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Charles Monroe survived the disappearance of his parents, did his best to hold things together for himself and his sister. He survived when she, too, vanished, leaving behind nothing but a cryptic note. He was devastated, but he kept moving forward as best he could. 

Cancer didn’t put him down, and after suffering through several rounds of chemotherapy, Charles Monroe thought that things might finally be looking up. That is, until a virulent strain of ebola swept through the city. With his immune system strained as it is, the odds don’t look good for Charles.

Now, on the bridge between life and death, he hears a voice claiming to know where his family went. It claims that it needs his help and that it can give him a second life, one far away from all the pain he’s ever known. So, Charles answers as any reasonable person would.

He says no. Charles isn't ready or willing to die yet. 

But, as with everything else to this point, even his choice to keep fighting is taken from him all too soon. With no other option but the dark oblivion of death, Charles chooses to make a deal with the spirit of a distant world that's seeking a wild card in its battle against the gods, monsters, and mortals that threaten its existence. 

Someday, he’ll find where his family went. Someday, he’ll uphold his end of the bargain and hunt beings powerful beyond anything he’s ever known. Someday, he might even – hatch?


Things to Know:

-Cheep!? Will release on a minimum weekly schedule. 

-After a backlog of chapters, posting will slow, but in the interim you can expect a chapter a day up until roughly 25 chapters.

-This story at times will potentially carry some heavy moments, but the tone is intended to be lighter overall. 

-There are invisible game-like elements in this story, but nothing so concrete as a dedicated gamelit novel.

-I personally have some issues with anxiety, so I may or may not interact with the community a lot. I'll try if anyone has questions, but I can't guarantee that it'll be consistent.

-MC is a non-human lead, and will never actually become human. Romance will potentially happen between side-characters, but not with the MC.

-MC IS NOT THE ONLY VIEW POINT. I have to put that out there because people sometimes hate alternate PoV's in a story. None of them will be filler, and they'll be there only to give a little bit more nuance and meaning to the world that the MC has stepped in, or is about to be imminently important. I'll try to keep them down, but this also helps to prevent me from burning out getting trapped in one view.

-Most of all, I hope that this story is enjoyable to you, and that you have a great time reading it!

-Written by Michael Adams, Cowritten/Edited by Summer Kent

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Michael Adams

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Seeking Polaris

Good up to chapter 31

Reviewed at: Cheep!? 45

Questionable quality after chapter 31, seems like it's wildly swinging around from politics to dumb mc to doormat mc and unnecessarily forcing complications everywhere in a story where the main appeal is how simple and free things should be living as a bird. Ima just leave it at 2.5 stars for now and keep reading.

I mean the author really went the whole extra mile to make a situation where he should've been experienced prepared and able to succeed more than anyone else, and then showed how pathetically little any of the main characters traits, experience, and intelligence were worth, almost as if the author was trying to prove that a dumb bird in place of the mc would get the same results and it's just the situation that's special rather than the mc himself. Which is more than a little frustrating for me as someone who hates stories that just devolve into doormat stories and such.

Update: At chapter 45 waiting til I feel like reading this again so I can binge read it, after much consideration and thinking about the story I still don't think I'll be changing this rating for a while yet, it deserves the rating as far as I'm concerned and it'll be a while before it can dig itself back out if you ask me.


So far into the book the chapters are well paced and the grammar is superb.

The characters are lovable from what I can tell

You learn as the character goes which is always the best learning method in a book for the reader imo.

Gread read you will love it.


Featheringly amusing reincarnation/isekai

Reviewed at: Notice of Edits; Not a Chapter

Glad to see this author trying their hand at what seems to be a bit more light hearted of a story. I feel the tone and setting have a lot of potential to be a very interesting fantasy rpg type setting. The main character hasn't shown too much depth as of yet, but the groundwork is there.

So far it's a nice blend of seriousness and humor, with some witty terms adjusted for the MC being...well, of a different sort now.

It's definitely worth reading and I hope that the story keeps up with its momentum.




The Dark part of the story (you'll know it when you see it) is temporary and does not set the tone for the rest of the story. It gets warm and lively once again, so worry not!



i think its a good read(very good). Plot has meaning wether big or small. Characters feel real, I will confess that I initially hated the main character due to how much of what makes him weak are qualities that i have. Lack of system in an monster evo story felt nice too. Sometimes i wonder if the author intentionally created multiple individuals for the mc to care for just to kill them for plot but it hasnt happened(yet) because that would be lazy writing. anyway u should read this


A promising story

Reviewed at: Cheep!? 18

I like non-human reincarnation story, and Cheep!? scratched an itch I thought would remain unsatisfied. It is not perfect, but it is good, and I would recommend it to any reader with a taste for this genre!

A particularity of Cheep!?, the story is co-written (by Michael Adams and Summer Kent). I will only refer to Michael in my review, but Summer, we don’t forget you :)



With an above-average style, Cheep!?’s narration does not distract from the story - which is all I could ask for.

Michael Adams uses first-person narration. The main POV character is Charles, but others also have their spotlights. Some POV changes were unclear in the early chapters, but this has improved.

The POV character’s thoughts are described in great details. I found the narration easy to follow, even when I had forgotten some relevant details. Another consequence (good or bad) is that the POV characters (past or present) do not have a "hidden side" anymore.



All good.



No litrpg, but the staples of non-human reincarnation are there. Medfan universe, a fast growth into an extremely rare and powerful variant, a contact with a (for now) only loosely defined human civilization through a team of adventurers... Cheep!? does not revolutionize the non-human reincarnation, but it provides a solid and enjoyable take on it.

The pace is also consistent and sustained, and Michael Adam’s impressive productivity is a definite point in favor of Cheep!?



Some have noted that Cheep!?’s character are its strong point. I liked the siblings’ antics and child-like personality, as well as by Skye’s touching naiveté and hopefulness. The mercenaries also provide darker character. Michael Adam’s choice of using several POV characters allows us a glimpse into their psyche.

That being said, the POV characters are usually likeable, and the conflict between them doesn’t hold well, nor does it generate a lot of tension.

Zenopath’s review points out an annoying plot point - one that is necessary for the story to progress, but still.

Don’t expect unique pieces; most characters can still be defined in one or two sentences, to the point of being forgettable (if not less endearing in the right scenes).

Overall, while still rather shallow, the characters in Cheep!? are far from the one-dimensional caricatures that are all too common in rr stories, and they help make the story even stronger.


A great, Original Story

Reviewed at: Cheep!? 37

This one Does have It all:
-Pleasant to Read Characters
-A Original Concept
-a Thrilling Plot
-Quick and Regular Uploads
-a non-Intrusive Reincarnation Trauma
-a Great and In-depth World
-a Caring Author
-and most Importantly: BIRD JOKES

...well it does not have a System, but that's a plus in my book.


Cheep!? is a really, really well-written novel.  A lot of reincarnated into an animal/monster stories are amateurish in a way that's a little annoying.  Cheep!? avoids a lot of those issues and is very well written. It's small things (e.g., scale, frames of reference, word choice), but I appreciate them and it's what takes the story from good to great

A few odd thoughts: 

First, the prologue is not that great.  There's just a little too much woe is me that reads like far too many bad isekai that the author wrote from a bad place.  And maybe the prologue is just a touch political? I'd cut that in half. For readers, I'd suggest just skipping it. 

Second, despite the title, cover, and synopsis, the protagonist only stays a cute little munchkin for a handful of chapters, then he grows up into something more powerful. I think that's for the better, and it moves the plot along well, but I don't want any misconceptions before you start reading this story.

Third, contrary to the author's protests, there's at least 10% (and maybe more like 20%) of the words that are dedicated to alternate POVs.  And while an alternate POV can be (and is) very helpful, it is a bit overused here. Like, do we need almost a thousand words across multiple chapters about the alchemist's hot sauce (for food)?

Fourth, the story ought to be tagged for Psychological. We spend a lot of time with the protagonist being introspective, sometimes about some really heavy topics. Heck, he even jokes about needing a therapist specializing in birds because he's so introspective.  And I completely agree.  Also, related to the above, even the other POVs spend a fair bit of time either being introspective or discussing (non-romantic) relationships. Sure, it's realistic but I don't see how that helps as a story element this (relatively) early in the story.


Not perfect, but pretty damn good

Reviewed at: Cheep!? 54

First off, it's a really fun story. I'm picking up the new chapter as soon as I see it, and binched through the first parts to catch up. It's not perfect, but pretty damn good.

Note that the first major arc is quite different from the second where our adorable vain killer bird is getting more social contacts. For me personally this works out nicely, even if I see other reviewers here wanting the story to twist another way. That's the thing with stories though, they twist the way where the authors want them to go, and for me this twist makes sense for a lot of different reasons.

The birds in the story are highly entertaining, and I'm really a fan of the vanity and near-innocence in them. The people are a little bit less well defined, but give very important information about the world at large our bird is located in, and as they get more screen time they are being fleshed out more and more.

There seems to be quite a lot going on in the world, but details are kept on a manageable level and nothing is overwhelming. The right amount of detail introduced in the right contexts really.

Definitely a recommendation!


Firstly, CHEEP!?!? It is a really well made story

Reviewed at: Cheep!? 42

So while there are many many trolls, the story itself is by far one of the most interesting concepts I've seen done ever. I have been reading books and webnovels at least 4 hours a day everyday for the past 11 years and I can say without a doubt in my mind I'm going to follow this one until it ends. I love the mc, skye is a good character, the family of birds are well done and consistent, and the world itself is so unique. I wanted to wait until the story was set in stone before I reviewed but some people didn't seem to be understanding stuff. It takes place in a mid evilish world so you should expect things from those times. The author has some dark elements in the story but it does actually make sense to the characters if you pay attention. In my opinion the best thing about this story though is the slow progression of how the Mc realized he's no longer human and has these extremely strong animal instincts. All in all if you actually read to the end of this, read the story. Like actually read it and understand it. It's an amazing world with even better characters. 


A solid story. The beginning was very nice, and while a couple of the solo chapters can be a slog, the characters and their interactions make this a great story. And the MC's premise is great, it was great to see a character that's had a horrible life still be a good person.