A Gram of Knowledge

A Gram of Knowledge

by Beloved Chair

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

The Zorad Tower, a place where the most hated group of the Alguise kingdom were locked up until their sentence was over. The criminals residing in the Tower were the so-called Deviants. Their crime wasn't such a thing as murder, assaults, or robberies–they had read the forbidden books left by the worst magician in history. His cursed magic was such a deviation from the normal magic that it could only be called blasphemous, a sin against humanity itself.

Marie Lander, a simple commoner, tasted the forbidden knowledge. As such, she would need to face the consequences of her actions.
The tower, however, wasn't a simple prison. There was danger lurking in every place and deviants analyzing the newcomers with predatory gazes. Among them, the one that Marie considered to be the most menacing was the silent girl, Dael, whose mere presence felt damning.

What secrets hide behind the abyss of Dael's eyes and the books that only brought tragedies with them?

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Disclaimer: This is the first original work I've posted and English is not my first language so please excuse any typos.
I'm writing this story as I go, and this is just a hobby of mine. Criticism is appreciated as long as it's constructive and polite.
Tags and genres may be subject to change. Also, the girl's love is going to be a slow burn.
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