Arcane Realms Online - A VRMMO Tale

Arcane Realms Online - A VRMMO Tale

by Lazy Satyr

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Joseph 'Joey' Brown has certain principles he lives by - and one of them is to never let an opportunity to to waste.

So when he wins something he hadn't even thought was possible, a headset that gives VR a whole new meaning, he's unable to refuse - despite his misgivings. That's how he finds himself in a world he shouldn't even have access to. The world of Eiy, a place of magic and wonder. And yet, a world of horror. A world that is about to encounter something it is entirely unprepared for.

Puns. And Dad jokes. Humour of the worst variety, yet Joey's anchor when he's out of his depth. Will he be able use his skills in this new world to avoid being swept away? What new things can he learn to help tide him over?

And what of the AI that watches his every action?

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