The Seven Winged Butterfly

The Seven Winged Butterfly

by Soul_Doctor

« Is your life really that boring? ».

« I mean, I wouldn’t say that it’s boring. It’s just…normal. I wake up, I go to lesson, I get back home to study, I read some web novels or watch some episodes of a series, and then I go to sleep. And the next day it starts again ».

« Sometimes I wonder how would it be like to live an adventurous life, like the characters of those novels…to really have an extraordinary life… ».


« A superpower? Interesting…what superpower would you choose? ».


What would you do if you were suddenly gifted a superhuman ability? Would you use it to enjoy the pleasures of life? Would you try conquering fame and power? Would you create a better world for those around you?

Now, what if you realized that you are not the only one gifted with a unique power. That there are six more like you, but whose powers and intentions you ignore completely. What would you do then? Is it safe to just keep living your life as you please? Would you track them down to make sure that they are peaceful? Or would you hunt them to make sure that you are the only "special" one in the world?

That mysterious countdown that keeps ticking certainly doesn't help.

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