Ambitious Soul

Ambitious Soul

by SingleCell

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Karolina Grant is desperately unhappy living in a world that she can’t change. When she is transported to a new world, one governed by a mysterious System, she will do her best to gain enough power to finally be able to make a difference. However, this new world is violent and dangerous, and Karolina isn’t alone. Will she merely survive in this new world, or will she find a way to thrive?

Ambitious Soul updates every Monday and Thursday.

Cover created by @Uvexar.

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A refreshing non-murder hobo MC, recommended

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Direwolf

Currently at chapter 7, I can say there is a lot to like here.

Before that, to start with the less good part :

Characters need a bit more fleshing out, and it's understandable at chapter 7. That said there is a character that seems to suddenly change personality mid-chapter so it might be a worrying point or something the author has done on purpose. The next chapters should answer the question.

For the more than good part :

The MC is refreshing. The best part of the story is in my opinion her personality and her ambitions. She is actually someone nice that wants to help and doesn't spend her days having doubts or internal monologues. The fact that she is a Monk is also quite nice as more often than not MCs tend to have flashy magical classes or are some kind of magic-swordsman.

I recommend following this story.

To the author : please continue on this way and don't hesitate to spend some time exploring the characters. Of course there needs to be a balance with action and it's sometimes hard to do. Still, you are doing great, really looking forward for what you have in mind ! 


I enjoyed reading this. The character had reasonable internal struggles and growth. She recognized both her flaws and the fact her stated immediate goals were not in alignment with who she was. I would happily read more and if you are at all interested I encourage you to give it a try.