Chapter 8

Draco and Rourke


Draco and Rourke then were in Bird Port and they started asking people about Challenger.


" Where is Challenger " said Rourke.

" I don't think the leader of Colourland is here " said a man.

" He is here, our warriors have confirmed it " said Draco.

" If you think about interfering, you will be arrested " said Rourke. " I suggest you refrain from that "

" It is not worth this, either tell us or leave now " said Draco.


The man left.


Draco and Rourke continued searching through Bird Port but had not found them.


Crayon and his friends had gotten up and then they headed to the bakery where Artby thanked the bakers for making him feel better.


" Thanks for making us better, for helping us in fights, I will always continue to help bakers at any time " said Artby.

" Yeah " said the baker.

" Have you noticed that the bread has made us better ? " asked Artby. " I am so proud of bakers "

" Bread has kept us that way, I love bakers so much "

" Uh, okay " said the baker.

" We will be getting a lot of bread from here " said Artby.


They got their bread and left.


They were about to have breakfast. They enjoyed their breakfast and then they headed outside to train.


Crayon, Challenger, Artby and Colourea used their Light Implosions together and the attack combined into two Sun Implosions which hit with intense power.


Warbler, Dove and Grackle used their Wind Implosions and they combined to be the Bird Implosion and the attack hit with insane power.


Colouruke then kept training his Ultimate Sea Blasts, then his Sea Implosion. After that, they each used their respective Bomb techniques with combined for the Ultimate Bird Bomb and two Ultimate Sun Bombs. The attacks hit with intense power.


Crayon and his friends finished their training for the day. They found a place to eat and they ate there.


They enjoyed their meal,


Time passed and then they went to bed, Artby was very proud of bakers.


Draco and Rourke were approaching very close. They got up and made themselves their breakfast which they enjoyed eating.


After that, they left but then they noticed Draco and Rourke.


Meanwhile, King Bobby was talking with the advisors.


" I cannot wait for justice " said King Bobby.

" Draco and Rourke will bring it " said Blackburnian.

" My brother Warbler will see it for himself "

" He will know the friend who has interfered "

" He will see that this friend has gotten in everyone's way "

" It will be amazing " said Diana.

" The friend must pay for what has happened "

" The warriors of Bird's Isle have wanted war, Challenger fucked up as a leader " said Queen Starling.

" Challenger failed to expose this friend "

" The warriors will remember, Draco and Rourke know it " said Curtis.

" Challenger has screwed up " said King Bobby.

" Colour King would not tolerate what Challenger has tolerated "


Draco and Rourke began to talk to Crayon and his friends.


" Well, now this is interesting " said Draco.

" I suggest you come with us " said Rourke. " Nobody gets hurt that way and then you will face the punishment that King Bobby has decided "

" The friend must be revealed "

" What does he want to punish you with, you will find out " said Rourke.

" We do not need to fight, we just need the king to punish you for what you have done "

" The friend must be revealed and not kept secret "

" The choice is yours, come with us and face the punishment or you can fight " said Draco. " May I remind you that we are both stronger than Paula who was stronger than Salvador "

" I am aware " said Crayon.

" I must think about bakers and baking " said Artby.

" They are important to me "

" Why ? " asked Draco.

" Bakers are not relevant to this discussion "

" This is about punishment and the friend "

" Artby, you must be taking this more seriously " said Rourke.

" This is not the time for bakers, baking or bread "

"Anyways Warbler, your future will be decided " said Draco.

" His future ? " asked Colouruke.

" What is going on ? "


" King Bobby is upset with the decision that he believes that is forced on him " said Draco.

" He is not going to tolerate any more "

" Yes, he will not deal with this " said Rourke.

" Why does the king believe that ? " asked Artby.

" He strongly believes that because his brother Blackburnian wants them to fight together in the war " said Rourke.

" He has said he is hurt "

" The king wants them to fight as brothers together " said Draco. " He is not happy with the decision that Challenger has made "

" Challenger has not been the leader that King Bobby expected him to be "


" But we don't want to fight " said Colourea.

" This isn't about Challenger being a leader or not "

" You will spend time in jail most likely, but the king may have a different punishment in mind " said Rourke.

" He will have something in mind " said Draco.

" The king knows what he is doing "

" The decision that Challenger made ? " asked Dove.

" We refused to fight "

" Challenger is the leader so he is responsible, leaders must take responsibility " said Draco. " He will be blamed more because of that "

" But this war is against Numeria, Numerians have not posed enough of a threat " said Challenger. " Plus couldn't Colourlandish people refuse to fight "

" Numerians are not the primary focus now "

" King Bobby has ordered it to happen, why is he is given a bigger say than Challenger " said Crayon.

" Well he ordered the war and that you were invited by him " said Rourke. " If you were not invited by him then you would be allowed to not fight

" He invited you all because he sensed something "

" We thought it was a vacation " said Colouruke.

" We had no idea "


" Same here " said Crayon.

" He knew of the skills that were shown, so he noticed that " said Draco.

" King Bobby really does think of everything "

" Challenger would not fight in the war since he is the leader of Colourland, he would stay with the king, queen and Lord Grackle " said Rourke.

" Leaders cannot fight in these wars "

" Why Lord Grackle ? " asked Grackle.

" An advisor must always stay back, Blackburnian refused to not fight " said Draco. " The other advisors as well wanted to fight but Lord Grackle made the decision "

" It was not easy for him "

" Now it is time for you to make the decision " said Rourke. " To fight or to safely make it back for punishment from the king "

" Which is it ? said Draco.

" We will fight " said Crayon. " I'm not going to jail for not going to war "

" Same here " said Artby. " If I go to jail, I won't be able to go to bakeries and eat tasty bread "

" Bakers would be sad "

" I must eat bread "

" You fools " said Rourke. " We will crush you, like we said we are both stronger than Paula "

" Now six of you will fight " said Draco. " You have two minutes to decide "


They had a discussion and Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Warbler, Artby and Dove decided to fight while Challenger and Grackle were not fighting.


" So Challenger will not fight " said Rourke stunned.

" What "

" The rest of you are not strong enough " said Draco.

" We will just see about that " said Crayon.

" King Bobby would have preferred that you stay alive for justice, but we have no choice now " said Rourke.

" Yes, we must do this now " said Draco.

" Justice will happen no matter what "

" Yes, it will " said Rourke.

" Let's fight " said Crayon.

" Bakers have helped, time for me to show that " said Artby.

" Prepare to face justice " said Draco.


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