The Wanderer's Tales: A Leviathan LITRPG

The Wanderer's Tales: A Leviathan LITRPG

by StrangerPings

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

How can there be a greater purpose to this life, when it is so fickle, so privy to the whims of the mortal souls who unknowingly rule over it? There is only what one makes of their life, whether it be human, or monstrous, or something else entirely.

This is the tale of a wanderer who cares not for the greater purpose, seeking only to explore all there is under the sky and sea. Following the wandering path of ones curiosity.

But for this chance at freedom, I had to pay a final price. Three centuries of servitude to a god's fickle whims, I wreaked havoc and destruction at its bidding. Kingdoms rose and fell, unsinkable fleets sunk, and gods fled at my whim. Come, and listen to my tale, and maybe you too will understand.

There is no higher meaning to this life beyond what one creates for oneself.

This is a story of an indifferent soul with a complicated and troubled past that he can't remember, but still follows him into even rebirth. He has suffered under the whims of gods, and more importantly, mortals, and he wants nothing more than to finally be free and follow his insatiable curiosity to wherever it may lead him.

But fate has an unexpected twist in store for him.

Warning: Likely to get exceeding bloody later on, it is a monster-MC. There will be an indifference to human life, relationships, emotions, and sexual content in the future.

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