My Brother is Napoleon

My Brother is Napoleon

by Skytuhua

A naturally persuasive engineering man, for some unknown reason, traveled to France before the Revolution and became the big brother of the future Emperor Napoleon. He is to cling to this thigh, and from then on to live and die, or to seize this opportunity to create their own altruism?

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Table of Contents
44 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: My Brother Napoleon ago
Chapter 2: Travel to France ago
Chapter 3: Toulon ago
Chapter 4: Don Quixote and Sancho ago
Chapter 5: Money Problem ago
Chapter 6: En Route ago
Chapter 7: Am I Going to Become a Fudi Demon? ago
Chapter 8: Going to Be a Translator? ago
Chapter 9: Friends of the Friends of Youth Club ago
Chapter 10: Arrange ago
Chapter 11: Screenplay ago
Chapter 12: Stupid Brother Came to Paris too ago
Chapter 13: Napoleon's plan ago
Chapter 14: Fudi Demon's Plan ago
Chapter 15: Fudi Demon's thesis (part 1) ago
Chapter 16: Fudi Demon's thesis (part 2) ago
Chapter 17: Fudi Demon's thesis (part 3) ago
Chapter 18: Fudi Demon's thesis (part 4) ago
Chapter 19: Brother ago
Chapter 20: Invite ago
Chapter 21: Reunion ago
Chapter 22: Inspiration ago
Chapter 23: Experiment ago
Chapter 24: New Teacher ago
Chapter 25: A Quiet Time ago
Chapter 26: Calais Fort (part 1) ago
Chapter 27: Calais Fort (part 2) ago
Chapter 28: Science Star ago
Chapter 29, Let Nobel Have Nowhere to go ago
Chapter 30: Freedom ago
Chapter 31: Corsican Society Survey and Amon's Script ago
Chapter 32, Modified ago
Chapter 33: Amand's friends ago
Chapter 34: Mara and Dandong ago
Chapter 35: The arrangement of the brothers ago
Chapter 36: The Misfortunes and the Dark Clouds of the Revolution ago
Chapter 38: The Debut in the Loitering (part 1) ago
Chapter 39: The Debut in the Loitering (part 2) ago
Chapter 40, The Debut in the Loitering (part 3) ago
Chapter 41: The First Meeting Of Life And Death ago
Chapter 42: Brittany Club ago
Chapter 43: Brittany Club (2) ago
Chapter 44: The Jacobins of the Royalists ago
Chapter 45: Rumors and the National Guard ago

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Leonardo Koiu

Story is decent, however the grammar is a bit off

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Invite

I'm really like this story, the character that you for the most part create and the world around them, which basically is quite significant.

But on the very other hand, the grammar or the style that you kind of write just isn't that good, and I actually think you should preview every time for everything you really write and actually correct the grammar, which essentially is fairly significant. Write pretty much more and literally please kind of try to for the most part improve fairly your writing skill in a particularly major way.


The historical thing in this story also not very accurate, but im still particularly give you a 5 star only because I like really your story and the content and because there literally is not particularly much review on this story, very contrary to popular belief.


The story for the most part is sort of great but grammer isn't that good.

The story for the most part is sort of great but grammer isn't that good.

The story for the most part is sort of great but grammer isn't that good.

The story for the most part is sort of great but grammer isn't that good.

The story for the most part is sort of great but grammer isn't that good.

The story for the most part is sort of great but grammer isn't that good.

South links

Some little issues, But still pretty good

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: My Brother Napoleon

The story itself is not that, Bad.

 It just, The lack of historical contacts.

 Well you see, And the 1st chapter,  The novel said, Napoleon was short, In history,  His average height, It was the same height as everybody else at that time.

 2nd mistake,  It's the part when his older brother Joseph,   When he gotten injured, We're in " He called his mother's number"

 Dish my clock normal to you, But remember this is supposed to take place, And the past, And last I remembered, Phones did not exist that fall back.

3 Mistake, How you begin your story.

 Honestly there's nothing really erg me that much but I'm gonna just say it, Normally the botanics will wake up in the beginning, But you, Chose to begin the story right after the MC, Woke up.

 Interesting  Story telling, But at the same time not really a good place to start.

  Somebody: Pretty good grammar, It's just, Not really historical.

 Oh yeah and the part of him being shot.

 That was  Foolish propaganda to legiminize Napoleon.

 Show yeah, All of your stories are interesting,  It's just the lack of historical context that asks me.