I could hear the chirping of birds. It was something I was unused to hearing, I slowly opened my eyes, and seen a large piece of fabric hang over a long piece of wood. The sun's rays bled through the fabric. I laid there taking the strange sight I was seeing, 'this isn't my bedroom' I though. I instantly remembered why I was here, the whole story. "Oh yeah, I came to this world after that book" I slowly got up, pushing the hot fur blanket aside. I rubbed my crusty eyes, yawned and stretched. 'So, day 2' I thought. 

I got out of the tent and took in my surroundings. Little had changed, the forest, the fire pit and the chest of loot haven't moved since last night. Was I really expecting them to? "Right, it's time to get moving." My usual habit called for a shower but since there wasn't any sources of water it had to skip. That and... well... showering with this body... when I changed my clothes back in Alton I was careful not to look at my body. I felt it was... too surreal so I did most of it with my eyes closed.

I would have to eventually though. 'Enough of that' I decided to check the loot chest again and observed the valuables, there was quite a few goods in the chest. I still had the map but did I really want to leave all this stuff behind? My pocket of coins was light so I really had to find something to help me fill it again. I sighed, it WAS someone else's but they were dead so it was now stuff lying in a chest now so I should stop feeling guilty about it. I searched for something else to put it in and came up empty. 


Well, I guess I have to take what I can carry. I took the necklaces and scrolls and stuffed them in my pockets and pouches. I found a rope and went back in the tent to tie up the fur blanket, I slugged it on my back. 

"There, all done" I probably could use the blanket just in case I needed to sleep outside again. With everything all set I headed out.


"God, I'm an idiot. How could I forget WATER!?" I had been walking for about three hours and only then did it dawn on me  that water would be an issue. My mouth was sticky. 'Just keep moving' I thought. I continued for about another hour before I had to stop. I sat on the side of the road and took a look at the castle. My objective. It still seemed so far. What would I find there? Answers? More questions? The sudden rumbling sound surprised me as I spotted a large group of people. I became tense, 'bandits'? 

I spotted a banner carried by one of them. A banner? So... not bandits? Soldiers? They must belong to a kingdom. I couldn't imagine bandits waving a banner so they must be soldiers. They now came closer and soon were walking up to me. One of the soldiers put his hand on his sword as he approached me, I tensed.

"Move aside, wench." He commanded in a threatening voice. I wanted to retort by saying that there was plenty of room on the road, but perhaps pissing him off wasn't the smartest move. There was a company of fifty-plus soldiers in the group so trying to push back would probably end in retaliation from ALL of them.

I scooted back a few feet which in turn the soldier let go of his sword and moved on. Only when the company was slowly  trudging pass me did I realise that they in no state to fight. Many of them had bandages on different parts of their bodies, some had armor with was torn or falling apart and they wore expressions that they were fighting to stay awake or some looked shell-shocked. A few wagons pass which has some feet sticking out at the ends and a tarp covering them. Some had soldiers rolling and groaning on them. 

I was pondering if I should ask them if I could buy some water or ask for a ride but decided against it. They probably needed both more. As they passed one of the soldiers from the back looked at me and quickly broke formation and walked up to me.

"Oi, how much?"

"Excuse me...?" I asked dumbfounded by his sudden question. 

"I asked you 'how much?'" He said, slowing his speech on the last two words, treating me as if I stupid.

"How much for what?" I gritted through my teeth, I pinned him with a glare. 

"Not too bright are you wench? I'm asked much for a quick wooing"

Wooing..? ....!? He's not talking about me selling myself for sex is he!? "W-what, I would never do such a disgusting thing like that!" I shouted. Is he FUCKING KIDDING ME!? He pinned a glare at me and said "You talking back to me wench? You should know your place!" He raised his arm to backhand me, I tensed, ready to defen- 

"Oi! What's going on here!?" 

Both our attention was brought to a man wearing some armor, he looked like a knight of some sort. Most of his armor set was missing so I was unsure. 

The man came from the company of soldiers and looked at the other man who asked me the question. He had a question of his own for the man.

"Hort, if I recall correctly, what is going on here?" The 'knight' asked.

The soldier nodded and said "Yes Sir Lohan. I was questioning this woman on the suspicion of stealing some valuables" 
My jaw slacked at his answer. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT. The man continued by saying " you can see from one of her pouches she seems to be holding some valuables" I immediately looked down and realized that one of the necklace chains were hanging from my pouches. The 'knight' noticed and said "...I see."

He looked at me and said "Well? What have you to say for yourself?"

I was absolutely flabbergast at the situation that I was presented. This was... unbelievable! I had to avert this situation FAST. 

"I did NOT steal these valuables, I took them from a group of highwaymen on my way here. They were robbing carts and carriages and stored the loot so after dispatching them I took them as their previous owners were killed. I admit I wasn't committing a noble act by doing this but it was of little concern at the time." 

The 'knight' arched a brow before snorting. "You expect me to believe that one wench took on a group of highwaymen alone?" With his tone, he was mocking me. "Well... shall I say I believe you, you still robbed the dead indirectly no?" He held his hand out. "Hand over the valuables." I was stumped. I suppose I did indeed take from them but if I didn't they likely would have been taken by someone else. I sighed in defeat, I open my pouches and started handing over, I finished, waiting for him to speak, He looked at the handful of valuables and returned his gaze to me. 

"Well now, that's quite a bit. But there's still one problem" 'Great, now what' I thought.

He turned to Hort and said. "What is it you were going to do Hort?" 

Hort smirked. "I was going to 'punish' her'" His last word 'punish' was said in a suggestive manner. 'Fucking bastard' I thought.

The 'knight' turned to me and said "Very well, I permit you to do so"

.....the blood drained from my face as I heard his words. "W-what?" I said, stuttering my words. 

The 'knight' simply said. "The usual punishment for theft is to lose a hand, I believe you will be getting off easy this time around." 

Some of the other soldiers seemed to have had their interests peaked as they soon joined the two men in front of me. 
'Oh god...' I thought. This can't be happening. My mind reeled from fear. "B-but I handed the stuff over! Isn't that enough?!" They weren't listening now. I was paralyzed from fear, in two days alone I had to protect my chastity twice and this time, it was against a group of soldiers. 

Hort spoke up by saying "You talk too much wench!" He pulled his sword out, but my body wouldn't move. I never in all my life have been thrown in such a position. I... I- *Swipe* Hort swung his sword at me and stood before me. My eyes were wide as I looked down to see blood dripping from my stomach. Pain flared as I took a few steps back and cried out. I fell on one knee and looked up to see Hort with a smirk. That smirk. That... FUCKING SMIRK!!! My mind turned from fear to rage in half a second. Adrenaline coursed through my body as I was sudden possessed with new resolve. I WOULD NOT DIE HERE! I WOULD NOT GET RAPED HERE! I'M GOING TO KILL THAT FUCKING COCKSUCKER! 
I stood up and ripped my sword outta my sheath and threw my fur blanket aside. 
Hort noted me and said "Oh? you know how to use that?" I didn't answer. Two other men approached me and drew their swords, one came with a thrust. It seemed time itself slowed as I caught his sword on my crossguard, I countered with a thrust of my own which plunged into his eye. He screamed loudly as I turned to the next, he was already coming down with a horizontal slash. I moved to the side and swirled my sword to land on the side of his knee, I had cut about a 1/4 way in and he screamed in a similar fashion to his comrade.

The piece of shit 'knight' looked to see his fallen comrades, he didn't even seem to have a care for what he seen. His gaze raised back to mine "Now you add assault to your crimes? Very well."

He drew his sword and pressed forward. I stood ready with a fire burning in me. He took a stance in front and watch, feigning some strikes likely wait for me to mess up, he suddenly threw a thrust into my arm, it cut my arm but I didn't feel it. Because the fire in me burned hotter that ANY pain he gave. His sword cut past my arm and I quickly grabbed his arm, his eyes widen in alarm before I thrust my sword through his chin and pierced out the top on his head. His face twitch before his eyes rolled back and his body went limp. 

I lowered his body and jerked my sword out of his head and stood again. The others were now backing away muttering "That wench killed Sir knight Lohan." A soldier stood out from the crowd to say "That's enough! If you want to get yourselves killed for a woman then so be it! I, for one want nothing more then to go home so I'm leaving and I suggest you do the same!" Another soldier said "BUT SHE KILLED SIR KNIGHT LOHAN! YOU EXPECT US TO LET THAT GO UNPUNISHED!?" The soldier who spoke first answered "Yes, she did. You can clearly see that she is both skilled and has a fire in her more than any of us. Sir knight Lohan always abused his position and was a bad apple. If you want to avenge him then try, But I doubt any of us could take her down as she is now." With that, he left. The others soon followed with three exceptions, the two I wounded and Hort. 

Hort sneered. " You bitch! You think I'm going t-"  "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I screamed. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" I roared. The other two were out of commission so it was me and Hort. With his sword in hand, he adopted a similar strategy to Lohan. Feigning strikes and circling me, he suddenly kicked the ground, kicking up dirt. With one arm I covered my eyes and grasped my sword by the tip. "Got you" I heard him. I dived in through the cloud of dirt and thrust my sword, as I expected, he tried to go for an overhand strike. He looked surprised as I thrust through and the tip of my sword met his stomach. 'An eye for an eye motherfucker' I thought. He fell over, clutching his stomach. 

"Goddamnit! I can't believe I got done in by a roadside wench." I stood over him and raised my leg. "What are yo-" I cut him off by bringing the heel of my foot down on his testicles. "AH! FUCK!" Before he could cover himself I brought my heel down again, and again and again. I screamed loudly as I was stomping his balls with all the force I had, my frenzied assault ended as I was soon out of breath. 

"Holy fuck, she's crazy!" The two I'd injured took off without another word.

I stood over Hort, the tears were flowing from my eyes. I was reduced to wiping them again until they stopped. I took another look at him, his mouth had vomit slowly coming out and there was a large bloody patch where I had assaulted his testicles. If he wasn't dead already, he would die soon. 'Good' I thought. 'He fucking deserved it.' 

I felt no guilt for ending Mort's life or Lohan's. I turned to Lohan and crouched. I looked at him and opened his hand which had the valuables I got from the highwaymen. I also spotted a canteen. I took both and opened the canteen, I raised it to my lips but stopped. My eyes started to bleed more tears as the full weight came crashing down. I was accused of theft, the soldiers tried to rape me, then kill me. FOR WHAT!? Because one bastard couldn't keep it in his pants1? 
This world was truly terrifying. I dropped the canteen and covered my face with my hands. I sobbed for an untold amount of time. My body was numb, I slowly pulled myself together. 'It won't do any good to cry, I need to keep it together or I will fall' I sniffed back my tears and grabbed the canteen again and drank. No. I wouldn't fall to these people, I refused to allow that. 

I stood up and put the valuables in my pouches, leaving Mort and Lohan to rot on the road.


I had FINALLY arrived at Longris. If I thought It looked impressive from a distance it looked unbelievable up close. The city was busy as anyone would expect from such a place. I quickly made my ways to the stores to sell my goods. I sold my necklaces to the shopkeeper and pull out my scrolls I asked him what these scrolls with strange writing was. 

"There incantation scrolls" he said. "Incantation scrolls?" I asked. 

"Yeah, there for summoning monsters. From demons to shades."

Summoning... monsters? Wait.. then magic exists in this world!?

"It's written in the demon's language so scholars inscribe them on scrolls."

I looked at the scroll. I never knew magic existed in this world. Then again, I never had much chance to ask much about this world from all that has happened. 

"How long would it take to learn this language?" I asked. He scoffed. "About five years minimum." Five years!?
Well screw that, I'm not investing that much time. 

He bought all the scrolls giving me a totally of 73 gold pieces. Alright. Now that was finished, I needed to look for answers.


Author's note: So this chapter was a bit longer then normal, I had originally planned to make it longer but I had spent nearly 5 hours writing this so I'm just too tired to continue. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.

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