The woman who sat on the throne made of bones had a grin on her face. Sitting up she rested her elbows on her knees
“Well now, who might these lovely women be?” She cooed.

The woman who escorted us spoke up.

“I found them by the springs. It seems they wished to bath there”

The woman sat back in her throne.

“Well now Elstra, you know that it’s fine if a woman bathes there. We are only interested in keeping men out of it” The woman with the helmet lowered her gaze. “Yes, well…”

The woman on the throne clapped her hands together.

“It is quite fine Elstra. I’m not upset by this. In fact, I’m quite pleased”

She’s pleased? Why would she be pleased? Did it have something to do with the way she was looking at me?

“I apologize if our first impression was bad. We only wish to keep men away from here. We have no interest in this world that men seem to dominate” She stood up from her throne. “My name is Zephyra. You may simply call me Zephy"

I paused before answering “Teela, and this is Sarya”

“Teela is it?” She smiled. “Well then, welcome to our camp. If you do not mind me asking; what brings an elf and human across our path?”

I still held some suspicion but decided that lying may not be the best option.

“Well, I’m here to help Sarya” I turned to her and let her finish.

“I am simply traveling with Teela to help people in need. I have Manipulation magic which I am hoping to use to assist people with. I am able to control earth elements such as soil so I hope I could perhaps bless soils to allow crops to grow better”

Zephy tapped her chin in deep thought.

“I see… well, we would certainly have use of such a thing. In this area, our soil is lacking in quality so we can only look to the wilds for fruits, all which have lacking taste and quantity. So the only thing we can count on is hunting for animals to feed ourselves”

Hmmm… that didn’t sound too good.

“However that is not the most pressing matter at the moment”

I frowned. “It’s not? Then what is?”

She sighed. “It has to do with our new discovery. We have been exploring an ancient cave that we thought lead to some ancient dwelling. However when we reached farther in we… discovered something”

She looked troubled. I certainly didn’t like the cryptic description she gave.

“What do you mean by ‘something’?”

“What I mean is that we have encountered some kind of… monster. We have lost two of our kind and the ones who made it out only described it as a monster.”

She began to pace back and forth.

“If that kind of monster were to find the door leading to our camp…” She trailed off to let our own imaginations fill in the blanks.

She turned to us. “But now that you’re here I was hoping you’d be able to help us. We were getting ready to go down the cave and hunt down this creature. I would be most grateful if you could join us, Teela”

“Me?” She nodded.

Me? Why me? I really didn’t like the sound of this. There were too many things that were unknown and didn’t sit well with me. Still… I did want to help. Thankful this time I would have help so it wouldn’t be as bad… right?


I regretted my decision. I didn’t like this one bit. Me, Zephy and five of her people were moving from the caves to the ancient civilization. The caves around us started to look like someone had built this a long time ago. Brickworks stretched the walls and begun to show some artwork. Hieroglyphics showed some sort of story that I couldn’t understand.

I had entered this cave leaving Sarya to help the tribe with their soil by blessing it. But now I could feel uneasy from being away from her.

“We are here, where the other had fallen” Zephy spoke up, snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

I looked at the ground and seen dried blood, Zephy knelt down and whispered something that didn’t reach me ears.

“Come on! Let’s keep moving” Me and the other tribeswomen nodded and moved past the blood spot.

I was looking around; taking in the surroundings, the sound of water dripping could be heard.

A sudden roar echoed through the pathway making all of us freeze in place.

“W-what was that?” One of the tribeswomen stammered out of fear.

I was trying not to tremble myself but I could a cold dread seep through me as I heard a rumbling, but that wasn’t what frightened me the most.  The most terrifying thing was that I could FEEL the rumbling getting closer…

“Hold steady” Zephy’s voice attempted to sooth us, but at this point, I doubted anything could do that.

From the doorway a large silhouette blocked it. I couldn’t even make out what it was but it at least stood 8 to 9 feet tall. One of the tribeswomen who held a torch dropped it in panic and started running, the others soon followed. I just turned and ran, not caring which direction I was heading. I could barely even see but I could make out the walls and ceiling as I ran. Soon I was out of breath, panting hard. While catching my breath I looked around I noted that my eyes were finally adjusting to the dark.

When I did I could see that I was in some sort of grand room with a high ceiling. I would be impressed if I wasn’t being chased. I looked around, trying to find a way back. I certainly didn’t want to go back the way I came so I had little choice but to move forward.

I had moved for about ten minutes before I paused, I could hear something.

Suddenly a loud crash came from the ceiling to land right in front of me. Dust formed around a large silhouette as I stood up. I covered my mouth in hopes that I wouldn’t see me as I crouched near a corner. As the dust settled I could finally see what it was.

It had a large humanoid body that had hooves replace its legs and its head was that of a bull.

“A-a minotaur?” I spoke out loud and immediately covered my mouth again. The monster turned towards me and snorted.

AH FUCK! I ran past the thing and down the hallway with little care as to where I was heading to. With all I had, I ran towards a pathway that connected between the area I was at and a small crack. There was water surrounding me which gave me and idea.

I turned and seen that the Minotaur was coming up on me quickly so I knelt down and started chanting the words that Sarya had taught me. My fingers touched the water and I silently prayed that this would work. The water started to steam and I could feel the stinging heat on my fingertips.

‘Come on, Come on!’ The beast was soon upon me and I jumped into the water still chanting my words. I could feel the water through my boots, causing my feet to sting in pain. More importantly, however, my vision started to fade in the steam that was rising up. I lowered my body down into the water, trying my best to ignore the heat it produced. The steam waft up and covered the area in a shroud.

I could easily see the Minotaur’s silhouette in the fog. Creeping through the water I slowly unsheathed my sword and waited for it to turn around, when it did I ran towards it and slashed its back leg and moved past it. The Minotaur roared and smashed the ground where I once was in mindless fury.

I continued this for another three tries until the beast was roaring and flailing its arms. Its mad attempt to strike a person that wasn’t there reduced the creature to slamming the ground, sending tremor out with each hit. When it was done it fell on one knee breathing deeply.

I had my chance! I moved toward it and quickly plunged my sword into its stomach.

‘Did I get it?’ I tried to pull the blade out but the Minotaur snatched the blade preventing me from retrieving it. It reeled back its fist and hit me in the torso which sent me skittering across the water. Thankfully I had the chest plate that I got from the elves as a wedding gift so most of the impact was cushioned.

I groaned as I got up. While I had armor, it still didn’t stop all the painful impact. The Minotaur still had the sword in its stomach as it closed the distance. Grabbing my crossbow I aimed it at the head, but before I had a clear shot the creature jumped and tried to tackle me. I dived to the side and clawed my way toward it quickly before it could get up and shot the monster in the eye.

It roared again. I took the chance to grab the sword but instead of pulling it out I wretched the sword from left to right ripping a hole in its stomach.

“JUST FUCKING DIE YOU GODDAMN MONSTER!!!”I pulled it left and right spilling its intestines into the water. The smell was enough to make my eye water. Soon the Minotaur’s snorts and sputters quieted and fell back splashing the crimson water.

I breathed deeply as I looked over the Minotaur’s carcass. It was still emitting a good-awful stench that made me want to puke.

As I caught my breath I was deciding what to do next. I looked at the Minotaur and thought that I need a way to prove that I defeated it. I tightened the grip on my sword.

“Well, this is going to be disgusting…” I raised my sword and brought it down.


I had been trudging through the way I came from. I tried my best to remember where I came from but many of the paths looked similar. I could see something in the distance. A light?


I sighed in relief. Finally…


The group of tribeswomen turned and sighed in relief as they spotted me. Zephy was among them and spotted the object in my hand.

“Is that…?”

I threw the object in my hand towards the group to show them the head of the Minotaur. The tribeswomen gasped in shock as they shined their light on it.

“You… defeated it by yourself?” Zephy tone was one of disbelief.

I nodded. “Yeah, this is the monster that has stalked these halls” I kicked it towards her. “Here, take it”

The tribeswomen muttered among themselves and Zephy had a blush on her face. She’s blushing? Why? I certainly don’t think that’s the proper response one should have.

“You’re… giving this to me?” I nodded. “Yes, here. Take it”

She picked up the head and looked at me, nodding.

“Alright company! It’s time we return and give the good news to the other” The tribeswomen cheered and soon we departed towards the exit.


There was a big feast as we told everyone the good news. There was hooting and cheering, eating and drinking. I was thankful for the food. I finally could eat some meat. As I’d ate with the women and Sarya, Zephy approached me.

“Teela, I would like to speak with you in private”

I glanced towards her and nodded.

“Alright, if that’s what you want”

I got up and followed her towards a hut. We entered and she had me sit down on the edge of her bed. I couldn’t help but feel nervous as she stood before me. Just what does she want?

“I would like to talk with you but first, I need to take a look at you”

I blinked. “Look at me? What do you mean look at me?”

“I want to see if there are any injuries on you”

I looked up at her “I’m fine. I don’t nee-“

“You won’t allow me to help you at least a little? After all, we were separated and we thought we lost you…”

I sighed and leaned back. “Alright, I guess I’ll allow it” 

She smiled and raised my arms to look around my stomach.

“So I’d like to ask you something; do you like the elf?”

I blinked at her random question.

“Well, yes of course” Why would she ask that? Was she curios about our relationship?

“I see… I also noticed this” She tapped the ring on my finger. “I wonder… is this…?”

“Yes it is” I answered honestly.

“Hmmm… I had heard that elves allow such a thing but I never knew” So that’s what she wanted to know? Why would sh- *Click*

I froze as I felt something cold cover my wrist. I looked up and seen an iron cuff cover my right wrist. What the hell- Before I could react she threw me onto the bed and cuffed my other wrist around the bedpost.


She grinned and stood at the edge of the bed. “Take a guess…” She moved her hand to pull the strings on her fur skirt and bra. The blood drained from my face as she pulled them loose and the fur clothes dropped revealing her naked body.

Her body was muscular with a set of abs and pronounced biceps. Every inch of her body was muscular with a dark tan coloring her skin. Her skin also had a few scars spotting it.

“Do you like?” Her grin widen. She climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck. Chills were shooting down my spine as she played with my neck. She pulled back and tried to kiss my lips but I turned away.

“So… you really do love her?” She breathed on my cheek. Before I could reply she added “Those lips of yours, they are for her, no? So it would be wrong of me to simply take them without permission.”

She started on the buttons on my vest. “But… I still want something else” I could only watch as she undid the buttons and unbuckled my belt. Unlike many people in this situation, they would be seductive, she practical ripped my pants off and shoved my shirt up exposing my breasts. 

She wrapped her lips around my breast and squeezed it making me thrust my hips up.

“Ah… n-no… don’t… do that…”

I panted and looked down to see her grinning.”Your moans are quite sexy”

She played with one breast then the other and back again. My body ached for more and she seemed to pick up on my needs as she moved down between my legs. I felt her breath which shot a spike of pleasure through me.

“Do you want this?” I heard her ask.

“Y-YES! JUST…” I panted; my mind was going blank from the teasing she did.

Without another word, she buried her face between my legs which caused me to nearly climax. Somehow I managed to hold on as she suckled and nipped at the flesh between my legs. I could feel the pressure build once again and before I knew it, I climaxed. The raw pleasure sent my body shaking as my eyes rolled back. I could see stars as wave after wave crashed through me.

After what had seemed like a lifetime, I regained my composure slightly to see her grinning.

“Was it that good?”

The door suddenly burst open to show Sarya entering.

“Teela! What are you…?” She trailed off as she seen my state, without a word she moved to my side and held me up.

“Teela?” She looked to Zephy “What is going on here!?” She demanded.

“Well… we were consummating our love and finishing a final step”

Final step? What?

“What do you mean by ‘final step’?”

Zephy crossed her arms over her breasts.

“Well it’s simple. But I shall explain it. We have a tradition here, in order to appease each other we give them a trophy to impress. When Teela killed the monster in the caves she gave me the head as a trophy. She gave me a proposal.”

Proposal? Don’t tell me…

“When she did this she; by our tradition, asked for my hand in marriage and I accepted”

The hut was quiet.

So that’s why she was blushing when I gave her the head? I wasn’t asking her for her hand in marriage, I was just giving it to her so I wouldn’t have to carry it around it anymore and to prove to them that I had killed the Minotaur. I tried to speak up but I couldn’t find my voice.

“I see…” Sarya was quiet as she looked at me. I was expecting her to be angry but instead, she looked… curious?

Zephy spoke again “I accept her proposal and so…” She move to my hand and grabbed it. I couldn’t see what she was doing but before long she showed both us what she placed. A Ring Bracelet.

 “This is our marking to prove our marriage” She raised her hand to show a matching Ring Bracelet.

I brought the Ring Bracelet closer to see that it was made from some kind of strings and bones.

Sarya glared at Zephy.

“Well I’ll have you know that we are married as well so I don’t think this sort of thing is possible” 

Zephy arched a brow. “I’m well aware of this. However, you shouldn’t think of this some sort of breach. Love isn’t something that should be taken by one person alone”

Zephy moved closer to Sarya.

“Love is something that can be given to many people if ones heart is big enough. I believe that is why you married Teela is it not? Teela has showed all of us how big a heart she has and how much courage she wields with it”

I was flattered by her sudden words. I never would have guessed she could display such wisdom.

Sarya looked at me and then Zephy. “You’re right, it is the reason…” She stood up to meet Zephy on eye level.

“Very well… I’ll allow it. But I’m still unsure about how you will show your love to her”

…Eh? She was fine with it!? What!? I knew Sarya was kind and forgiving but this was…

Zephy handed Sarya a key to unlock my cuffs and I sat up.

“S-Sarya… what do you mean you’re fine with this?”

She signed. “Well… I’m not completely fine with this but…” She trailed off to mutter “She is right to say you have a big heart so…” She raised her voice again “I’ll allow it”

My jaw slacked at her word.

“Well now that that’s finished it seems the feast is over so it is time for bed” Zephy cooed.

I had laid back in bed with Zephy on one side and Sarya of the other side. Sarya suddenly noted we were naked and unclothed herself, hopping back into bed. Sarya spent sometime puffing her cheeks and glaring at Zephy but she ignored it and drifted off to sleep. Sarya followed after leaving me to fall asleep last.


We had woken up and when we left the hut it seemed EVERYONE knew what had happened. They cheered us and handed us gifts. Dried meats and some javelins. Seems like the kind of gifts to receive from tribeswomen. 

They had brought us our wagon and loaded it with the gifts. When Zephy started to get on I asked. “Aren’t you supposed to stay with your people? I mean, you ARE their leader right?

She shook her head. “I am simply the same as them. We do not have leaders. We are a free people. I, of course, help guide them but they don’t need me.”

We had headed out and I could only think of how ludicrous this situation was. I looked to my right at Sarya who was hugging my arm; my first wife. I looked to my left to see Zephy leaning on me; my second wife. I was transported inside a book of fantasy so this sort of thing was normal… right?

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