The reincarnated heroine.

by Gunner ten

A young man reads a book he finds in a bookstore simply titled 'The reincarnated heroine.'
He is pulled into the world as the very same heroine, however, this is not a kind world.
Women are not held in high regard or allowed to adventure.
He (now she) must overcome the trials that come with to make a mark on the world.

Author note: First, By the description you can tell that there will be sexism, and some
attempted rape (no actual rape though so no worries) Second, there will be some yuri. Third. Blood and gore, sex scenes and foul language. Finally this my first story so I welcome
constructive criticism.
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Gunner ten

Gunner ten

Word Count (VIII)
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Pichete Psyker

I was enjoying it, but ...

Really hooked me from the start, the story was good and the MC was incredible, and i loved her determination.

Leaving that aside, I do not like the vision that you have that all men are trash that wants raping women.

finally, really I don't like the yuri, not that I hate but it is simply my excitement fell on the floor to run into the yuri, I stopped in Chapter 15 because of this so I maybe be missing a lot, but well, it is a matter of personal taste :T

Andrej Jaksic

give it a try it will be worth it

There isnt much to say about story its to early but it started intresting  with lot possibilities,  writing style is nice( thats my opinion you know it maybe suck but i like it) and no problem with grammar .


PS: my reviews suck but i try to express my opinion to you because i appreciate your work and i want you to give your best  to give us  great  story         GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!


Good  ideas and writing but the unnecesary  genderbending doesn't add  much to his personality and the fights  he picks are a little to much simple and unrealistic (he starts to  fight  with anybody for no real reasons)

Also it is e little Too rushed how ha acts ,he is in this world for not even a day but already killed some people, bought weapons and decided to follow and kill a Group of bandits  for no real reason,maybe money,even if he doesn t even know the extent of his powers.

There is much potential but the Begining shouldn't be Too rushed 

Thanks for writing