Let the Fates Decide...?

Let the Fates Decide...?

by Han_Banana45

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Everyone is born with a dormant wolf spirit that only awakens in the ones who defy tradition. Duchess Arwyn Kingston of Gwyniar has always followed her own set of rules. Yet the rules of society are simple: on a maiden's 25th birthday, she must attend a fate ceremony in which she chooses her future by drawing the name of the man she will marry. Obey, and she will live a long and happy life with her chosen beside her. Rebel, and the consequences will overshadow her forever. 

On the eve of her 25th birthday, Arwyn attends her fate ceremony, determined to defy her parents by choosing her best friend, Duke Raydir, rather than her Chosen. With this choice, Arwyn severs the strings of fate, awakening the wolf spirit in both Raydir and herself.

As the truth of the inner wolf is revealed and secrets unfurled, Arwyn and Raydir must navigate a future more dangerous than either anticipated. Will their love endure or was that always meant for the fates to decide?


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Shout out to my wonderful friend @stella_vigo for my cover (follow her on wattpad!) and to @BloodR0se17 (follow her on wattpad!) for helping with the blurb

*Chapters are named after songs; I do not own any of the titles. Credit goes to the respective artists.*


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