(This Chapter was written as a sort of review of chapters 8, both parts, to chapter 11 taken from the prespecive of one of the characters, Sarya. If you have not read those chapters then you may need to refresh before you read this.)

Sarya sighed as she sat in her chair at the tower, her days had been spent with little to do. The only things she really had to do was taking care of the plants, checking to see if the dragon moved and to think back to better times. She had come to this ruined castle to assist the people whom were being terrorized by the creature but it seemed now that she had ensured that it wasn’t a problem so no one came, she was now left with little to do. She had remembered leaving the safety of The World Tree, her mother had of course told her that she wasn’t fond of the idea, but to Sarya’s surprise, she still let her go.

When she had left, she traversed the lands, helping those she could and fending off the occasional bandit, it was nothing that Sarya didn’t expect. She had heard many stories of the world outside and it only made her want to go out to help more. She had always wanted to help anyone she could and she even had fond memories of helping people in her home area. Her mother had always taught her the values of helping others. One could say that her mother was her personal idol.

When Sarya had come to a small village they had told her of their troubles, a dragon had taken much of their livestock, she took it upon herself to help them. They had said she was insane for trying to challenge a dragon head on but she told them not to worry as she had a plan.

Her plan was one that even she thought was too much of a stretch. She had asked for some soil from the farmers and when they provided she told them to send word to any kingdom to send some soldiers to the castle as she would subdue the monster. They said that they were unsure if they could but would try.

So with sack full of soil in hand, a few pots dangling from rope, she had set off to the castle with determination.

At the dead of night, she had snuck inside through the front door, and seen the dragon sleeping. If what she heard about them was true then just a simple sword would never penetrate their scales. Of course a combine assault would have better chance but it would take some effort. As quietly as possible, she tried her best to find a place where she could ‘set up’ her pots. After a little searching, she had found a perfect place to set up, at the top of a tower which already had some dirt, it seemed to be used before, judging from a few withering plants. Even though the castle on the outside looked to be in terrible condition, the inside was actually still in decent condition, with a few burn marks, likely caused by the dragon and some tears in the stone walls, it would be somewhat pleasant to live in if it was dusted a bit. She had spent the next three days planting the seeds, growing the plants and getting it just right.

Since Sarya could wield magic at the age of five she had a talent with soils, controlling it, making it grow plants faster, using it to harden and fortify, etc.

She was quite good and her mother and father were pleased with her progress, but as she grew older and her father had passed away due to a battle that had taken place so long ago, she had grown a taste for adventure, using her magic to help people.

So she was here doing want she wanted in an unorthodox way but it was still helping so she certainly couldn’t complain.

When the forth day arrived, she had everything in place. She was able to make plants with special pollen that had a sleep effect. When Sarya had left the World Tree, she was given a pouch from her mother. It was filled with seeds and such, which was more than Sarya ever had hoped for.

There were many seeds which gave different plants.

The sleep pollen plant, which was the first time she had used it but she hoped it could be enough to keep the dragon asleep.

Now she had to wait.

But the help she needed never came…

Days turned into weeks…. And weeks turned into a month.

She now sat in the tower, feeling foolish that she had expected help. She guessed that it was to be expected. No one would want to tangle with a monstrous creature like a dragon. No one would figure that the time spent fighting one would be worth it.

So now she was stuck here…

She lend back in her chair and sighed deeply.

“Why did I agree to this? I must be such a simpleton…”

She slowly got up and trudged towards the window in her room and look out. From here, one could see Longris; one of the grand human cities.

Sarya had heard of tales of the cities that humans built but never ventured into one because she was unsure of how they would treat her.  It was no secret that humans and elves didn’t see eye to eye.

Which was why she was here, helping them, or trying to.

She had hoped that she could at least give the humans something to think about, maybe not change their opinions; that would be quite hard, but at least give them a reason to see that there stood more to gain from helping one another rather than hold suspicion. 

It was a long shot but she didn’t want to deter.

She sighed again and looked up at the sky, the last moments of the day were slowly darkening, with the sky colored orange. Stepping back, she moved to her bed and sat down.

Over the month that she had spent here, she had cleaned much of the castle, and even repaired some of the things as well; at least when she could find the necessary components to do so.

She had even found a huge barrel, which she assumed was for bathing, in the lower chambers and a inside well to draw some water from. She was more than relived to finally be able to bathe after so long. Using the water in ponds wasn’t always so bad but to have a place where one could have hot water, boiling in the fireplace, was a grand relief.

She quickly stood up and moved towards the lower floors and prepared the bath, heating the water and placing some leaves inside which had the smell of vanilla.

She slowly stepped in and cringed at the heat, which scalded her skin. As she finally got used to it, she lowered her face in it until her lips were submerged in it.

She brooded over what to do.

She knew that she needed to do something, sitting here would do much of anything.

However, if she left, then the plants would wither and die and then the dragon would be set lose again.

‘What can I do…’

She hated the feeling of helplessness but that was what she was feeling right now.

Sighing once again, she finished her bath and then stepped out and dried herself off with some curtains that she had found and redressed. Walking back up to her room, she laid down and shut her eyes.

The last thing she thought was wishing for a white knight to help her.


Sarya had woken and fallen back asleep a few times during the day, having little motivation to get out of bed. Only when she heard a sudden roar did she suddenly jump. She had been so drowsy that she hadn’t heard anything until the dragon roared.

And when she did, she heard someone enter her room from the window.

She turned her head to see… a woman.

The woman was looking down the window, quickly muttering something about being nearly killed by a faulty piece of ‘crap’.

Sarya was unsure what to make of the woman, if anything she could say that the woman was a bit strange. Also, the fact a human woman had entered her room, armed with a sword and a mace. It was something she thought she’d never see.

‘Aren’t human woman not held in high regard in their world?’

The woman turned around and Sarya, out of panic, closed her eyes to pretend she was asleep. She could hear the woman make an impressive breath when she likely seen Sarya’s plants growing along the wall, and then the footsteps closing in on her bed. The closer the woman got, the more and more Sarya could feel her heart beat faster and faster. Finally, the woman got so close she could smell the faint scent the lingered. The woman had the scent of mildew, as if she’d be laying in a grassy field, and sweat. Despite being a woman, her entire scent was more masculine.

Sarya slowly peeked her eyes open to look at the woman and when she did, she nearly gasped in surprise.

The woman was… unbelievably beautiful.

She had medium length hair, which just reached past her ears. Her face sharp complemented her eyes. However, if there was one feature that the woman had which was pronounced, it would be her eyes. One eye was Hazel while the other was Blue. It was like staring at two jewels that sparkled. Her skin was also a darken color; sun-kissed.

The woman’s gaze fell to Sarya’s breasts and her face redden slightly.

Sarya could feel a sudden rush of nervousness when she seen the woman staring. She had always received the looks of others, elf and human men looking at her with lust, elf and human woman, looking at her with ire. Her… ‘features’ had always made her a prime target for everyone. Men made advancements and woman avoided her.

She always valued people who would see her as a person, but that was difficult.

But now, the woman’s eyes weren’t ire, or even lust. They were just a bit embarrassed.

‘Maybe… she would see me as a person…’

Sarya slowly opened her eyes and looked deeply at the woman, the wmoan noticed that her eyes were open and stood up, her face flustered even more.

“Are you the one who is here to save me?” Sarya asked.

The woman cleared her throat, is if to gain some confidence, before answering.

“Yes, I’ve come to get you out of here.”

The woman’s voice had a gentle, yet, firmness to it.

Sarya sat up in her bed and then slowly stood up. The woman was a little taller than Sarya.

“Thank you.” Sarya said, smiling.

The woman’s face grew a little redder as she looked away for a moment. At first, Sarya thought she had in some way offended the woman.

“These plants…” The woman asked. “You take care of them?”

Sarya smiled and walked to one of the plants.

“Yes, they are the plants I take care of with my magic.” Sarya answered honestly.

The woman seemed confused by Sarya’s answer and asked how she took care of them with magic. Sarya begun to chant the words needed and soon the soil in the pots started to glow slightly. Without a word, Sarya picked one of the fruits off of the plants and handed it to the woman. She took it and thanked her before taking a bite of it.

“Wow…” The woman breathed. “It’s good.”

Sarya felt a sense of satisfaction at seeing the woman enjoy the fruit.

“If it’s not too rude to ask, may I know your name?”

The woman looked as if the question took them off guard and hesitated for a moment before answering.


Sarya gave her name, and only now noticed that Teela wore… men’s clothes: a vest that covered over a small shirt. Also, she forwent a skirt, instead wearing a pair of trousers.

‘What an odd set of clothing,,,’

“Uh...” Teela started. “Sarya, we need to get outta here.”

Teela grabbed Sarya’s hand and lend her down the stairs towards the Dragons resting place. Sarya could see a dozen or so men lying dead around the Dragon. Sarya could feel an overwhelming sense of both confusion and guilt. She hadn’t realized that a kingdom had sent soldiers to take care of the Dragon, after a month, she had given up hope on them ever coming… so why did they chose now to do so?

Her guilt was that she had, unwillingly, caused ALL of their deaths due to her use of the pollen in the plants she grew around the Dragons resting place.

Suddenly a loud crack sounded out as Teela had fired a Ballista, one that Sarya had spent a few days fixing the string to. With little else to do, she had done a few things around the castle to make it more homely, and when she finished doing that, she fixed a few extra things to keep herself busy.

Using such a thing towards a Dragon, it seemed nearly impossible to penetrate the beast’s scales. She certainly didn’t have courage to tackle such a beast head-on. She doubted that she even had the abilities to achieve such a thing and fighting, much less winning against an enormous monster.

But Teela… she was willing. Whether in was brashness or stupidity, Sarya could not say.

With the Dragon’s wing clipped by the bolt, preventing the beast from any hope of flight.

The Dragon turned its head to look at them and opened its mouth, ready to burst flames at them. Teela grabbed Sarya’s hand and lend her down some stairs just in time for the Dragon to cover the balcony with its flames, Sarya felt a brief flash of heat strike her back, telling her that they just made it out of the way.

Teela still held onto Sarya hand as she led her past the Dragon as quickly as possible. When they made it out the main gate, Teela looked back and cursed.

“We need to deal with him somehow!” Teela yelled.

“How!?” Sarya asked frantically.

Teela looked around and then turned to Sarya.

“Sarya, go hide over there. I’ll deal with the Dragon.” She tried her best to sound confidant, but ever Sarya could see that this was a desperate last attempt for victory.

Sarya hid behind some rubble and watched as Teela stared at the Dragon when it slowly advanced. To be able to do such a thing without trembling in fear seemed to say something about this woman; that she wouldn’t back away from a challenge, not matter how seemingly impossible it was.

The Dragons had poked out of the gate and eyed Teela, for a moment and then its eyes scanned the ground before it. It crouched down and then leaped through the air over Teela. It landed behind Teela and slid around to look at them, only then did Sarya see that it was sliding right towards the edge and it desperately tried to claw its way back onto the ground but failed and fell over the edge.

Teela ran to the edge and looked over it, Sarya came out of her spot to stand besides her and look down the chasm as well. For a moment, Sarya thought it was over, until she could hear a roar and the beast was clawing its way from the cloud of dust up the chasm.

“FUCK!” Teela yelled.

She raked her hands through her hair and looked back at the castle again. Soon her panic turned into determination once again and she looked at Sarya.

“Sarya? I need your help with something…”


Sarya was hiding behind the rubble once again as she watched Teela standing, facing the edge of the cliff, determined to face to beast once again.

Sarya had a idea what Teela was attempting but she would wait to see. Teela had asked if Sarya could move dirt with her magic as well and when Sarya confirmed it, Teela looked relieved and asked if Sarya could dig a trench near the edge of a portcullis.

After she did, she hid and was now watching.

The Dragon managed to make its way back up the side of the chasm, its gaze was maddening. When it had all four legs on solid ground, it wasted no time in charging directly at Teela with a roar. When it did, it stepped on the edge of the portcullis and the other end of the gate flew up and smashed the Dragons nose, causing it to fall back.

Blood pour out of the Dragons nose and it collapsed on its side. Teela didn’t waste any time as she ran towards the Dragon and unsheathed her blade to force the blade inside the beast’s neck. She jerked the blade up and down its neck and eventually… it stopped breathing.

Sarya slowly made her way out of her hiding spot and approached Teela.

“Is it dead?” She asked.

Sarya jumped when Teela threw up her hands and celebrated in the most intense way she had even seen. Teela then proceeded to pick Sarya up and spin her around. Sarya was, once again, surprised by the gesture that Teela made.

Teela then placed Sarya and had a flustered face.

“S-Sorry… I was just in the moment…”

Sarya smiled. “Congratulations Teela.”

“Thank you, for helping me. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Sarya could feel heat in her cheeks and Teela smiled, when she did show her smile, it was truly something to treasure.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue Teela.”

They had stared at each other for another moment before agreeing to head towards the city of Longris.


The slaves, Teela and Sarya, all looked at the farm that sat on the hill, its look was less then appealing.  

“Well… let’s get started.”

Everyone nodded and made their way towards the farm, Teela already had jobs for everyone to do. Teela and the other woman slaves were to do the heavy lifting, the children were to pick weeds and Sarya was to bless the soil.

“I um… I know you have no obligation to these people… and I know that I was going to do something terrible by giving you away to a man. I know it’s selfish to ask, but could you help these slaves by blessing the soil?”

Teela’s sincerity had touched Sarya in a way that she couldn’t possibly turn her down. She agreed and Teela couldn’t thank her enough. The first day had gone by quite quickly as Sarya attention was mostly focused on her chanting. It had dried her throat out and when dusk was fast approaching, she moved towards the main house and found Teela sitting on the rusted bench outside.

“Teela? Why are you out here?” Sarya asked.

Teela opened her eyes and looked at Sarya who was stepping onto the balcony.

“Oh, well, the women are cleaning up in there and they insisted that I stay out here so that they can clean up properly. I guess it’s really dusty in there so they want to give it a proper clean.”

Sarya sat next to Teela just in time for one of the women to come out and hand them a jug of water. She told them that the well still had some water but it wasn’t in a large quantity so they needed to make it last until they could expand they well.

Teela poured them both a glass and they sat on the bench looking out to the sunset. Sarya looked over to Teela who looked quite tired. It made sense since she had to do so much in one day: rescue Sarya, beat some armored guards and the general plus the prince and finally help rebuild.

She was truly someone Sarya felt inspired by… and possibly…

Her face suddenly exploded with heat as she thought of something which she had never thought of in her entire life.

‘Me and Teela? That’s…’

Teela finished off the drink and stood up, stretching.

“O-Oh? Are you going to bed Teela?”

She shook her head.

“No… there is one more thing I need to do tonight. I need to bring in the food from the wagon.”

Without another word, she put her cup down and walked past Sarya towards the wagon. Sarya put down her cup and followed Teela to the wagon.

“Teela, you really should rest. After all, you were wounded today and you’ve done so much already. I’m sure one of the others could do it.”

Teela shrugged. “I’m sure they could, but don’t worry, I’m only bring one box so I’m fine.”

Sarya walked to her side and grabbed the box before Teela had a chance to pick it up.

“Then I can do it.”

Teela sighed at Sarya. “Alright, if you really want to then I guess I can’t stop you.”

They walked back to the house and gave the box to the women. They also informed them that they had cleaned out the beds so they were free to sleep. Teela was already making her way to the bedrooms and Sarya followed her. She fell onto the first bed and was already crawling under the covers, so Sarya made sure that the covers fit properly over her and within seconds, Teela was fast asleep.

Sarya brushed some of the hair to the side of Teela’s face, admiring how peaceful she looked.

In the short time that Sarya had met Teela, she had seen her at her best. She managed to cross a long distance on foot, defeat a dragon, fight a group of armed men and a general and finally help the slaves find a home. The features that she had accomplished in such a short time truly made her seem like a goddess, and yet she was still human.

Teela almost reminded Sarya of the heroes in books she used to read, except that she was a woman. After seeing how the prince of Longris treated, or at least regarded women, made her feats more remarkable.

She left Teela and headed to bed herself, feeling a warm sense of comfort that she hadn’t experience in a long time, just the thought of Teela was enough to evoke this feeling. She curled up and slept deeply.


The week had gone by so fast that when she was standing on the field that she had finished blessing, it almost felt surreal. It was a fast transformation from a barely feasible land to a working farmland. Of course, it was thanks to everyone’s efforts that the farmland had made it so far.

Helena, one of the slaves who more or less represented the leader of the group, had called everyone in to for a supper, which was the first time they had managed to sit down to a table and eat together. Mostly everyone simply ate out of the boxes that Teela had bought and then headed to bed, but Helena had wanted to have a feast made for everyone when they finished to farm.

They all sat down and ate the food that Helena had made and Sarya was quick to tell them that due to the way her people lived, she was unable to eat meat. Helena apologized for not knowing and pulled out more vegetables for Sarya and some bread, which she was grateful for.

After everyone was finished, Teela had let herself out so she could catch some fresh air and put her dishes away. Sarya watch Teela leave and she now had a chance to talk o her, which she missed out all week because of the work they had to do.

So she stood up and followed Teela outside.

She found Teela sitting on the now fixed bench and sat next to her. She paused, as if unsure how to say the words that needed to be said, but it seemed like Teela had her already figured out.

“Sarya? There something you want to ask?”

Sarya nodded.

“I just wanted to say that… I was surprised. When you pressed for the coins and attacked the Prince I was worried as to why you would push yourself so far. I thought you were possible greedy or had other personal reasons for it. But when I seen the slaves I was… relived that I was wrong.” Sarya smiled.

Teela was quiet for a moment before she spoke. “I did do it for personal reasons, Sarya.” She looked at the ground. “I acted before I thought it through and it cost those slaves something. I wanted to be a hero and I ended up doing something rash. Then I wanted to be relieved of the burden I caused so I took you and was going to give you away to the Prince. I am selfish Sarya”

Sarya could feel tears choke her as Teela laid out her words with much regret. Sarya took and her and looked deeply into her eyes. “Sometimes a bad reason done for a good cause can still be the right thing to do, Teela.” Sarya smiled and whispered “I’m glad I met you” She raised Teela’s hand and kissed the tip of her finger before turning and leaving, not seeing Teela’s reaction.

As Sarya made her way inside and to the door of her bedroom, she could feel her heart race and cheeks fluster.

She quickly opened her door and closed it, quickly jumping face first onto her bed, burying her face into the pillows.

“Ahhhh! I can’t believe I did thaaat!” She rolled around the bed and her face grew hotter.

As she finally calmed down slightly, she took a deep breath and sighed.

“Well… I did it… but why? Maybe I….”

She didn’t say the words, but she knew already. Despite only being with her for a week…

She had already fallen for Teela.

She curly up in her bed and sighed dreamingly.

‘If only there was a way… to tell her how I feel….’

She slowly drifted off to sleep with a deep comfort taking hold.


Sarya slowly woke to a warm feeling that lay at her side. She slowly opened her eyes and looked down to see Teela lying laying under the fur blanket with her.

The entire night she had came back to her and her cheeks flustered with heat.

The night before was filled with such passion that Sarya had never experienced. Sarya had been forward with her feelings and in the end, Teela had accepted them wholeheartedly. She was surprised when Teela had been the first with a kiss her, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Sarya slowly inched her way out from under Teela and let her sleep a little more. She placed a kiss on her forehead and made her way towards the pond nearby.

She stepped inside and made her way to the middle of the pond as she sighed as the water lapped at her bare legs. She caught herself drifting off in deep thought as she tried her best to wash herself. But every thought was focused on Teela.

No sooner did she think of her again did a pair of arms wrap around her waist.

She jumped and snapped her head back to see that Teela was hugging her from behind. When she seen her, Sarya relaxed.

“Good morning Teela, I hope you slept well.” She nodded and rested her chin on Sarya’s shoulder. Her hands didn’t waste anything to rub across Sarya’s stomach.

“Teela…” Sarya whispered, and suddenly felt Teela’s mouth on her ear.

“Ah!” Sarya jolted, feeling a shock of pleasure shoot down her spine. “Teela… my ears are… sensitive.” That seemed to give Teela more motivation as she wrapped her lips around Sarya’s ear and then grasped one of Sarya’s breasts with one hand and then slipped her fingers into Sarya’s moisture. She panted and breathed hard as she could feel the pleasure build up until her body climaxed and she cried out.  

Sarya fell back, leaning onto Teela… “Tee…la.” Sarya could feel Teela’s strong arms hook under her legs and carried her like a princess. Sarya looked up into Teela’s eyes.

“Teela, you’re so mean.” She cooed. Teela gave a small laugh, which was the first time she had ever heard her laugh.

“I’m sorry Sarya. I’ll make it up to you.” She looked down at her and smiled. Teela carried her to the camp and they got clothed, packed up and headed out.


Sarya awoke to a blinding light, one that she knew, not from personal experience but from what her own mother had told her.

She was now in The Void.

It was a place in between passing on to the elders of her people and the realm of Helvan, the realm she lived in before. There weren’t any words that needed to be said or questions asked, she knew why she was here.  

She recalled back to the fishing village and when she had received two sharp painful stabs in her back, the taste of blood, her vision dimming.

She now stood in between death and live, and the only thing that kept her here was herself, her desire to stay and to pass on was tearing her in two different directions.

Her reason to stay: Teela.

She had fallen deeply in love with her, in such a short space of time. She had fallen in love with her courage, her compassion, her kindness, her steadfast attitude… and yet… Teela was human, while Sarya was an Elf.

Her reason to leave: Teela’s mortality.

Teela was human and at best, a human could live to be about seventy, but Sarya? She could live well over a thousand years. If she were to pass on then… perhaps it would be best for Teela, then she could move on.

Underneath her seemingly selfish act, she really was the opposite. She only wanted Teela to move on before it became impossible for Sarya to let her go.

She curled up into a ball, wishing herself to pass on.

“Sarya… Sarya… is that you…?”

Her eyes widen as she hear a voice through the white fog, a voice that she hadn’t heard in three full decades. She head slowly turned to looked behind her to see the voice belonged to an Elven man.


Her Father gave her a happy, yet sadden look, as if he was relieved yet sad at the same time.

“Sarya… I… never thought I would see you again… so soon. What happened?”

“Me…? I… Well… what…” Sarya swallowed hard, gathering herself, she found her voice again.

“That isn’t important father! How is it that you are here!? You… you passed on didn’t you?”

Her father was clearly taken aback by her sudden hostilely and took a deep breath before speaking.

“There are some things I cannot say Sarya, but when I was told I was able to see my daughter again, I could not pass the chance.”

‘Told…? By who…?’

Sarya wanted to ask, but given the answer her father gave, she doubted she would get a proper answer. Still, she was glad to see him, but equally suspicious, for a reason long past.

She turned away and huddled up.

“Why would you wish to see me? Do you wish some sort of revenge for thirty years ago?”

“Of course not… I told you that day that I didn’t hold it against you… for going against me. But Sarya, I am still your father and I wish to know why you are here? What holds you back from passing on to our elders?”

She didn’t want to answer him. She just wanted to be alone in her our misery. She heard her father sigh.

“Well… I guess I don’t… have the right to ask you of such things… because… “ He took a deep breath and exhaled.

“If there is someone hold you back then… I only hope you chose what is best for them and not yourself… please Sarya, don’t make my mistake.”

Sarya could feel her tears starting to form as her father laid out her wise words. She knew that he was right, she was doing it for selfish reasons.

She stood up and turned around to tell her father that she was sorry but he was gone.


She could hear his voice whisper echo out.

“Someday… we will meet again… tell your mother that I am sorry. I hope she’ll forgive me, even if I don’t deserve it.”

Sarya wrapped her arms around herself as she could feel a chilling cold, as if someone had taken all the warmth of her body away from her.


Sarya’s eyes widen as she hear a voice she never thought she’d ever heard again.

“Sarya? Are you here? Please… answer!”


Sarya could hear the desperation in her voice as she tried to call out for her. Sarya’s heart lurched at Teela’s voice.

She slowly approached the voice and through the fog she could see the one woman that held her heart here.


Teela slowly turned around to face Sarya and when their eyes met, Teela’s tears started to run down her face.

“Sarya…” Teela whispered.

Sarya could feel the pain from Teela’s voice as she said her name. The thought that she had caused it cut Sarya deep.

“Teela? It’s you? It’s really you?” She nodded. “Teela… I… please…. Don’t do this. I can’t… continue on with you. I… I’m sorry but….” She looked to the floor and she could feel the sting of tears starting to form in her eyes. She though back to what her father had said, but she still held a piece of her selfishness as she look back in Teela’s eyes. “I’m sorry but I can’t keep going on like this. I… I’m Elven kind. You’re human. I will outlast you. I… I couldn’t take such a painful experience.”

Teela’s eyes feel to the floor as she took in what Sarya had said. But her eyes soon returned to meet Sarya’s with determination.

“Sarya… please listen. I… can’t do what you ask. I’m sorry but I can’t because you already hold a place in my heart. I can’t because I want to remain with you no matter what. I can’t because…” She took a deep breath “Because I Love You.”

The last gate to her heart had crumbled and she could no longer hold her tears back. How could she? After hearing the words that she wanted to hear. She couldn’t allow herself to part from Teela after the time they had together, not so soon.  “Teela…” she choked on a sob.

Teela wore a pained look as she continued. “I made you a promise… I would make it up to you. Even if I have to spend the rest of my live I will make it up to you no matter what” 

Sarya’s bottom lip couldn’t trembling as she covered her mouth with her hand, sinking to her knees, she sobbed.

She could no longer be parted from her, after hearing her honest words. She knew just as well that she had fallen for Teela just as much, if not more. Teela tried to approach her but her form wisped away through the fog, telling her she had left the plane.

“Teela… I’m so sorry!”

Sarya could feel her own form leaving the plane as she had found her determination to keep living.

The sudden, yet familiar, heaviness stuck her as she knew that she had returned to her own body. She could feel a rush as live and strength returned to her body and she slowly opened her eyes to look up at a set of Blue and Hazel jewels that watered.

“Teela… I’m… back…”

Teela immediately wrapped her arms around Sarya and sobbed. They had held each other for a little long until she could feel Teela’ grasp weaken and she soon slumped.

“Teela? Teela!?”

She held her up and shook her but she didn’t respond.

“Relax, dear girl. She is just physically exhausted. I doubt the poor girl has had much to eat, or time to rest.”

Sarya looked up at a familiar tall Elven man.

“Honorary Kinsouss! W-What do you mean!?” (AN: Pronounced Kin-ow-ss)

He took a knee as she rubbed Teela’s back.

“You should have seen her when she came in, her body was already trembling from weakness and she has the look that says she hasn’t slept much either. But she could only think of you.”

Sarya could feel her eye’s stinging with tears again as she looked down at Teela’s sleeping face.

She had pushed herself to the limits so she could bring Sarya to her people.

Then she could at least take care of her herself.

“Please… can you help me?”

Two other elf’s approached her from behind Kinouss, which if memory served her right, they were part of the guards that protected the gates to the World Tree.

“Well… we will help, she had brought you all the way here so I guess it’s the least we can do.”

She thanked them for their help and they helped her bring Teela to her house where she had laid Teela down on her bed.

Without wasting a minute, she started to gather the things she needed: a wash rag, some food and water.

She had made a soup for Teela and brought the bowl to her bed.

“I’m sorry Teela, I know you really like meat but this vegetable soup will have to do for now…”

She slowly fed Teela some of the soup and when she was sure that she was satisfied, she brought the bucket of water over and her rag.

Her face flustered at the thought of what she needed to do but Teela was grimy and she needed to be washed so her health could return.

She slowly peeled her clothes off until she was bare and Sarya folded them and put them in a basket.

Her entire face was burning with heat as she finally finished washing Teela down and she left the room to wash her clothes.

She had spent the entire night taking care of Teela and when morning came, her work had paid off as Teela had returned to good health.


Sarya sat in her bed, after a long day she laid in her bed with an overwhelming happiness. Hugging her pillow, she rolled back and forth, pausing for a moment to look to take a look at her hand.

A single ring surrounded her finger and a set of patterns played on her hand.

It was her wedding band and her ‘Mark’.

And the other one belonged to Teela.

Her significant other was still meeting with the other elves, and receiving their gifts.

She sighed deeply as her mother entered the room.

“Well… you sound quite happy. I know I already said it but still… congratulations Sarya. I’m happy for you.”

Her mother sat on the bed next to her and held her tightly.

When they sat back her mother now had a serious face and she stood up to look out the window.

“So, you know that I am happy for you but I still need to ask you one thing. I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to say it though, so Sarya… what will you do?”

Sarya’s gaze fell to the floor as she knew exactly what her mother was referring to: Teela’s mortality.

She bit her lip, unsure how to answer her mother’s question, Sarya’s answer might not satisfy her. 

“Well… there is… the… Monolith…”

Her mother turned to give her a dark look.

“That? It’s not something that should be tampered with, plus there’s no way to be sure if it still exists.”

“It’s… true that it was lost in the rebellion but there is a chance, plus… I’m sure that if it meant saving me… Teela would look for it… so I can’t just let it go… not until I’m sure.”

Her mother took a deep breath and shook her head.

“That thing… that gave us the ability to live as long as we do, the abilities and powers we hold, it’s a religious item so even if you found it, I’m sure many would like to use it or their own proposes.”

She laughed under her breath. “We used to think that it was god in the dark ages, but we soon evolved past it didn’t we?”

She met Sarya’s eyes.

“Well… if that’s you plan, then I guess I cannot stop you.”

“I will tell Teela that I wish to go out and help more people, so there could be a good chance we could find it. Of course that’s a big ‘could’.”

Her mother nodded.

“Very well…”

She started to move towards the door and paused for a moment.

“Sarya… you traveled to the Void… did you…?”

Her pause was long enough that Sarya slowly realized what she wanted to ask.

“Yes… I seen father. He… it’s seems like he came to terms with what he did. He said he was sorry and he hoped you would forgive him…”

Even though she could see if, she knew that her mother was crying. She wiped her face and shook her head.

“What is that fool saying… doesn’t he know that I already did?”

Her mother glanced back and smiled before leaving Sarya alone. She sighed in comfort as she knew her mother was more than happy with the news.

Soon, Teela entered her room with an enormous amount of goods in her hands.

“Sarya… help me with this please.”

She laughed and got up to help Teela sort through it. She could feel a sense of pride as she looked at Teela; her beautiful wife.

She would protect that beauty for as long as she could, so she needed to find The Monolith, for her and Teela’s own good.

It was her own mission that she would undertake without Teela’s knowledge.

After everything that had happened, it was the least she could do; for her beautiful wife.

(AN: Well... this has been a LONG time coming hasn't 'it? The only reason I have to give is that things happened IRL and after that, I sort of lost the will to keep doing it so I took a break for a bit. I want to make something clear, I want to finished this story, it's just a delay that had taken place. When I came back to the story, I sort have lost a little touch and was trying to find my pace again. That and I had to do a bunch of chapters to make up for lost time. I made many more which will get released soon. But I had to do each chapter around three to five times, redoing it and changing them because I needed to think of where I was taking this. Anyways, it's good to be back. Hope you enjoy the chapter, Cheers.)


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