked while staring with happiness because it’s been a long time since he level up. He raises his hand in a victorious way and shouts.

“I win!”

[Voice of the world]

Is the ‘voice’ that announces events occurring in the world. It can also be said to be the voice of the laws or systems governing the world. It can be described as an omnipresent being that oversees everything.

SFX: rustle, SFX: Grunt, SFX: Growl.

8 flame boars approach in the bushes and corner us while waiting for the right moment to attack and spit a fireball at us all at once,

[Fire Magic: Fire Ball]

Flame boars spitfire from its mouth and burn the enemies to death. Effect 10% damage dealer and 20% burn Debuff to the prey in every 10 seconds.

SFX: Swoosh, SFX: boom.

“Everyone dodges and prepares for a counterattack!”

Lucius commands everyone to dodge and back off for now by upcoming offense attack of the flame boars into them, and all of them flew away because of the attack of the monster fortunately all of them are safe.

“Damn it! I never thought that we would be cornered.”

All of them lay on the ground because of the after effect attack of the flame boars, Alex flew to the tree unconscious and the twin brother Liam and Harry was barely standing lastly, only my dad was still standing and brave facing the monster alone while I am unharmed standing beside him.

“Kaiser looks like this is the end for me.”

Lucius was standing brave while holding the spear tightly and barely standing also he has a burn effect on his body but he does not give up yet and thought only about how to defeat the enemies.

“Kaiser run away while I hold the monster by myself and also tell mom that I love her!”

Lucius prepares to attack and run through the enemies alone however Kaiser knock out him and gently puts him in the tree.

“Dad don’t worry I will take care of everything from now on so rest for now.”

[Healing creation magic: Angel hymns]

the user summons the countless spirit and uses them to form an array to the target and use a golden trumpet to the user or target. The user can generate multiple healing spirits to heal multiple people at once. However, each healing spirit can only contain a single person.

SFX: Swoosh, SFX: Sparkle.

“well, well, well”

“Look like you have crossed the line, you bastard!”

SFX: Rumble, SFX: Rumble, SFX: Rumble.

Intimidation aura has enveloping in the body of Kaiser and also the eye of the predator that is ready to hunt its prey, Kaiser raises his hand to face the target and a magic circle has formed all over the user's hand then eventually he uses offense magic.

Fire creation magic: Spiral Blazing Flame

the user generates flames from the palm of his hands. The flames come out in a spiraling motion, which creates a tornado-shaped blast of flames. To use it against his targets, the user simply holds his arms in the targets’ directions. The flame’s intensity is enough to incinerate completely anything in its path.

SFX: Swoosh, SFX: Swoosh, SFX: Boom

“Damn!” “look what I did!”

“I accidentally incinerate them all without any left !”


“I have an idea! how about I hunt a flame boar again and present it to my dad.”

Kaiser hunts a flame boars in the forest using foresight skill and professionally hunt the flame boars while he makes sure that the meat is not destroyed and safe then after that he piles up the 8 flame boars he hunts in the wooden trolley lastly he brings the body of his comrade to align to the tree and use healing magic to them.

[Healing creation magic: Angel hymns]

the user summons the countless spirit and uses them to form an array to the target and use a golden trumpet to the user or target. The user can generate multiple healing spirits to heal multiple people at once. However, each healing spirit can only contain a single person.

SFX: Swoosh, SFX: Sparkle.

“My work is finally done so the only thing left to do is wake them up.”

Kaiser wakes them up by shaking them, and all of them slowly open their eyes and wake up.

“Huh? what happened?”

“Kaiser I remember now, look like you are safe how about the monster who cornered us?”

“Calm down Alex-san I already solve the problem and all of you are safe now.”

“What the heck are you talking about? a brat like you could not defeat a horde of monsters alone.”

“Look at your surrounding Alex-san before you muttered nonsense!”

“Huh, what a rude brat!”

Alex looks to the right then he was so shocked while his mouth and jaw are hanging, that Flame boars were annihilated and were piled up in order at the wooden trolley.

“Who in the world are you?”

“Hmph! I am just an ordinary villager A who dreams to become the Sage Monarch in the future.”

After everyone woke, I explain to them thoroughly that I killed the monster by myself through a crafty plan by entrapping them using magic and killing Flame boars one by one.

“Kaiser my son I am very proud of you!”

Dad hugs his son tightly and feels very proud and happy.

“Good job Kaiser!”

Harry thumbs up Kaiser.

“Thank you, Kaiser!”

Liam feels grateful.

“I hate to admit but from now on I acknowledge you as full-fledged hunter Kaiser.”

Alex raised his hand and decided to handshake Kaiser, Kaiser responded and handshake him as well after that we come back to our village clover without any casualties also we accomplish our mission for the deadline for this month.

A few moments later…

After we come back safely my mother and everyone else in the village butcher the meat of the flame boars we brought and already pack it into a package for delivery inside the wooden box at the horse carriage where all the meat we delivered goes to the Vermillion family.

SFX: bell, SFX: cling, SFX: clang.

“Everyone the Vermillion Family officer has finally arrived.”

Everyone gathered at the gate and line up in two separate lines obediently while the royal carriage have arrived with the Vermillion family inside. The chief of the village clover pays respect to their lord also the hunter offer the package box and bows down sincerely to their lord who they serve and protect.

“Welcome to our humble village clover Vermillion Family, I am the chief Alfonso the Ⅻ generation elder of this village.”

The golden royal carriage with the emblem of the “Vermillion Family” have stop in the middle of the village then the door opened slowly, the magic knight that serves the “Vermillion Family” separated into two-line and gathered up then line on the front side pathway of the carriage and all of them majestic three-leaf salute to the lord upon them.

The one inside the carriage is none other than the Mystic mage youngest XIII daughter of the “Vermillion Family” Alice Vermillion. 15 years old with a voluptuous build. She has amber eyes and long wavy silver hair with side bangs on her foreheads. Additionally, she also wears a pair of earrings on her ears.

She majestically steps down to the golden carriage and walks step by step toward the chief and villager while having an exceptional absurd amount of mana and the presence of an untouchable ruler.

Alice Vermillion

15 years old

Master (10th circle mage)

XIII daughter of the Vermillion Family

“I’m Alice Vermillion!”

“I am here for only three things.”

“First the monthly deadline for the delivery package based on the contract of the Village clover to us the Vermillion Family.”

“Second the “Divine Blessing Ceremony” has already begun so I am here to recruit the people of clover village to come with us to the Holy Empire as a reward for your utmost loyalty and service to the Vermillion Family.”

“Lastly I have already asked permission from my family about Battle Arena Contest scheduled in April after the Divine Blessing Ceremony so anyone can join whether commoner or noble and we are recruiting any contestant as long as you are qualified to join lastly whoever won the game will be rewarded $10,000 gold coin, recommended to the famous Elite Haven Academy where all the mage all over the world wish to enroll lastly any wish will be fulfilled by the Vermillion Family.”

“That all!”

To be continued…



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