Dead Gods Tell No Tales (Working Title)

by Stephan1864

A man dies in a frozen wasteland after a plane crash, only to be reincarnated into the body of a thirteen year old half-elven girl. Before his 'rebirth', the screen glitches, letting him input himself as a 'God'.

I'm playing with a few new themes here, so bear with me. I welcome criticism. This will have epic adventure involving high fantasy, and a war between gods and mortals alike.
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Because I love this story

I love this story especially because of how it starts. The MC is reincarnated not as a baby, but a young girl and immediatly thrusted into a situation where she HAS to take action. (The situation is serious but not tragedy material, which I appreciate too. I'm a lighthearted kind of guy.) So she is in a world she doesn't know, with no notion of how irregular her OP-ness is, but there is a sense of urgency so she can't do what most reincarnators do, which is to very prudently try not to attract attention. She can't do that.


It's a story where the OP main puts her power to use immediatly with just the barest necessary amount of discretion, because she cannot afford to do otherwise. And of course she gets noticed. And I love it because what is the point of a overpowered MC if he or she doesn't have everyone wondering "Who the hell is that?!" ?


A solid plot, a flowing narrative, enjoyable and endearing characters, a good dose of humour. What's not to love? It's not anything new, but the author's personal take makes it a must read for all the fans of OP.


Did I mention I love this story?


Because I do.


Great start and expecting a lot

 18 chapters so far but it’s  a good start.

The story as a whole isnt anything new but there’s still some surprising and interesting development. I know that for some people gender bender is a turn off but i would suggest to give it a try (from a person who usually doesn’t  like it) (i just hope there would be some lesbian sexxx but heh not a lot of romance so far). The pacing of the story is also worth mentioning since it is pretty good. Just hope when the real arc wikl start that it wont be too slow or rushed.

Character wise it is also a good start even if some aspects are not consistent. E.g. Describing the mc has a divine beauty but when she met new people no one seems to be amazed (like come on first impression is everything,  you can’t overlook that). There’s also no mention of any calm mind(or anything else in the same kind where some authors just dont bother with character development)

Grammar is pretty good. One of the best i have seen so far and the author is trying to fix is mistakes if there are that escaped him.

For the author: Keep up the good job and continue working on your character development!

For the future reader i would suggest you to read it as it is a good one that would probably make it to the top or RRL.





I see that there are no reviews so I'll drop one.

Since this fiction has just started, there isn’t as much to review as of right now so I’ll just speak my thoughts on it so far. 


Style: The style is fairly good. It’s told in first person perspective from the obvious viewpoint of the MC. There are quite a few points that could be used as foreshadowing which is good and I don’t really see any inconsistencies so far. 

Story: While the story isn’t really anything new, so far it does a pretty good job at what these types of stories do best; portraying an OP MC doing OP things. Not much else has been revealed as of late so I may add more things as the story progresses. Though I do have to mention that the overall tone shifted a bit from a dark tone to a lighter/more comedic one as of recent chapters.

Grammar: I’ll give it an A-, there are some sentences that are worded a bit weirdly and just some general grammar/spelling mistakes but overall it’s pretty good and from what I’ve read, better than most other authors on this site.

Character: Alright, I’ll admit that I’m a fan of gender-bent/non-human MCs so the synopsis drew me in quite a bit. So far I don’t see any real inconsistencies with her. Her ‘rage’ moments can be attributed to the fact that she is in someone else’s body and that that person may or may not still be in there to influence her. Other than that point, she can be described as a rather clumsy girl despite all her powers as shown when she makes some rather ‘questionable’ decisions. 


In any case, so far so good. I’m eager to see how this story goes. Also a little more world-building right now is greatly appreciated since I’m not quite sure how she fares when compared to the rest of the world. 


It doesn't reinvent the wheel...

It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's quite good. It doesn't try anything new, but It's fun book.

There is 2 different kinds of books for me. Ones that provide lots of little things that makes for an intense reading, but enjoyable reading experience. The other is just a book that is simplistic, but at the same time entertains me. I like to think of this fiction is of the latter category.

If we the critics were extremely cynical, no story would be good. It's our suspension of belief that makes the story feel alive to us. It's why people love the harry potter books. They provide a world that could certainly exist with in our own. This story tries to do this, and succeeds  at giving the readers a believable world.   My favorite part about this is story is the character interactions. It's essentially a childish god trying to live as a mortal and her interactions, it's quite funny how she has to hide her identity form everyone, and it's quite funny reading the stupidity of the side characters. Though this is where the author fails to impress me. The characters aside from a few, all feel 1 dimensional. There hasn't been any change within most of the characters and I feel that this is the weak part of the story.

This fiction could be a bit more fast paced because I think it's a bit slow for me. But it's a good story nevertheless and if you have a little time for a bit of fun reading, this could be for you.

If I could say a suggestion though, I wish you would change the title.  I feel the title does not go with the story, but it's your story not mine though.


The genderbending doesn't really have an impact on the story, it's just there. If you're being put off by this story just because of the genderbending tag, please reconsider and try it again, if you can overlook that one detail, It's a fun read.


Good story. Needs a bit of work to be really good. A fun quick read.

Good luck writing Author

Quartz Ring

Thoroughly enjoyed this story, i just wish you woukd have continued writing it. I know however how strenuous it can be to work full time and write. Back to the review It was a sublime reincarnation story one which took a relatively fresh perspective via possession and some neat mechanics. I really hooe you come back to this one worth every page.


Not my type of a cake.

I read to chapter 6 and just couldn't bare any longer.


It's a typical story, nothing new nothing original really. Just a little twist that our character gets 'reincarnated' as a ' God'. I say ' God' , but so for it seems just as if he's just a little bit over the ' genius' level, which I personally find laughable for a ' God' , but whatever.


Story: As I said: nothing new nor original. The world seems the typical cliched one with arrogant nobles and not-deserving-even-a-glance commoners etc. I've read only to the 6 chapter so I can't really say anything about the depth of the world. It just .. is. It isn't over descriptive nor is it too plain.  Seems to have some foundation but nothing too deep. Then again I have read only the first 6 chapters, I can't expect too much. It doesn't catch your attention nor is it horrendous, it just is. 4/5.


Style: Pretty normal way of writing, nothing really stands out. Doesn't have that mysterious vibe that grips you and wants you to keep reading, isn't anything new or special , nor is it too plain or overdone with too much details. 4/5


Grammar: It isn't anything special, nothing complicated, nothing really too descriptive. No grammatical mistakes or types(not any that I have noticed). 4.5/5


Characters: Now here's where everything goes down for me. I am sorry, but I don't understand how do you pick a adult male human being with a degree in engineering, throw him in a fantasy world, and make him simply, for lack of better words, 'retarded'. It's as if the MC's character and mind processing abilities have degraded to that of an actual 12-13 year old who is on his first trip in a different country.  His rational thought process is of a 12 year old, like really it is. I am sorry but he/she is simply retarded and apparently an autistic, since he/she can't keep a simple conversation without making it awkward and cring-festy. Characters seems pretty shallow, with the cliched personalities of arrogant nobles and normal commoners liking their boots. We don't really know anything about the MC nor is he/she done something to make himself/herself stand out and make us relate to him/her.

*some spoilers ahead*

He/she is inconsistent and unsure of anything which he/she is doing, at one point she brutally attacks and almost kills a person, after that when she is confronted she ways low, like a sheep in a wolfs den, for no apparent reason. What are you trying to hide when the fucking guy saw you throwing his 250 pound guard like a snapped twig? It doesn't fucking make sense. He/she wants to get her(the bodies) mother out of the whorehouse as fast as possible, what better plan than to leave her there ALONE, without knowing where you are EVEN tho you are so precious to her, make yourself known as an exalted noble to a bishop, and get his guard(who apparently is as strong as you, even tho you are A GOD   ) following you around everywhere.

Apparently the MC is not afraid to use his powers to beat up defenseless women, create tons of money and even one of the most rear minerals for crafting, but HE COULDN'T THINK of using a couple of gold or even silver to take his mom out of the whorehouse to an inn for starters. No, that's too much brain work for our little MC.

Another one of hour MC's genius plans: Your mom is a whore, she almost got her self raped and killed by thugs, she MOSTLY works with bandits and low-lives. What do you do? Give her precious enchanted jewellery from rear materials to make her even a bigger target, great plan m8 I r8 8/8...


Characters: 2/5.



That is my opinion. If you are a 12-14 year old who hasn't read anything even remotely deep or dark , still watching disney and enjoy OP Mc's who are , for the most part, brain dead and make fun of themselves: Then I recommend this to you.



This deserves more attention, give it a shot!

- On another note… Why the fuck do all wake-up-owerpoweredly have genderbender…


Gender Bender lover here :D

Good Job, Keep it Up !!                                                                             


wasn't sure how this story was going to be. started reading it and couldn't stop until i had read all the chapters so far. totally going to be following this story. awesome job!


so 10 chapters so far and all of them have been great and i believe it will continue to be awesome in the future