Chapter 11

Curtis Approaching


Curtis and his warriors were in Bird Port and they were searching for Crayon and his friends.


" We must find them " said Curtis. " Warbler has a lot of explaining to do "

" He sure does " said a warrior. " We must spare him "

" Yes " said Curtis. " We will defeat them but not kill them "

" Yes " said the warrior. " Warbler is a good guy but he should know by now that he cannot let people influence him like that "

" Indeed " said Curtis. They continued searching through Bird Port.


They found this bakery and they entered.


The warriors surrounded the bakers.


Do you know where Challenger is ? " asked Curtis.

" Challenger ? " asked a baker.

" You know where he is " said Curtis. " He is in Bird Port "

" That's true " said a warrior.

" Well he was here but not that recently " said the baker. " Knowing Artby he would go to other bakeries "

" Well if Artby is around, Challenger cannot be too far " said Curtis.

" We must find them "


They then entered other bakeries and they heard about the dream that Artby had.


" What in the world is this, Artby is something else " said Curtis.

" Who knows with that guy " said a warrior.

" Look, we just need to know where they went " said a warrior.

" Well they left early this morning " said a baker.

" Curtis wants to meet with them " said a warrior.


" King Bobby has requested it " said Curtis. " They are wanted in Bird's Isle right now for sure "

" Wanted ? " asked the baker. " For what ?

" The thing is that the king wanted them to fight in the war " said Curtis.

" The king isn't happy about what happened "

" The war didn't end up happening " said the baker.

" You must not know the reason " said Curtis.

" They refused to fight ? " asked the baker.

" King Bobby is furious " said Curtis.

" Warbler is the brother of Blackburnian, but he has not come back willingly "

" Regardless if you know about there whereabouts right now, I suggest that you do not bake bread for them " said the warrior.

" If you do, the king will not be pleased " said Curtis.

" The king is not somebody to mess with "

" Artby is a good customer " said the baker.

" Regardless, if he is or not the king is upset with the decision of not fighting " said Curtis. " If we catch you serving any of them outside of Warbler, it could be a problem "

" We do not want to start anything but these friends of Warbler are not good for Bird's Isle or Warbler "


" Warbler is someone that we feel has been mistreated "

" You must not go against what we are saying "

" Warbler is a great guy, he must be seen as a great guy "

Curtis and the warriors left.


He then contacted King Bobby.


" King Bobby, we have found a bakery that served Artby " said Curtis.

" Do you remember the name ? " asked King Bobby.

" Bird Port's Bread " said Curtis.

" Well this is disappointing " said King Bobby.

" I am not happy that they are being served, I made laws against it "

" These laws must mean something "

" Since they have been notified that if they continue to serve them that they must be shut down " said Curtis. "

" I hope they learn from this " said King Bobby. " They now know about the war situation "

" They must do what is right "

" They must understand what I am doing here "

" Yes, these bakers must do what I say "

" They had better " said Curtis.

" If not we will have to arrest them "


King Bobby sent the name to his advisors.


After that, King Bobby had a stern warning for anyone choosing to serve Crayon and his friends outside of Warbler.


Right now Crayon and his friends have refused to join the war. We cannot have people protecting them, it is very disrespectful to the king. We either expect that you will contact us or tell them to leave if you know it is them. It is the right thing to do.


If you fail to do so, we will demand the firing of the individual in question or have them brought to us. This was a war that was approved by every advisor, several warriors of ours wanted to fight. Not a single advisor is happy they are not fighting. We have posted the faces of them so that you understand what they look like so you can refuse them service. This is now the rule of Bird's Isle. Serving Warbler will be allowed because he is the brother of Blackburnian and we believe that Challenger has influenced him poorly, but he must come without them. This warning will be posted all over Bird's Isle so you will remember, we do not want anyone forgetting something so important.


We want them to face justice, they will not die of starvation. There will be meals for them to eat given to them by us. Do not worry about them starving right now, you have my word that they are not going to die.


Thanks for your understanding,

King Bobby Blackbird


After that, Crayon and his friends heard the news.


" This is terrible " said Crayon.

" Will the businesses listen to him ? " asked Grackle.

" I hope not, but he does have a lot of influence being the king " said Colourea.

" We will have to see " said Dove.

" There are some people who do not like the king " said Artby.

" We will have to find these places "

" Yeah " said Colouruke.

" Warbler is said to not be affected so he will have to go alone to the stores " said Dove.

" I will do it " said Warbler.

" Good " said Challenger. " This takes effect tomorrow, so we need to get everything we need "

" Yeah, these laws are getting out of hand " said Grackle.


After that, they got everything they needed and they had a lot now.


" I am not sure how much longer we will be able to keep it up " said Crayon.

" I am not sure how they will enforce this law " said Colouruke.

" They will likely make their warriors enter the stores " said Crayon.

" I could see that " said Challenger.

" We should keep training through the days " said Colourea. " You never know if Curtis or Lord Grackle decide to come "

" They are stronger than Draco, Draco was very strong " said Warbler.


Time passed. Crayon kissed Colourea and they embraced before bedtime.


They went to bed. They got up and made their breakfast.


" Now these times are going to be tough " said Colouruke.

" Luckily we have bread " said Artby. " We will always remember bakers and they will remember a customer like me "

" I cannot imagine what bakers are going through not seeing me be there to buy bread, it truly is horrible "

" I care about bakers "


" I'm sure the bakers will find a way to manage " said Crayon. " King Bobby really has truly gotten a lot more brutal "

" Yeah, since he is stopping us going to a bakery now " said Artby.

" Bakeries are so useful "

" We will stop him " said Challenger. " We still need to train "

" We need to if we want to stop these advisors " said Grackle.


Meanwhile the law passed and the advisors were thrilled.


" This is going to be the end for them " said Lord Grackle.

" They will run out of food " said Diana. " We do not want to starve them but since they refuse to come willingly to face justice we have no choice "

" But Warbler is allowed to buy food though " said Queen Starling. " He could keep them going "


" We expect that he will just buy for himself " said King Bobby. " Plus he is the brother of Blackburnian "

" He wouldn't go against us like that "

" He is a great guy "

" We hope that they will get the message " said Blackburnian.

" They cannot get away with what they have done "

" They must get it " said King Bobby. " They will face justice "

" Justice must happen "

" Curtis will speak with them " said Lord Grackle.


" They must listen to Curtis and understand what he has to say " said King Bobby.

" Well, it is in Curtis's hands now " said Diana.

" It is " said King Bobby. " We know Curtis, his abilities are very strong so if fighting needs to happen he is ready "

" Curtis will set them straight " said Diana.

" Yes, that is very true " said Lord Grackle.

" Curtis knows what he is doing "


They were dismissed by the king.


Crayon and his friends headed out to train. Crayon used his Sky Implosion while Challenger used his Lightning Implosion. They combined them together creating this insane attack called the Electric Tornado Implosion.


" Wow " said Grackle.

" That power will stop them " said Artby.

" We have to " said Colouruke.


Colouruke used his Sea Implosion while Warbler used his Wind Implosion which created an attack called the Hurricane Implosion. The attack was not quite as strong as the first one but it was insanely powerful.


" Brilliant " said Challenger.

" We need to keep this up " said Grackle.

" I believe we can " said Dove.


Dove and Grackle combined their Wind Implosions to create the Sky Implosion.


" Nice " said Warbler.

" Good " said Challenger.

" Glad to see " said Colouruke.


Crayon and his friends then used their Bomb techniques. Challenger was showing his Lightning Bomb techniques. After that they kept training their blast techiques.


After that, they went inside.


Curtis and the warriors were approaching in Bird Port. The warriors kept searching the stores and they were glad to see that Crayon and his friends were not inside being served but unhappy that they could not find them.


Time passed and Crayon had supper with his friends.


King Bobby then had contacted the warriors and was told that Crayon had not been found yet.


" They cannot hide forever " said King Bobby.

" Curtis will set them straight " said Blackburnian.

" Curtis is the man " said Lord Grackle. " He understands Bird's Isle and what it means to be an advisor to the king "

" Curtis has an offer for them " said Queen Starling. " He told me "

" It will be great to see him and the warriors to do it " said Diana.

" It will " said King Bobby.

" Curtis is a guy that we always respect " said Lord Grackle. " Curtis understood the resources that Numeria has and I am glad that he wanted the war at the beginning "

" It sure is " said King Bobby.

" For Curtis " they said together.


Crayon and his friends went to sleep, then got up and ate their breakfast. They went outside and were approached by Curtis and lots of warriors.


" So here we are " said Curtis.

" Curtis " said Crayon.

" I have a proposition " said Curtis.

" What is it ? " asked Challenger.

" We want to you to come with us to Bird's Isle " said Curtis. " We will lift the law but you have to come to judgement from the king "


" King Bobby will make sure you are fed "

" Artby, you do like bread a lot ?

" What does he have in mind ? " asked Crayon.

" Well the king says there will be lasagna

" Lasagna " said Colouruke.

" Yes " said Curtis. " The king has told the chefs to put great ingredients in it "

" There will be salad, bread and dessert "

" Which type of salad ?


" Caesar Salad " said Curtis. " The bread will be a garlic bread, we will also have olive bread as well "

" That bread sounds great " said Artby. " Baking bread like that really is something else "


" Dessert is raspberry pie " said Curtis. " King Bobby has said that he has ordered cake "

" It seems that Artby really wants to eat this food " said a warrior.

" That is good " said another warrior.

" Artby does love bread, but to face justice for not fighting against a country that is not a threat to Colourland or Bird's Isle " said Challenger.


" You do know about the women in Numeria who want Crayon and the other Numerians who want to take Colourea away ? " asked Curtis.

" King Bobby has offered you this great meal " said a warrior. " You must consider it "

" As good as the food is, we do not want to fight in the war " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, you are aware that only Warbler is allowed to get food right now " said Curtis.


" We didn't originally want it this way, but we have been given no choice "

" King Bobby has demanded this war "

" There are people that want Crayon in other countries than Numeria " said Challenger. " There are Colourlandish women interested in him, why do you not want to invade Colourland ? "

" Colourland is not a place we want to fight " said Curtis. " We would have to go against Colourlandish people which is not in our best interests "


" Not in your best interests ? " asked Colourea.

" You are aware of the partnership that the old ruler Colour King started are you not ? " asked Curtis.

" Colour King stated that Colourland and Bird's Isle are allies first over other countries "

" It has not ended "


" But I thought Challenger ended it ? " asked Grackle.

" Bird's Isle wanted it to continue " said Curtis. " King Bobby refused to end it "

" But he isn't Colourlandish " said Crayon.


" Not to mention that Colour King created the rule "

" King Bobby saw the defeat of the Bear and he invited you all on this vacation due to it and he wanted war " said Curtis. " He knew that Crayon's abilities would help a lot "

" His talent is spectacular " said a warrior.


" Regardless of how good he is, we do not want to fight " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, your refusal is unacceptable " said Curtis. " We have offered a special meal before judgement "

" Colouruke, you must understand " said a warrior.

" These are the rules "


" If you refuse judgement and our meals, you must fight " said Curtis.

" So which is it ? " Our great meals and judgement or risk dying ?

" So how does this judgement work exactly ? " asked Challenger.


" The advisors will judge you together with the king and the queen " said Curtis.

" They will vote on a punishment that is not an execution "

" There will be warriors present as well, we have a giant courtroom ready for it "

" It is a very big event " said a warrior.


" You are not being executed plus you are given special meals " said Curtis. " You have an important decision to make "

" The meals look tasty but we cannot face this " said Dove.

" We will just make food ourselves instead " said Grackle.

" You won't make it " said Curtis.

" You will all regret this decision "

" This will cost you "



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