Cycles of Ruin

Cycles of Ruin

by FortuneFive

Civilizations rise and fall. Kith build them up and monsters, led by powerful dungeon keepers, bring them to ruin. For three thousand years the cycle has been maintained by the Guild of Chaos and its endless hordes of minions who—in absence of their long lost creators—have taken it upon themselves to keep the realms of the universe in balance. The Guild has grown efficient at this task, but some among its ranks have begun to ponder the utility of a universe that has been robbed of the very possibility of change.

Basil von Doom is one such dungeon keeper working for the Guild, leading an army of loyal minions from one conquest to the next; burning civilizations and sifting through the ruins in search of forbidden knowledge that the races of kith were never meant to possess. But having spent more than half a century in pursuit of glory and fame—trying to live up to the legacy of his father—Basil has grown indifferent towards his work. Desperate for a worthy challenge, but bound by his duties as a dungeon keeper, he has turned his mind towards uncovering the ultimate fate of the previous master of his house and the secrets that were buried with him.

Now the young Master of House Doom must balance his growing interest in pursuing the trail of his father with the responsibilities that come with running a dungeon in service to the Guild of Chaos. To remain in good standing with the Guild, Basil has even accepted the task of mentoring an apprentice dungeon keeper, a young succubus named Elnora. It is at the tail end of her apprenticeship that the story begins; with a civilization poised to fall—its greatest heroes gathering for one last assault on the heart of darkness—and Basil striking up a conversation with his apprentice that will set into motion the unraveling of the universe. 

***This is a rewrite of my story that was first posted on RoyalRoad a few years ago.

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Just binged this in 2 days. Not gonna lie the beginning has a lot of brooding self Monologueing, which bogged the pacing a bit but does fit into the mc established character motivations later on. As it stands Elanora is my least favorite character, mainly cuz she reads as cliche anime harem member. But since the story does not seem to be angling for those tropes I still look look forward to her development as a more fleshed out character. Plot pacing seems to have picked up, matching these new elements of mystery, intrigue, and exposition, which got me hooked to the web series.