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Senka is no hero, but you never know what is coming for you. And if that burns down your house and family, while you are left blinded by your house’s guardian snake, the outlook becomes grim. So Senka clings to her dog’s back to survive, unaware of the fateful prophecy and the great changes to come. But when a wandering warrior becomes her protector and mysterious strangers join their hounded party through a series of seemingly chance encounters, they all begin to discover that all is not as it seems.

What is pursuing her? And why? Can the strange characters gathering around her on her desperate quest save her from doom? Are they mere puppets of a young, beguiling witch guided by her own hidden motives, or are forgotten shadows rising again from the immeasurable depths of time?

A tale of folk fairytales and myths, of swords and sorcery and mythical beings – a unique story of dark times and unsung heroes who may light your way.

Book one, A Strange Bunch, features leading characters of various ages. This is a fantasy with their progression happening slowly throughout the series, with occasional spikes in character power after certain encounters that may or may not be random. Although the book series is written with adult and young adult audiences in mind, it is, in the tradition of the greatest fantasy epics, suitable for all ages.

Excerpt from the scene depicted on the cover of the first book:

“Above this hellish pack and the rider at the forefront, flurried a cloud of dark, endlessly bustling bodies and wings, a swarm of creatures that, through their almost infinite number, produced the great din which had first reached the ears…”

RELEASE SCHEDULE was once a week, but is now paused as Book One (A Shadow in the Dark) was published in February. Encourage me to continue the episodes by reacting and following. Ratings greatly appreciated!

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This is a really good read in my honest opinion. The story is pretty interesting, and there are quite a few good moments that took me by suprise. I also generally really like the style of it, really makes me feel I'm a character in there. And the grammar is alright! Nice job, hope this goes a long way!

The title is also a pretty smart pick :)