On Astral Tides: From Humble Freelancer To Astral Emperor

On Astral Tides: From Humble Freelancer To Astral Emperor

by ShipTeaser

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

What would you do if one day you were told you were one of the chosen who would have to battle to save the world?

Akio was an average guy, having moved to the big city from his humble town in the mountains. Sure, his IT freelancing job wasn't making him big money, and he wasn't exactly a hit with the ladies, but life wasn't all that bad... until one day a mysterious angel-like being visited him to tell him the Earth was in danger. Many would be chosen to fight this fate, but would any succeed?

Of course, if one could have the usual cheat skills everything would work out, wouldn't it? So why was his skill like a garbage pay-to-win mobile game? Akio would have to not only hone his skills and build his Astral Empire, but he would need to raise money, secure land and become a player on Earth too! Facing this challenging task alone would surely be impossible, so Akio needs to make strong and beautiful allies to take on all those who would oppose him.

Who would that be, you ask? The old myths of Earth are returning, alien invaders are waiting outside on the Astral Tides, Cultivators are looking for their next faces to slap, Demons are whispering poison into the ears of anyone who would listen, and whoever was trying to save Earth by granting various people powers were making some really awful choices...

Join Akio as he starts at the bottom of the ladder, clawing his way to the top and discovering one can change their destiny, so long as they work hard (and have a boat-load of money!).

[Note this story is Harem, and since many don't like that, be warned! It's more Sevens than Isekai Smartphone though. There will be some R-15/18 scenes for the Harem (though I have toned down the one posted here from the original drafts more to the R15 side.]

The story is pretty much evenly split between progression fantasy and real-world character building and events, hopefully blending together to make a compelling narrative about how someone could change themselves and the people around them for the better if given the chance by some miraculous intervention, while also hopefully saving the world (and maybe other worlds too.]

Update schedule revised: Minimum 3/week - Tues/Wed/Thurs but will aim to hit 5/week where possible

If you have any questions re: future plot turns/types of things that might happen and want to know so you know whether you'd find it worth your time reading, feel free to drop me a PM and I'll let you know. No story is for everyone, so no worries!

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Chapter One- Am I Asleep Or is There An Angel In My Room...? ago
Chapter Two ago
Chapter Three ago
Chapter Four ago
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Chapter Eighteen ago
Chapter Nineteen ago
Side One- Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago
Chapter Twenty ago
Arc Two - The Weasel - Chapter Twenty One ago
Chapter Twenty Two ago
Chapter Twenty Three ago
Chapter Twenty Four ago
Chapter Twenty Five ago
Chapter Twenty Six ago
Chapter Twenty Seven ago
Chapter Twenty Eight ago
Chapter Twenty Nine ago
Chapter Thirty ago
Chapter Thirty One ago
Chapter Thirty Two ago
Chapter Thirty Three ago
Chapter Thirty Four ago
Chapter Thirty Five ago
Chapter Thirty Six ago
Chapter Thirty Seven ago
Chapter Thirty Eight ago
Chapter Thirty Nine ago
Arc Three: Securing The Borders - Chapter Forty ago
Chapter Forty One ago
Chapter Forty Two ago
Chapter Forty Three ago
Chapter Forty Four ago
Chapter Forty Five ago
Chapter Forty Six ago
Chapter Forty Seven ago
Chapter Forty Eight ago
Chapter Forty Nine ago
Chapter Fifty ago
Side Two: Detective Kato Reiji ago
Chapter Fifty One ago
Chapter Fifty Two ago
Side Three - Izumi Kana ago
Chapter Fifty Three ago
Side Four - Izumi Kana ago
Chapter Fifty Four ago
Chapter Fifty Five ago
Chapter Fifty Six ago
Chapter Fifty Seven ago
Chapter Fifty Eight ago
Chapter Fifty Nine ago
Chapter Sixty ago
Chapter Sixty One ago
Chapter Sixty Two ago
Side Five: Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago
Side Six: Treyvon James - Black Wolf Company PMC ago
Arc 4: Past Ties, Present Progress - Chapter Sixty Three ago
Chapter Sixty Four ago
Chapter Sixty Five ago
Side Seven: Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago
Side Eight: Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago
Chapter Sixty Six ago
Chapter Sixty Seven ago
Chapter Sixty Eight ago
Chapter Sixty Nine ago
Chapter Seventy ago
Chapter Seventy One ago
Chapter Seventy Two ago
Chapter Seventy Three ago
Side Nine: Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago
Side Ten: Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago
Chapter Seventy Four ago
Side Eleven - Detective Kato Reiji ago
Chapter Seventy Five ago
Chapter Seventy Six ago
Chapter Seventy Seven ago
Chapter Seventy Eight ago
Chapter Seventy Nine ago
Chapter Eighty ago
Chapter Eighty One ago
Chapter Eighty Two ago
Chapter Eighty Three ago
Chapter Eighty Four ago
Side Twelve – Zhao Heng, Master Of The Incorruptible Jade Sect ago
Chapter Eighty Five ago
Chapter Eighty Six ago
Side Thirteen: Uchida Ren – Master Of The Kiyomizu-Dera ago
Side Fourteen: Mori Eri ago
Side Fifteen – Fujiwara Shige, Head of Fujiwara House ago
Chapter Eighty Seven ago
Chapter Eighty Eight ago
Chapter Eighty Nine ago
Chapter Ninety ago
Chapter Ninety One ago
Chapter Ninety Two ago
Chapter Ninety Three ago
Chapter Ninety Four ago
Chapter Ninety Five ago
Chapter Ninety Six ago
Chapter Ninety Seven ago
Chapter Ninety Eight - Plus Schedule Update/Discussion About The Future ago
Chapter Ninety Nine ago
Side Sixteen – Treyvon James – Black Wolf Company PMC ago
Chapter One Hundred ago
Chapter One Hundred And One ago
Side Seventeen – Mori Eri ago
Chapter One Hundred And Two ago
Chapter One Hundred And Three ago
Side Eighteen: Aliyah James, Black Wolf Company PMC ago
Chapter One Hundred And Four ago
One Hundred And Five / Side Nineteen - Oshiro Sapphire Aiko - R15/18 NSFW chapter ago
Chapter One Hundred And Six ago
Chapter One Hundred And Seven ago
Chapter One Hundred And Eight ago
Chapter One Hundred And Nine ago
Chapter One Hundred And Ten ago
Chapter One Hundred And Eleven ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twelve ago
Chapter One Hundred And Thirteen ago
Chapter One Hundred And Fourteen ago
Chapter One Hundred And Fifteen ago
Chapter One Hundred And Sixteen ago
Chapter One Hundred And Seventeen ago
Side Twenty - Treyvon James – Black Wolf Company PMC ago
Side Twenty One – Mori Eri ago
Side Twenty Two – The Raven Knight ago
Side Twenty Three – Fujiwara Shige, Head of Fujiwara House ago
Side Twenty Four – Revelation-Cardinal Lorenzo Giudice ago
Side Twenty Five – The Widow Of Nails ago
Arc 5 - Thirteen Days Of Terrible Trouble - Chapter One Hundred And Eighteen ago
Chapter One Hundred And Nineteen ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty One ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Two ago
Side Twenty Six – Izumi Kana ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Three ago
One Hundred And Twenty Four ago
Side Twenty Seven: Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Five ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Six ago
Side Twenty Eight - Mori Eri ago
Side Twenty Nine: Izumi Kana ago
Side Thirty: The Widow Of Nails ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Seven ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Eight ago
Side Thirty One: Zhao Daiyu – Incorruptible Jade Sect ago
Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Nine ago
Side Thirty Two: Oshiro Sapphire Aiko ago

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Great Love Immortal Venerable

Super original story, reminds me a little of "The World Keeper", it gives the same vibes although none of the story is even remotely similar.

Best part of the story for me is the unique power system and lore. The "kingdom" building up to this point is well done and Mc is also a fighter so I like that.

Worst part is the fact that Mc is a merciful in a world which I assume is going to be ruthless. I was expecting the Mc to pull a Jake (The Primal Hunter) and adapt real quick to the astral world and I still hope he becomes more ruthless but I enjoy the character development annd all that it entails.

One thing that could ruin this novel is the addition of an unnecessary harem of girls for no reason. Its the same  thing that ruined 'The World Keeper' and another novel on RRL whose name i cannot remember.

All-in-all this seems to be a novel with quite a lot of potential and as long as it doesn't fall in the pitfalls that "beta japanese protaganists" fall into then we'll be good.

(Chapter 21)

Edit: Decreased half a star after reading till 23


Original and Exciting

Reviewed at: Chapter Forty Three

This has got to be one of the most original stories I've read in a while. It has combinations of rpg and rts story modes along with a bit of reality to bring us back down to earth. The mc is one of many humans who have been selected to help protect the "material Earth" from outside influences. He has to protect and grow his "astral" territory from enemies so that he can become strong enough for when the big bad dudes show up. 

I find this a fascinating story. It is one that really scratches that itch that screams for action as well as kingdom building.

The story is now up to chapter 43 and is growing increasingly interesting. The author is cranking out five chapters a week and says he has plenty more where that came from. I encourage anyone who loves a good book to try this one out. It is definitely worth your time.


Authors starts off a little slow and weak with the introductory chapters. After chapter 15 or so it really picks up and becomes a a great story. Slight tendency to not show repeats of the character table early but that is fixed in later chapters.

If you are concerned about the harem it is well done and not total anime bullshit you may expect with love triangles/ drama all the time etc...

The overarching story has multiple facets and is not a one dimensional base builder, with multiple moving parts and many mysteries left to explore.

Great story and one I am actively following.


It's got a lot of great characters, a nice mix of action and world building, and a super interesting plot so far.

I'm going to say that I only have one area to critique on, and even then it isn't necessarily a bad one, but it is something worth noting.

Basically while there are male side characters who aren't terrible, there is a real dearth of ones that I could see becoming a main part of the story this far along. I know that seems like an odd gripe, but it's a kind of truth that a lot of novels get sucked into. There's plenty of female characters for the male lead to get to know, but few male characters can make the jump to the main supporting cast.

Now I actually don't mind this because I believe the author has done an excellent job of giving all the characters a fairly realistic and fleshed out feel with plenty of room to grow, but it's worth mentioning in a review.

And truth be told, when you start going in the harem direction, most people aren't going to want a bunch of guys that draw attention away from making the female cast more interesting. Honestly, I'd rather have a great main character and great female characters in the harem and supporting cast than forcing in some guys just because it's a bit lacking in that area and I'm pretty sure most people if pollled would say the same.

Now maybe at some point that will change, and I'm not saying there's absolutely no one who could join up in the future, just wanted the author to be aware of it. Especially if you want to keep the harem numbers down, having a ton of significant female supporting charactes will draw people to want them to join up with the main character if you're making them interesting. And so far, the author has been great at doing it. The spoiler kind of sums up my thoughts about that in one aspect, though I know not everyone will agree with me on it.

While I'm not really for or against incest in fiction, Akio and Aiko definitely made me feel a bit bad. Like, I almost felt bad for that not being a thing because I didn't want Aiko to feel left out of Akio and Eri's relationship. I'm not advocating for it to be added into the story, but just trying to clarify that I like Aiko's character enough that I didn't want her to feel left out in the future.

Especially when there's bound to be other female leads in the future taking up some of the limelight and I love how close Akio, Eri, and Aiko are. In fact, it may end up being a story or character development in the future that causes friction between them all and adds more depth to things, but I still kind of hope it doesn't. Leave best sister Aiko slightly envious but glad for her sister-in-law pretty please author, if there's any drama I want it's only "Who is the best little sister fighting for Akio's affection!". At least that way I can be happy no matter what. XP


I digress, no seriously I didn't intend to go so far into that part, but ugh, the characters really do feel that well fleshed out to me. I'm starting to repeat myself to much, so let me just sum things up: give this a read, you'll enjoy it, and if you don't, you'll realize pretty quickly it's not for you.