I stood over my 'battlefield' with some new confidence I had won a fight for my life so it was difficult not to feel a little good about it. I made my exit quickly not wanting to attract anymore thugs. With the 47 gold pieces in my possession, dagger and bronze necklace I sorted it out quickly. I placed the necklace around my neck. If worse came to worse I could easily sell it. 
I was at a loss where to place the dagger, there was no strap to tie it on me. This piece of fabric I wore had no pockets and I certainly didn't want to go back and take their clothes, I wasn't that desperate anymore.

There was only one place left to put the dagger, with an irritated sigh I shoved the dagger in my cleavage. There.
Now all that was left was to make my way to buy some clothes. 


I made my way back to the main dirt road to find a place to purchase clothes. After a little searching, I found a general store and stepped inside. It smelled like leather and unfamiliar spices inside, there were pots, pans, furs, jars of... things and... CLOTHES. Finally, I never thought I'd be so happy to see some clothes in all my life. 

As if right on cue a man cleared his throat which gained my attention to the front counter.

"Can I help you?" The man said in a gruff voice. He had a tired look on his face which really displayed his age. He seemed to be in his mid-forties with a five-o-clock shave.

"Yes, I'd like to purchased some clothes." I said, noting my voice sounded more pronounced than before.

His eyes looked down my body, not in a lustful sense but a more 'sizing me up' sense. He probably noted my state, his eyes looked back up to my eyes and said, "You got coin?"

I suppose my currently tragic looking state would make anyone wonder the same thing. 
"Yes." I said, displayed my newly acquired wealth. He glanced at the gracious handful of coins before nodding.
I tried on many different clothes and boots. The shopkeeper seemed to note that I was asking for didn't make sense to him. I asked for pants, for example, and he had a confused look on his face "Pants?" He asked. 
It took me a moment to realize his confusion, I corrected myself by asking for 'leggings' He seemed to mutter something about how strange it was for a woman to wear leggings.

Finally, I had the clothes that I desperately sought. For my body, I had a simple leather vest and a sleeveless shirt. My legs was a cloth pair of pants, they were a little tight but I didn't bother me. To top it off I had gotten some nice leather boots. 
There. The shopkeeper hiked his thumb to the mirror behind him, I strode to the mirror and suddenly it hit me. I never looked at my face yet, a sudden nervousness came over me that I couldn't understand.

I stood before the mirror to see... a voluptuous beauty standing and staring back at me.
The woman was... no, I... was... beautiful? The reflection showed a woman in her late teens early twenties with medium length hair, reaching to my shoulders, The chest was... well, even with a vest and shirt it was still pronounced. 
While I had no previous knowledge of breast sizes but if I were to take a comparison measure of an object, that object would be a fruit, and that fruit would be a cantaloupe. 

Taking my gaze from my chest, I looked a bit more at the rest me. My arms were toned, I had seen my stomach and legs while I was changing and they were equally tone. My skin was sun kissed without a tan line to be seen.
My face was sharp but perhaps that most interesting thing was my eyes.
They were... different colors. One was a hazel color while the other was a baby blue. 

"Wow..." I whispered like a prayer. This woman was... beautiful. There was no other way to explain it.

"You like the outfit? You gonna buy?" 

My attention was averted from the mirror to the shopkeeper.

"Uh... yes. I like it. How much?" Please don't be too much.

He shrugged. "About five coins I"d say."

Eh? Only five coins? That was a relief. I quickly purchased the clothes and some belts and pouches. 
Never know when I'd need some extra storage space. It came to a total of seven coins. 
I thanked him and left.


I found myself in front of the local blacksmith, it stood intimidatingly in front of me. 
Taking a deep breath, I stepped inside. The first thing note was the sudden intense heat that came from within.
I could see and anvil and furnace some swords, axes and maces laid on a rack near that furnace but I couldn't see the blacksmith anywhere. 

"Hello?" No answer. 

I walked over to the anvil and spotted a sword laying against it. Judging from the wrought look, it didn't seem finished.

"H-Hey what are you...?"

The voice trailed off and I looked up to see a young man about my age standing beside the furnace. 
He had big work gloves and short hair that was messy. He looked at me with a mesmerized look on his face.
'Ugh, another lustful stare' I thought. Before I could ask him if I could buy a sudden voice boomed out.


A large man came out from behind the young man. He had a scar over his eye and another on his chin.
He looked at the man then me then back at the man.


Wench? I flinched at the 'name'

"I-I d-didn't" Able stammered his words. I intervened before there was an overbearing misunderstanding.

"He didn't bring me here. I came here on my own" The large man glared at me through his scar. "I came to buy"

The large man threw his head back "BWAHAHAHAHA!" He heartily laughed as if I told him the best joke he heard in ages.

His insults were REALLY pissing me off. I gritted my teeth. He closed the distance with a stride that was clearly intended to impose me.


He emphasized his last bit of words with a poke of his finger on my breast, before he could finish I quickly grabbed his finger which despite being a blacksmiths hand it was a little thin. I jerked the finger in the opposite direction which gave a quick *snap* sound.
He looked at his newly deformed finger with a blank expression on his face, slowly the face came to recognition as his mind gripped the situation.


Without missing a beat, I grabbed his ear and tripped his legs out from under him. I grabbed a piece of cloth and grasped 
the hot iron from the furnace. Only a small piece of it was in the furnace bit the whole thing was still pretty hot.
I held the piece of hot iron near his face, his eyes as wide as plates. No time to back down. Through gritting teeth I said:
"Are you going play nice? If not then I'll ensure those scars on your face will be nothing short of a pleasant memory"

His face was a mask of absolute terror.


"Crazy?" I smirked. "You haven't seen anything yet" 

I closed the distance on the hot iron, his whiskers melted.


Able, who was simply just standing there just nodded with a disbelieved mask on his face.

I place the hot iron back in the furnace and followed Able the front. I looked much nicer here. Shining armor, weapons and the like adorned the walls. I looked around before Able caught my attention by clearing his throat.

"U-um are you looking for anything in particle?"

"Yes." I answered like I knew what I was talking about. Of course, I didn't know jack besides what I'd seen from movies ad video games.

"I'd like you to show me some of your greatswor- I mean two-handed swords and your maces." 

Able simply nodded and showed me their selection. "Give me a price range." I said.
"Well you'll probably want something simply so these steel sword will go for about ten coins. The maces on the other hand will likely run you about seven coins"

Hmmm... I had forty left from the general store so if I went with his recommendations I'd be left with 23 coins. 

"Very well, I'll take it." 

After being fitted with a mace sheath (which was just a rope brought into a circle.) I struggled with the two handed sheath that fitted on my back. The problem was that the buckle came around in front over my chest. 
My breasts were just too large to allow the buckle to fit properly "Great" I muttered.
So I had to shove the buckle under my breasts which caused them to protrude out more. Able's face was flustered as I finally finished outfitted my sheaths. I place my new weapons in their respective sheaths and paid Able what he was owed. I left the smith feeling like a new ma- err I mean... woman?


Author's notes: Another chapter done. So a few tidbits. First: as far as I know, despite what hear in movies or see in games the term 'greatsword' is incorrect. The proper term would be two-handed sword.I'm not a scholar bit this is what I've heard. Second: In medieval times the word 'pants' wasn't used, instead leggings was the term used mostly.
'Trousers' is use by the brits so leggings. Also, women didn't wear pant until the 60s, 70s. Again, I'm not a scholar but this is what I've heard. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers.

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