Shadow of the Spyre

Shadow of the Spyre

by RabbleRouser

"Those who try to change Form without likewise shifting Function are doomed to a lifetime of agony and mediocrity--or they make the best assassins." -Auld Wynfor Ganlin

An orphan with unique powers not seen in a thousand years, trapped in a world only she can see, her life a waking nightmare.  A boy long ago lost to his family, forced to masquerade as the enemy by one of his own, his continued facade his people's only hope of salvation.  An immortal trapped in the flesh of a man, a prisoner for something he has not yet done, fleeing something he thought he had killed.  A girl abandoned in the mountains, without memories or a note, her people the stuff of legends, but whose villages have never been found.  Meet these and many more incredible characters as they engage in a complex struggle for survival in a realm about to plunge in a downward spiral of politics, death, and treachery.

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Top List #100
Word Count (14)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
60 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - An Unseen World ago
Chapter 2 - The Man with Two Faces ago
Chapter 3 - Capturing Fire ago
Chapter 4 - Mystery of the Rockfarmer ago
Chapter 5 - The Spy ago
Chapter 6 - A Man and His Hounds ago
Chapter 7 - Tipping the Party ago
Chapter 8 - A Forbidden Family ago
Chapter 9 - Making Enemies at an Early Age ago
Chapter 10 - Consequences ago
Chapter 11 - A Girl Named Maelys ago
Chapter 12 - Breaking the Rock ago
Chapter 13 - A Mind for Murder ago
Chapter 14 - Spirited to the Slopes ago
Chapter 15 - Aneirin's Ranking Ceremony ago
Chapter 16 - A Dying Breed ago
Chapter 17 - The Storm ago
Chapter 18 - The Bitter Old Man ago
Chapter 19 - The Missing Village ago
Chapter 20 - Reports of Unrest ago
Chapter 21 - The Soul-Eater ago
Chapter 22 - Last of His Kind ago
Chapter 23 - An Irreverent Bastard ago
Chapter 24 - The Desperate Drake and his Stubborn Guard ago
Chapter 25 - Dining with the Undead ago
POLL: New Title?? ago
Chapter 26 - Pathenian ago
Chapter 27 - Better Than a Cursed Sheep ago
Chapter 28 - The Flood ago
Chapter 29 - Taking Ryan Home ago
Chapter 30 - A River of Death ago
Chapter 31 - The Highly Desirable Inkeeper's Son ago
Chapter 32 - River Monster ago
Chapter 33 - Ryan's Gigantic (Many-Segmented) Problem ago
Chapter 34 - Lone Survivors of a Murdered Family Line ago
Chapter 35 - The Lost Raedher Ganlin ago
Chapter 36 - The Plot to Kill a Few Rats ago
Chapter 37 - Old Age and Treachery... ago
Chapter 38 - An Old Veteran's Mistake ago
Chapter 39 - A Wrathful Rockfarmer ago
Chapter 40 - An Ancient Enemy and an Uncanny Child ago
Chapter 41 - Silence at Ganlin Hall ago
Chapter 42 - Master of the Aspen Grove ago
MAP: Bryda ago
Chapter 43 - An Uneasy Alliance ago
Chapter 44 - Fisherfolk in the Big City ago
Chapter 45 - Running Out of Time... ago
Chapter 46 - Saeby's Sacrifice ago
Chapter 47 - Rockfarmer, Meet Rockfarmer ago
Chapter 48 - The Trouble with Tattoos ago
Chapter 49 - Saebrya Assaults the Spyre ago
Chapter 50 - An Interloper in the Spyre ago
Chapter 51 - Saeby's Ultimatum ago
Chapter 52 - Raedher Ganlin ago
Chapter 53 - A Curious Way with Women ago
Chapter 54 - Laelia's New Pawn ago
Chapter 55 - Rhydderch's New Pawn ago
Chapter 56 - The Sipper Boy ago
Chapter 57 - Feeding Stock ago
Chapter 58 - The Problem with Exes ago

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Well written, Rich world, Deep magic

Reviewed at: Chapter 50 - An Interloper in the Spyre

This story is so good that I wanted to make sure and write a review so it is higher on the trending list.

Update as of Chapter 46 below.

A seemingly complex soft-magic system, characters with varied and interwoven histories, terrain that still has stories to divulge. This book so far has it all, and is grammatically well written to boot.

One of the best parts of the writing style is a propensity to SHOW instead of TELL. This is a massive breath of fresh air in the incredibly stale dungeon that contains most RR stories.

As long as you can palate a bit of a dark story that does not shy away from character death, give this world a shot. You will not be disappointed.


I almost dropped this after reading half way through chapter 46. If you get there and there has not been a revision, you'll probably understand why.

Thankfully the author is quite receptive to feedback. See the ch46 comments thread for more details on the why.


Some reasons for why you should read Shadows of the Spyre

I like this story so far, it is objectively good. 

It has vivid details, the kind where you can close your eyes and imagine you are there. 

There's some nice art interspersed that is relevant to the story, and well placed.

I feel sympathetic for the characters, they're struggling a bit right now. 

The characters are likeable. At the very least, I like them. 

It's pretty dark, if you're into that. 



An addictive fantasy story full of intrigue and peril. We are introduced to a number of characters with unique abilities, their stories interwoven with in-universe history and prophesy. It feels like it could go on forever, but I hope that some mysteries get resolved sooner rather than later.  I want to see the characters I love reunited and piece together their stories, and undoubtedly a dangerous conflict in ahead. 

I cannot wait for the rest. 



Reviewed at: Chapter 4 - Mystery of the Rockfarmer

Shadow of the Spyre is one of those fantasy books that will have an ensemble cast of some sorts. At the time of this review, it's still taking the time to build up everything, and the build up itself is the biggest positive of this review. 

The author does a good job at showing what is going on. The world is not being info dumped to you the reader as a wall of text. This book wants you to paint the picture with what paint it does give you, and speaking of paint, this is not a bright fantasy (though the title already says it all)

With characters and dialogue so far it's the foundation but it's a solid foundation nontheless. Perhaps the only recommendation I would give for the author is to maybe be consistent with the multple characters making up the ensemble cast, but I trust the author has it all planned out and I look forward to the future chapters.

Minion #51, Dreaming Minion

I can no longer write reviews (brain no longer works that way; I get so frustrated my mind goes blank and I can't finish), but you really REALLY want to read this. It will rock your world and leave you slavering for more of this author's work. Not only that, but you'll be happy to PAY for said works on Amazon. Yep. 


Entertaining, Epic, Not suited for the Impatient.

Reviewed at: Chapter 27 - Better Than a Cursed Sheep

The characters are likeable, unique, believable, and entertaining, so much so that I was able to ignore all their personal foibles and plotholes.

The world, while as-of-yet largly unexplored and unexplained (that should please you infodump haters!), is very unique and fascinating while treading much of the same ground as other western fantasy worlds.

The magic system is both similar to and different from other series' tropes, not using terms or exact concepts like 'magic', mana, or the 4 elements.  It's more reminiscent of Tolkien's, Stephen Lawhead's, or Raymond Feist's works than any of the cookie-cutter high fantasy or "litrpg" products of recent years.  The magic is tied to the lore, not a number system or god-alignment, and there are some very creatively unique (I know I've used this word a lot) powers that people have.

Also, the story is split up into multiple co-intwined plotlines by teams and timing, so be ready for it going in.  You may not hear from certain characters for 10 chapters or so at a time (like Tolkien or Wheel of Time), so do be aware, but, if you enjoyed any of the aforementioned series, you'll probably like this, too.

This series can go DARK sometimes, and the author is not afraid to

terrorize, maim, or murder


his cast, but the payoffs are quite worth it!

So there, by the simple fact that I bothered to type all of that out and my own inherent pickyness (as well as the fact that this is the first review I've bothered to post), you should know that this was an extremely unexpected gem for me and I truly hope that the author keeps typing for years to come!


I love fantasy in every form and this has got to be one of my favorites, gritty and realistic to human nature and choices. The imagery and descriptions are amazing and the formagic takes is interesting and unique.

Characters transition is easy and I can't wait to jump between them, or to read more! Keep it coming!


Feels like Wheel of Time meets Game of Thrones

Reviewed at: Chapter 31 - The Highly Desirable Inkeeper's Son

As of this writing I've only completed 16 chapters, but I can't get enough.   I've been hooked since the first chapter and can't wait to see what happens next.  I get a strong feeling that the Wheel of Time has mixed with Game of Thrones, and we get this fascinating story that I have to force myself to stop reading so I can function in society.  Maybe I can catch up this weekend!


I imagine this will be top of rising soon

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - The Soul-Eater

The story has a nice flow between chapters even with changing characters often, its like its giving you a puzzle piece each chapters to slowly help you piece together the world they are building, anyway i imagine this will be top of rising stars if they do not burn themselves out of something unexpected doesnt't happen, if you are looking for a new story to actually delve into instead of no brain reading like most of us end up doing i suggest picking this one up!


It starts off with showing things instead of explaining them, giving interest as you try to puzzle your way in. It feels polished and already deserves to be a rising story. The only possible problems I see are multiple characters , and they all have been introduced equally so it's not too jarring switching to another pov. Beautiful work.