The smell... it smelled like... mold. Why? My eyes were closed. The steady creaking of metal echoed around me. 
Where was I? My legs were dangling off the object I was laying on.
I certainly wasn't laying on my bed or my couch at home. I opened my eyes only to wince and close them again.
There was a bright light ahead of me slowly getting closer. Was I dead? How? Why?


I hear a groan which sounded like it came from a woman.
Soon the light engulfed me and through it, I sudden found myself confronted by three faces, one older woman, one a burly man with a bushy beard and finally a man with a painfully thin face, neck and pointy nose. 

"Who is she?" The older woman asked.

"I don't know, I simply heard from people passing by that a woman was stumbling through the street and fell into the well" The burly man answered. 

"She's quite a beauty, eh?" The thin man gleamed.

"Ah..." I tried to speak but my body felt numb and clammy.

They were muttering to themselves as I tried to form words.

"W-w-wher-e a-am I-I?" I stammered. 

The trio turned their attention back to me.

"She doesn't even remember where she is? The older woman muttered.

"Erm... you're in Alton." Answered the burly man.

I slowly turn my gaze around taking in the sights, a few people were walking the dirt roads, buildings were dotted 
around, buildings were made from wood and straw roofs. It looked like a small town, some trees were seen around the 
village bit it was mostly hilly lands surrounding it. I could see a... castle in the distance but not much else.

"You at least know your name right?" The thin man asked.

I slid down into a sitting position shivering.

"Don't interrogate her." the burly man snapped.

I ignored them for a second as I looked down at my body and seen something unexpected, two swells on my chest.
I raised my hands to grasp them without much thought. I realised I was wearing a very thin piece of clothing which 
strained against the swells.

"Shameless" The old woman hissed, glaring at me.

The burly man simply stared at me while the thin man displayed a crooked grin.

I peeked under my clothes and stared at the swells, what are the- suddenly the answer hit me like a bus as I 
looked at them. They weren't swells, they were... "b-b-breasts?' 
My disbelief could be heard in my tone. A pair of breasts were on my chest, enormous ones at that so that means...
I hand shot down between my legs and.. "gone..." I muttered in disbelief.

"Oi, you finished fondling yourself you whore?" The old woman snarled.

"Please continue.." The thin man said.

I was taken aback by the woman's harsh tone and the eyes of the other two were making me uncomfortable.
I had to get away from here. I was starting to feel like this could get outta hand.

"I-I have to go, sorry." 

I tried to move pass them but the thin man placed a rough hand on my shoulder.

"Oi, we help you outta that well we did, we pulled you up with that large bucket, that means we should be compensated in some way, no?"

He glanced at my body with a disgusting look that made my stomach turn.

"Teh, I don't need anything from a young bitch in heat, I'm going home now." The old woman made her exit, leaving 
me with the two men.

"So don't you think?" The thin man said bringing my unwanted attention back to him.

I looked at him and the burly man, the burly man simply just watch, as if unsure if he should go or stay.
I could feel my stomach turn, I simply grabbed his hand and with a fire of disgust and annoyance I 
squeezed his hand with all I had, the thin man's expression turn from a smirk to alarmed 


I emphasized every word through my gritting teeth. The thin man tried to wrestle his hand outta my grip and 
finally succeeded, he took a step back and tsked, still trying to act tough. 

"Fine, I'm a kind man, this one's on the house" 

The thin guy and the burly man took their separate ways leaving me empty in the street. 

"Now what?" I breathed. 


I had wandered the small town for about ten minutes now, there wasn't much to see really.
I was currently trying to find some place to work so I could at least afford clothes but everyone seem 
to keep pointing me to a bar. 
I looked inside to see that the waitresses all wore about as much fabric as I was currently wearing.
Clearly not a place I'd want to try, it seemed like I also attracted alot of attention.
The clothes I was wearing, if you could call them clothes, was little more than a piece of fabric wrapped tightly 
around me.
I could feel the lustful stares from the men that made me nervous, the piece of fabric emphasized the massive 
cleavage and my lack of undergarments. 

"Damnit" I muttered.

I needed to find something else FAST.

"Oi, you that woman looking for work?"

I turned to my left to see a man possibly in his mid-twenties.

"Yes, I'm just looking for some respectable work if you have some?"

The man nodded. "I need some help to cut some wood that I brought in. It's a large haul so I'll need an extra pair of 
hands if you're free?"

I nodded, as if I had anything else to do at the moment.

"Alright, I need you behind the lumber mill"

With that, I trodded along to the mill. It was easy to find since it was a small village.
I appeared behind the mill to find... nothing. 
There was no wood or anything, a bad feeling came over me like a bucket of cold water.
I turn to leave and my feeling only worsened when I seen the man from before and another standing beside him.

"Well well well, what have we here. I thought you had places to be?"

Behind the two I seen a familiar face. The thin man who helped me. I wasn't surprised.

"Yeah, truthfully I just wanted to get away from that god awful stench you emitted so I was just being nice."

Perhaps provoking him wasn't the smartest idea but I didn't want to beg, besides I doubt that they would even care
if I begged.

"Still so tough eh? Don't worry, I fix that problem quick. GET HER!"

I tensed but before I had time to get ready a set of arms wrapped around from behind me, lifted me and threw me
to the ground "Geh!"The man who offered me the 'job' started to take off his pants, fear sparked and boiled inside m.
I figured that were going to try and rape me but when he start taking off his clothes only then did it really click with me.   I didn't give myself a chance to recover as I quickly hopped back up and turned to the three men.

The man who threw me came at me with a diagonal chop, I grasp his pinky finger and the back of his neck, now standing to his right shoulder.
I wretch his pinky finger with all the strength a fearful woman had and with a sickening crack, his finger snapped back all the way back, he snapped his head back and cried out.
I didn't give him a chance to get away from me as I kicked his leg out from under him and pushed his head down into 
the ground *Slam*
The man rolled away nursing his recently broken finger.
The man with the belt in his hand from his pants looked at the guy on the floor.

"A job eh, looks like you haven't had one in a long time. Leeching off of others?" I Spat.

The man glared with fire in his eyes and charged, or at least tried as he seemed to forget that he took his belt 
off so I was treated to the hilarious sight of a man's pants falling down and tripping from the cause, I didn't waste any 
time as I thrust my elbow out and connected to his nose, a sickening crunch echoed out from him as his eyes rolled
back and he collapsed.
I turned to the last one who had a troubled look on his face. He was probably weighing the opinions of
whether this was worth it.
He seemed to have some common sense as he turned and left without a word.

"Oi! Get back here. She's just one little cun-"

I didn't allow him to finish as I rushed him and threw my fist into his temple.
He fell over but that didn't stem my anger. I slammed fist after fist into his face until my vision blurred.
I rubbed my stinging eyes and realized that I was crying. 
After a near attempted rape, I suppose anyone would break down...
I sniffed, my tears wouldn't stop, my hands were trembling. Wipe after wipe until my tears finally stopped.
I looked down to see my handy work.

His face was terribly swollen but I wasn't bothered.
I suddenly remembered I still needed a job for money. My fear for my life certainly would make me forget things like 
I wiped my nose and stood up. 'Hmmm... money' I thought.
I did something I don't anyone would be proud of, I started searching their pockets.
The man with the broken finger must have run, not that I care at the moment.
The thin man had quite a few golden coins on him and a dagger at his back.
Thankfully he never got to use it.
The other man had a few coins on him and a necklace made of bronze. I quickly counted the coins. "47 golden coins"
I muttered.
Well... I got money now. So... I guess I got what I wanted.


Author's note: A bit of a beefy chapter this time. I heard many people didn't like the short intro so I tried to give you 
guys a longer chapter. hope you enjoy.

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