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Zoe Blanco moved to New York after fleeing the small town she grew up in and the Purity Church that controls it. The Church believes in keeping humanity pure. This means none of the NanoPCs known as Frames or any other cybernetics that most of the rest of the world uses and enjoys everyday.

Upon arriving in the Big Apple, Zoe is picked up by her cousin and witnesses a courier weaving their motorcycle through traffic. Zoe envies the courier's freedom. Couriers transport data and on occasion small objects for anyone willing to pay the price. Secured delivery is guaranteed and no questions are asked. Like having a human servant in this corporate owned world, using couriers is seen as a status symbol for the wealthy and corporate elite. New York's criminal underground uses couriers for similar reasons. This gives the hundreds of couriers in NYC steady work.

After weeks of not finding a job while living with her aunt and cousin, Zoe turns to her slicing skills to steal credits from the Purity Church and turns to the mob so she can get a loan to pay for the internal secure storage space a courier needs and a frame for herself.  After making an unlicensed run or two, Zoe finds employment with a transport company and truly starts her life as a courier.

This story is a mix of light scifi, cyberpunk, slice of life, a dash of action, and a smidge of fantasy. Slicing is what hacking is called in this story. Credits are currency in this story.

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Courier creates a convincing world in a believable soft Sci-Fi future where cybernetic implants are the norm and mega-corporations run the world. An interesting cast of characters accompany us as we follow Zoe, country girl, hacker and newbie courier through the trials of the big city and woking with organized crime. Courier is no literary masterpiece or dark gritty novel, but it's a enjoyable slice of life with decent writing and fresh ideas. So far it lacks much in the way of an overarching plot but is still able to retain my interest. Some may think 5 stars is a bit too generous but for this site I think it's a fair rating.