The Secret Policemen

The Secret Policemen

by Tim vee

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

When a citizen is murdered by the secret police, a cover-up is required. This cover-up grows and morphs, and touches everyone on the way to the very top of the People’s Republic and the Ministry of State Security. The Secret Policemen tells the story of the corrupt Police Inspector, the violent Smoking Man, and the sex worker Karla.

The Inspector and the Smoking Man who will do anything to avoid a one way trip to the ominous sounding Farm, and Karla is just trying to stay out of everything. The Secret Policemen is story full of interesting characters, absurdity, darkness, betrayal, and the unfortunate people of the People's Republic. The Secret Policemen will make you laugh and cry - and will shock and surprise you. This is the first book of a duology that charts to life and tribulations of Karla.

The Secret Policemen is a wickedly transgressive dark comedy.

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Tim vee

Tim vee

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BB Shelbie

Very blunt, shows promise

Reviewed at: Evidence Processing

The author writes very bluntly, using disjointed sentences instead of paragraphs in most cases, but he has decent grammar. He would dramatically improve by merging several chapters, because they are extremely short and barely encompass a scene.

The author knows his subject, and puts across an interesting and compelling plot, although he too often descends into provincial dialogue that makes it difficult to follow for other audiences.

This book is a nice, solid, uncomplicated 4 for story and for being a decent read when the language doesn't lose you and the short chapters don't make you grumble.