*Sigh* 'Why are there no good books here' I muttered. I was glossing over the fantasy section in
a small store, the sounds of the busy streets could be heard outside and seen through the front window.

"Something the matter young man?"

I looked over to see a little old lady with grey hair pulled into a bun.

"Oh" I said awkwardly, "I was just wondering if you have a fantasy story with a heroine, a really heart catching story with a strong female who hopefully will allow any audience
to grasp her struggles"

"Hmm, that quite a criteria"

A small smile played on her wrinkled face.

"Wait here"

She turned all left behind the counter and disappeared through the door with the curtains.
She came back with a book that was fair size and thickness.
She handed it to me and I took and read it out loud

"The reincarnated heroine?"

The woman nodded, I opened it and skimmed through it. Quite a lot of words, I turned it over
but was sad to see no description.

"Hmm well ok, I'll give it a shot I suppose."

I went and bought the book and quickly left, not wanting to be late for the bus home.


I'd gotten home at bout 7 pm and immediately opened the windows as I lacked an AC unit.
I surveyed my bachelor suite, It wasn't much but I was home.
I started supper and went to sit in my living space.
I had a simple life of janitor at a mall. I couldn't really afford college so I had to find a
job after high school. I wasn't so bad because I really wanted to become an author.

I sighed again as I sat down to my supper and the book I bought.
I examined it, it was strange, there were no authors name or date of when it came out.
I shrugged it off and started reading it.
'A cage was hoisted up from the oversized well-'
Suddenly the was a sound of creaking metal that seemed to come from everywhere.
"Huh?" I said aloud. I looked around and couldn't grasp where it was coming from.
Maybe it was coming from outside? I tried to get up but as I tried I collapsed and my strength
and conscience left me in unison the last thing I heard was the steady creaking of metal and
my world went black.

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Gunner ten

  • Canada


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