Reincarnation?! No wait...was it isekai?? Anyways.....No!!

Reincarnation?! No wait...was it isekai?? Anyways.....No!!

by MrUseless

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

This is a story about a normal guy named George. Someone who did pretty normal things in life and lived a normal life. That was until the mysteriously cosmic being named truck-kun attacked. Now in another world...

he wants to go back to his world. Now he must go on quests and all that to get back home. With the help of others like a shota who's a god and a cute demon girl. Many dangers await, many mysteries will appear. Will he achieve his goal or will he die?

"Wait a minute...isn't this just like any other isekai storie-"

Shut up!

(Oh yeah, I don't have an update don't expect one)

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This hot piece of garbage is so damn riddled with grammatical and syntax errors, that I'm almost certain I've lost massive amounts brain cells from reading it. "...,"stop, please, just stop using ellipsis', seriously! Stop using multiple exclamation marks to emphasize or express a single point, too. Could you, at the very least, attempt to learn how to properly write a decent paragraph, before posting garbage that clearly hasn't had any thought put into it, because shit like this, is clearly never going to help you become a better writer.

Adding onto this, why did you censor the curse words? You typed them out, so you clearly meant it, does censoring them absolve you of something? I don't know and, in all honesty, I can't give a fuck about it. My advice, is for you to actually be able to grasp the utter basics of English and writing skills before attempting to post a story for others to read and enjoy.

Farewell and best of luck,