The Purple Jade Palace: The Hummingbird's Plan

The Purple Jade Palace: The Hummingbird's Plan

by LisabetMae

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

When Teal helps an injured soldier by hand-delivering a scroll to the Emperor, he is offered a place in the Emperor's harem for his courage and efforts. Teal is of Lombock descent however, a cannibalistic race of beings who were believed to have died out. Having grown up on the outskirts of the Empire, Teal finds adjusting to life as the Emperor's concubine difficult and as he begins to learn about his origins, he also stumbles on old dark secrets lurking in the palace. Traitorous spies, unfinished disputes, and old enemies from neighboring kingdoms hide in plain sight within the palace walls, all threatening to ignite Teal's true identity and with it, cause the return of a race of beings who once controlled the world with horrific consequences. The only way out? A possible alliance with a defiant and strong-willed princess and a group of magical assassins who wish to control the world as they see fit. 

Please don't be shy. Feel free to comment if you enjoy the story. Feedback is always welcome!

Artwork for cover purchased from Canstock: by 'AtelierSommerland'

I'm currently working on Book Two. I won't post book two until I have a decent amount written. Current word count on book two is 43,000 so you know I am working on it (19/5/22)

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Word Count (11)
Group Leader (I)
I Am Taking Off (V)
Table of Contents
76 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Princess Estina ago
The Scroll ago
Cleaven Estate ago
Interrogation ago
A Message for the Emperor ago
A Proposition ago
Musings ago
Decisions ago
Beginnings ago
Becoming Acquainted ago
Delba ago
When You Can Look Me In The Eyes ago
Dalenia ago
The Purple Jade Palace ago
Empress Crael ago
A Misadventure ago
Consequences ago
A New Friend ago
A Trip to the Forest ago
The Blue Garden ago
Prince Yernal of the Keglar Kingdom ago
An Altercation ago
We're Making Progress ago
Advice ago
The Swearing of Loyalty Ceremony ago
The Emperor's Tower ago
A Surprise ago
A New Relationship ago
The Lost Seas Saga ago
Do You Care For Him? ago
A Ripple ago
The Emperor's Mother ago
A Sharing of Information ago
Discussions ago
Intimacy For Three ago
Death ago
The Summer Palace ago
Too Much Of A Good Thing ago
An Enemy Attacks ago
Shapeshifter ago
Return ago
Bad News ago
Learning The Truth ago
Plans ago
Repercussions ago
An Unsettling Conversation ago
A Meeting At Arina Pass ago
Dinner ago
A First Watch ago
Questions ago
Marked ago
Assassins ago
An Unwelcome Guest ago
A Very Bad Day ago
Traitors ago
A Little Hero ago
Help ago
It Only Gets Worse ago
The Talekan Assassins ago
Predictions ago
Truth Serum ago
Loose Ends ago
Changes ago
Confessions ago
Enemies From Both Sides ago
Lady Annalei ago
Kidnapped ago
Informant ago
When Powers Collide ago
Field Battle ago
Collaborations ago
Confrontation ago
A Life For A Life ago
Abduction ago
Prisoner ago
The Hummingbird's Plan ago

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