Breathing in deeply, I woke and looked around the room. We had gotten a two bedroom deal and had Zephy and Sarya sleep on one bed and Elora and I slept on the other. I looked over to the other bed and noticed that Zephy was sleeping on it alone. Where was Sarya? I got up from the bed and threw on some clothes, my pants and vest, and left the room to search for her. I had asked a few people if they had seen Sarya, giving them a description of her, and they told me she was heading towards the bathhouse. The bathhouse connected to the inn. I moved inside and found the woman’s side. Upon entering I was greeted with the sight of a few women still changing back into their clothes. I tried to avert my gaze and focus on getting out of my clothes.
“That Elf!” One of the women exclaimed. “Yes… did you see her? Those breasts of hers!” “I wonder who’s she trying to impress?” The women were all but seething in annoyance and their words really got to me. I immediately stood behind, eyeing them seriously.

“You ladies wouldn’t happen to be talking about an Elf with silver blonde hair would you?”

They all turned towards me, not even trying to hide their distaste. “That elf? What of her?” The woman glared at me which only made me grit my teeth in anger. “You didn’t give her a hard time, did you?” I gritted my last words with venom in them. The ladies seemed to take note of my hostility and two of them back away but one of them still challenged me with a glare. 
“Don’t accuse me with that look girl! We did nothing of the sort. But that Elf, what is she to you?”

Had they asked me that a few weeks ago I would have said that she was a dear friend, even a few days ago I might have said the same thing. However she wasn’t really just a friend, she was more. When I thought of her, I felt a sense of… pride.

I held up my hand to show my ring. “Well, she happens to be my Wife.” All three women gasped and it seemed almost like they thought I had the plague and left in a hurry.

Now with the change room to myself I undressed and opened the door, I could only see one figure in the pool of water. Sarya. I felt a sense of déjà vu as I slowly dipped my feet inside and snuck up on her. I snaked my arms around, making her jump. She turned around and soon smiled as her eyes light up.

“Good morning Teela” I answered her by kissing her deeply. I hadn’t had too many chances to really show my affection lately so I want to do it in full right now. I moved my hands to cup her rear and pulled her in closer. She moaned and wrapped her own arms around me. Lowered my head, I took her breast in my mouth.

“Ah! Teela… y-your quite lively this… morning” I pulled back for a second to say “I know, I’m just in a good mood this morning”
I continued my assault using my mouth and slipped a hand between her legs to find her moist heat. I had wanted to do this for a little while now but I was still trying to find a good opportunity to do so. Lowering her slowly into the water, with only her head and breasts un-submerged, I didn’t stop.

“T-Teela! W-We’re in the bathhouse! If someone comes in…” I of course thought of that, but after I heard those ladies talking harshly about Sarya I instead responded with: “Then let them see…” I muttered. I could feel her getting close to her limit so I doubled my efforts. Before I could feel her climax I felt a pair of arms wrap around my stomach and a voice whisper in my ear: “Well… what have we here? You ‘play’ with your first wife but don’t invite your second? I’m almost hurt… But thankfully I’m forgiving” Zephy…

“I-I…” I tried to find my voice but her hands smoothed down to my rear and she gave a quick squeeze which made me squeak in alarm. “I… Zephy! W-What… Where is Elora?” I was trying to collect my thoughts but her play was making my mind hazy.

“Z-Zephy… what are you doing!?” Sarya sat up in the water and held me closer to herself.

“Oh? Just joining in…” She pinched my breast shooting a spike of pleasure up my spine. “…and don’t worry about Elora, she is in the change room waiting…. So let’s finish this quickly”

Sarya seemed to be in agreement and took one of my breasts into her mouth, Zephy’s hands glided down towards my legs and she found the moister between them. I trembled at their tag-team efforts and with one hand I slipped it between Sarya’s legs and with the other, Zephy’s.

Our moans were sounding out across the water and soon we all reach our climax at the same time. All three of our bodies trembled and soon we were panting.

“Well…” Zephy breathed. “That was…certainly enjoyable.” Sarya caught her breath and nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, that was… exhilarating.”  I let out a small laugh at my own words and soon the others join me.


I opened the door and seen Elora sitting on the bench with two other woman. They looked like they were in their mid-twenties and were talking with Elora, when I opened the door all three looked over to me and Elora’s face lit up as she hopped off the bench to embrace me.

“Mom!” She looked up to me and smiled brightly. The other two women smiled and made an ‘aw’ sound at the sight.

One of the women approached me and smiled warmly. “I apologize if we seemed suspicious at the time. We were only curious as to why she wasn’t in the bath at the moment.”

I nodded. “It’s no problem, I actually had someone bring her here and I figured that she’d want to bathe with me”

The woman smiled and laughed. “I see, that’s quite nice.” She held her hand out. “I’m Mable, this is Lara” I took her hand and shook it. “Teela… and this is Elora” The woman kneaded in front of Elora and smiled “Hello Elora.” Elora was nervous but managed to answer with an “H-Hi…”


All four of us had entered the bath together; I spotted Sarya and Zephy at one end of the pool. They noticed me and waved. Both Mable and Lara noticed and ask “Friends of yours?”

I wondered how to answer that question so I said “More than that…” They looked at each other with a mask of confusion but shrugged and joined me.

We all sat at the edge and I got started by washing Elora’s hair.

“So…” Mable asked. “How old are you Elora” I suddenly froze at her question. Now that I thought of it, I never got Elora’s age from her. Before I could think of a suitable answer Elora held up nine fingers and said “This many…”

Mable smiled brightly. “Nine already! Well aren’t you growing fast?”

So she was nine huh? It was good to know.

“So…” She started again. “Where’s the father?” She asked. I inwardly winched at her question. How do I answer that? I didn’t want to give this woman a bad impression but saying that he was mostly like a ‘customer’ at a brothel was probably the least appealing answer. Still, she seemed nice enough so I guess there was no use hiding it, plus I had no real other way to dodge the question so I guess answering it truthfully was the best way for all of us.

“I’m not sure… I… rescued her from a pretty awful place and decided to adopt her as my own…”

Both the women gasped at my answer. “Honestly?” Lara asked. I nodded.

They were quiet for a moment before Mable spoke up. “Well dear Teela. I hope you know what you’re getting into. Motherhood is not something that is to be taken lightly”

I sighed. “Yes I know…  I’ve… seen how bad this world can be so I’d like to think that I’ve seen the worst. I want to help her and give her a bright future… I hope that’s reason enough to allow me to try taking care of her. I don’t think the problem is that you just need to be supportive, like food and clothes but really…  I think… you just need to be there.”

Both Lara and Mable looked at each other for a moment before smiling brightly.

“Well… if that’s what you believe then I feel happy knowing that she is in your care.”


After we had finished bathing I had introduced Lara and Mable to Sarya and Zephy. Zephy, of course introduced herself as my second wife which got quite the reaction from Lara and Mable. Surprisingly they were actually not that bothered by this and we even had breakfast together.

They had told us of many attractions and destinations to look out for. I was quite grateful for their help.

After we finished our breakfast we parted ways and now were on the streets. Our first destination was to buy some supplies for our wagon. I had found a general store to which I bought everything that we needed. I ask the owner if he could send it to our wagon, which he informed us he could. With the most important thing finished I guess all that was left was to get Elora some things to help her study. Things such as books and maybe a few practice swords. I didn’t want to force her into a situation where she would have to use such a skill but maybe some sword training would help in defending herself if the need ever arises. We found a place to purchase books but if took us a few hours to find a place that sold practice swords. Zephy insisted on getting a small bow for her too. After our purchases we made our way back to the wagon to drop them off and re-entered the city to enjoy it.

With pretty much everything bought we could now have such a luxury to do whatever we pleased.

We were walking for about half-an-hour before we seen a large commotion took place in front of us. I had to push my way in order to see what was going on. When I managed to get pass the bustle, I see one man standing on a platform gathering the attention of many.


The… Coliseum?


The crowd made sounds of wonder and excitement. I however was frowning and turned to Sarya with a question. “Sarya, what’s a Quarnell” She held her hands up in confusion. “I’m… not sure. This is the first time I’ve heard of them.” Zephy suddenly spoke up “I’ve only heard some rumors. The only thing I’ve heard is that they can absorb magic.” My eyes widen at this. ‘Absorb magic?’ Wow…


She…? So this Quarell was a… woman? So they were planning on giving her away as a gift? Like a piece of property? A… slave? I looked over to Zephy and she had a troubled look on her face.

“Teela…” She said. “We… have to enter this ‘Coliseum’”

I was about to ask her why but I remembered what she told me, about her past. She was a witness to the constant rape and ownership of soldiers so the thought that some other woman would be facing the same hardships. I doubt it would sit well with Zephy.

Sarya voiced her concern: “I-I don’t think we should be hastily jumping into a fight. We’re here for supplies and just a few things aren’t we?”

I was quietly thinking about this. Just the thought of a woman slave was enough to make me want to jump in, to ensure that she won’t fall into the hands of a… disgusting person.

I breathed in deeply. “Alright, I guess I have to. I just can’t leave here after hearing that. If I walked away from this, I’ll regret it for a long time.”


I had told the others to go to the stands and watch from there, I would be the one to enter the tournament. I had asked where the contestants were gathering at an information booth. He looked at me and scoffed.

“So you're here because…?” “I’m here to join the Coliseum.”  He chocked and coughed. “W-What!? You can’t be serious?” I lend in closer and eyed him. “Deadly serious.” He sat back and pointed at the hallway to my left.

“Keep going down that hall. Last door on your right.” I nodded and walked down to find the door open. Upon entering I was greeted by the sight of about ten men of different looks and ethics standing around, all which turned and spotted me, giving me a curios look.

A man with an eye patch approached me to say “Well… I think you’re in the wrong place little girl. The seating area is back that way” I grimaced, he smelled of alcohol and… god I couldn’t even place my finger onto what else it was.

“Could you back up? You stench is enough to kill a full grown bear.”

Fire ignited in his eyes and he placed a hand on my shoulder. “Well aren’t you funny?”

Just being in his presence was enough to make me want to puke. It also reinforces my thought as to whether I should be doing this or not. Just he alone was enough for that, plus the other combatants in this room weren’t exactly filling me with confidence about the woman’s future. 

‘Looks like I wasn’t clear” I sneered.

Without another word I grabbed his finger and pulled it back to break it. He screamed out and fell to his knees; I followed up by hiking my knee up into his face breaking his nose in one hit. He lay sprawled on the floor, knocked-out. The other men stood around completely aghast as to what they witnessed so I figured it was a good time to install dominance.

“Well? Does anyone else have anything informative to say? I’m all ears…” The room was dead quiet so I took that as a ‘no’ I hauled the man’s body outside the room and was greeted by a few more men. One of them, a well groomed look and clothes, looked taken aback by what he seen. He had short blonde hair and a well shaven face. Finally, he had baby blue eyes and he looked to be about my age.

“Y-Young lady! What happened here!?” 

I shrugged. “He was being unpleasant so I sorted him out.” He could only stare slack-jawed as he watched me leave the guys body against the wall in the hallway. I entered the room again and not a moment too soon as another man stood in the doorway examining all of us. He noticed me and said: “Sorry doll but this is for-“I cut him off by injecting “I’m here for the Coliseum. If you have any doubts then ask that ‘gentleman’ outside”

He turned to see the guy I knocked-out and scoffed. “So that’s what happened to him?” He muttered.

Turning his attention back to me and shrugged. “Alright, just know that we’re not responsible for anything that happens to you.” I nodded.

“Well then, with that out of the way let’s get to business shall we? The first thing you need to know is that it is not necessary to kill anyone in this bout, in fact, we do not recommend that. The best way to win the fights is to have your opponent surrender; by holding up their hands they agree to surrender giving you the win. If you attack the person while they clearly surrendered. You will be disqualified. Also a knock-out will guarantee a victory as well. The second thing to know is that you will not be allowed to use magic or ranged weapons. Throwing knifes and such are find but no bows or crossbows, no magic of any kind. We don’t need any miss fires. Finally, we would like if you tried your best to entertain the viewers as best you could. We need this to go smoothly and we need people to be excited by this bout.  So try to make the fights last a bit alright?”

Grumbles sounded out from the men, which the seemed ok with it.

The man who was giving the rules also added that we would be rewarded every round if we put on a good show which got the others more fired up. I, however, was disgusted. They were giving a person away against their will so that was enough to get people excited? Unbelievable. I still needed to ask him something.

“Hey, what exactly is a Qwarnell?”

The man who was giving the rules lifted his hat and scratched his head before answering. “Well I guess you’ve all heard that they were giving away Qwarnell. For those still unfamiliar I’ll clue you in. Way back when magic didn’t have a society, those who wielded it, roamed free and could threaten any kingdom. Because of how free they roamed they would destroy anything they could, take whatever they could. Magic was power. Magic was an untamed beast that could very well render soldiers, even armies, impendent. All kingdoms gathered and pooled their resources to finding a way to combat the mages.  Since negotiations failed it was the only way.”

He paused before continuing. “That’s where the Qwarnell enter the picture. They were the solution to the problem. They were so effective that within only six month they nearly killed all the mages. As you all could imagine the mages surrendered and agreed to abide by the rules set by the kingdoms. In this gave birth to The Magic Founding Society. A group that answers directly to the kingdoms and acts as trainers and scholars.”

We were all quite so he finally added one last thing. “The Qwarnell have the ability to absorb magic into their bodies. It would allow them to take mages head-on. They have the appearance of a normal humans but the only thing that immediately stands out is… that they have no color in their eyes. It’s just pure white. I guess it was a result of the experiment that made them. I couldn’t say.”

So they sounded like an unstoppable force. “When exactly did this happen?” I asked. He tilted his head and arched a brow. “Well… 500 years ago, give or take a few decades”

Well… that was… wait. “How exactly is a Qwarnell still alive then!?”

He laughed and shrugged. “Who knows? It probably has something to do with their experiments.”

The man walked out of the room leaving us to get ready, unsurprisingly the first thing to happen was the young man to approach me with a concerned look.

“Are you really entering this contest miss? You should really rethink this! It’s not a place for a young lovely lady such as yourself.”
I sighed at his concern. He was probably trying to take this opportunity to woo me by acting out some ‘white knight’ routine.

“Look, I’m entering this contest whether you like it or not. End of story.”

He shook his head. “Why are you doing this?”

I redirected his question back at him “Why are YOU doing this?”

He blinked at my question and suddenly held a sheepish look of his face.”W-Well… I just want to do this for the money. I want to buy a place here in the city.”

I scoffed. Figures…  He decided to add some more wooing by saying “Well… if I get the place then you can come see it!”

I rolled my eyes hard. He certainly didn’t waste any time in trying his luck.

“Not interested…” I said.

Before he could keep trying the event organizer returned.

“Alright! I hope you all are ready! It’s time!”

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