Soul of the Warrior

Soul of the Warrior

by Kyfe

In a world where Classes, Stats, and Levels are the everyday norm, Reivyn has a secret.

He was unusually aware of his surroundings from an incredibly early age, and Skills and Stats were acquired easily. He was just the son of an ordinary village family, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary on the surface. But below the surface, dreams of another life help shape his mentality and growth. Why does he have some remembrance of a past life, and what is his purpose in this new one?

"Soul of the Warrior" is what I call a Semi-Isekai LitRPG. I say "semi," because Reivyn's past life is remembered like a dream, and very incomplete. It is still Isekai, though, as he remembers enough that it directly shapes his personality and his sense of self.

The System that governs the world of "Soul of the Warrior" is a combination of modified versions from Selkie's "Beneath the Dragoneye Moons" and Kosnik4's "Magic Smithing." I have changed enough of these Systems and combined them in a way that is unique that I'm mostly sure it's fine, but I still have requested permission to use these ideas. They have both graciously granted me permission.

Winner of the April Writathon Challenge.

Release Schedule is Mon, Wed, Fri on Royal Road.

Cover Art by: Jay Graphixx ([email protected]). His work can be found on under JayGraphixx.

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Word Count (14)
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
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Table of Contents
90 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Dreams in the Void ago
Chapter 1 - Awakening ago
Chapter 2 - A Normal Family ago
Chapter 3 - Down with the System ago
Chapter 4 - Step by Step ago
Chapter 5 - A Swing and a Miss ago
Chapter 6 - Adventure! ago
Chapter 7 - The Struggle is Real ago
Chapter 8 - Classical Accident ago
Chapter 9 - Rabble Rabble ago
Chapter 10 - Regular Guy ago
Chapter 11 - Advancing ago
Chapter 12 - Hazy Assimilation ago
Chapter 13 - Sunny Day ago
Chapter 14 - Promising Prospects ago
Chapter 15 - We Don't Need Roads ago
Chapter 16 - Whistle While You Work ago
Chapter 17 - Home on the Range ago
Chapter 18 - Cooped Up ago
Chapter 19 - Turn and Meet ago
Chapter 20 - Aide and Attendance ago
Chapter 21 - Down into... ago
Chapter 22 - A Ring of Fire ago
Chapter 23 - Cult of Personality ago
Chapter 24 - Smooth Transition ago
Chapter 25 - Looking Forward ago
Chapter 26 - Table Manors ago
Chapter 27 - Ambition ago
Chapter 28 - Family History ago
Chapter 29 - On the Horizon ago
Chapter 30 - Movers and Shakers ago
Chapter 31 - Leavetaking ago
Chapter 32 - Arrival ago
Chapter 33 - Dungeon Town ago
Chapter 34 - Might and Magic ago
Chapter 35 - Magical Mashup ago
Chapter 36 - The Dark Damp ago
Chapter 37 - Hollow Escapade ago
Chapter 38 - The Dungerums ago
Chapter 39 - A Day in the Life ago
Chapter 40 - Coming to the Light ago
Chapter 41 - Interlude: Princess Amily and Brave Sir Fenrix ago
Chapter 42 - Classist ago
Chapter 43 - High Muckamuck ago
Chapter 44 - Desperation ago
Chapter 45 - Agony ago
Chapter 46 - Return ago
Chapter 47 - Lucky Draw ago
Chapter 48 - Too Easy ago
Chapter 49 - Solo Run Get! ago
Chapter 50 - Brave, Brave Sir Reivyn ago
Chapter 51 - He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled ago
Chapter 52 - The Calm Before ago
Chapter 53 - The Storm ago
Chapter 54 - It's Darkest Before ago
Chapter 55 - The Dawn ago
Chapter 56 - After Action ago
Chapter 57 - Dance, Dance Revolution ago
Chapter 58 - The Party ago
Chapter 59 - Interlude: Princess Amily and Brave Sir Fenrix, Part 2 ago
Update: Cover Art Added ago
Chapter 60 - Tier 2, Too ago
Chapter 61 - Mama Bear ago
Chapter 62 - True Power ago
Chapter 63 - Meticulous Weaponry ago
Chapter 64 - Eternal Training ago
Chapter 65 - Unwanted Attention ago
Chapter 66 - Foot, Meet Mouth ago
Chapter 67 - Admission of Luck ago
Chapter 68 - New Beginning ago
Chapter 69 - Keep Your Hands to Yourself ago
Chapter 70 - Throw a Rope ago
Chapter 71 - Charismatic Instruction ago
Chapter 72 - Model Student ago
Chapter 73 - Rank and File ago
Chapter 74 - Royale Fight ago
Chapter 75 - Lurking Ruins ago
Chapter 76 - Cultural Affiliation? ago
Chapter 77 - Party in The Capital ago
Chapter 78 - Mixer ago
Chapter 79 - Boss Dungeon ago
Chapter 80 - Scuffle ago
Chapter 81 - Tour de Fort ago
Chapter 82 - Bossy Mage ago
Chapter 83 - Rematch ago
Chapter 84 - Dishonorable ago
Chapter 85 - Collateral Damage ago
Chapter 86 - Flickering Inspiration ago
Chapter 87 - Worldly Wisdom ago
Chapter 88 - Diametric Expectations ago

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Rebirth in a system world.

Reviewed at: Chapter 27 - Ambition

Very enjoyable and well written story. Really easy to read, exciting fun. Grammar and writing style is smooth. MC is likeable, plenty of interesting characters. 
So this is one of an emerging genre that I enjoy a lot when well written and I am happy to say this one compares well with any other in the genre.

MC is basically a reincarnator from earth, has a "start life from baby" reincarnation. The new world is a system world, with tiers. His new body has a bloodline (hidden details on that) so there's obviosuly weird stuff going on. Due to "prior knowledge" and determination he is able to build himself up in terms of talents and stats. So it's a power-train. 
The first arc is childhood - interesting enough and well written - also relatively "normal" in that his family, while very talented, has a nice life.

Second arc, involves him being recruited (somewhat underage), into a militia/ levy and how he grows while the levy is dealing with a threat to the County (well, area ruled by a Count) and movement into a neighbouring area. This was a great arc with lots of military elements and a minor campaign, monsters, dungeons, you name it. He performs way above expected and get rewarded, not least with patronage from a high level Paladin.
Third  arc has just started - he has returned home and is probably going to discuss next moves with his parents. Who have also just shed some light on his bloodline. 


This story has a lot of promise.  I like the characters, the world building, and the system.  I also like that there are a few mysteries that have been hinted at ever since he (the main character) was born.  They have yet to be solved but there are clues.  I like that an image of the world is gradually being formed from the main character's point of view and everything isn't being just thrown out there.

I also want to say that I love the way the birth and early years were covered.  I really like reincarnation stories and many of them spend way too much time talking about being a baby, having their character agonize over their past life or being disgusted by their mother's breasts or something.  I especially hate it when they cling to the past life and don't acknowledge thier parents in the new life, treating their parents like enemies or idiots.  

I like how, in this case, even though he has some memories, they don't completely define him.  I feel like it's more logical this way too; the dreams can give him some perspective but they don't dictate how he acts.  He is a child with a child brain and childish actions and thoughts but there's just a little extra knowing there.  When he sort of loses purpose I like how his dream skill acts up and sort of "reminds" him of what can happen if he slacks off.  It's like his subconcious is telling him things but it doesn't affect his personality.  It makes more sense than a baby brain trying to fit all the memories of a past life when they can't even see or hear very well at that point.  Sometimes he doesn't understand everything that happened in the dreams but he gets the general idea of "bad things".  I just really like how he grows into understanding things.

So basically I want to say thanks to the author for writing something so fun to read.  Thank you.


Great story with an interesting premise that hooks you right off the bat. The main character is believable and trusts his family enough to share his secrets, which leads to having healthy and believable childhood. He is not a superhuman that can effortlessly cultivate in the mother's womb 24/7 like in some of the stories here, so that is a nice facet. However, what confused me a little bit is that his parents are really knowledgeable and they possess really broad knowledge even though they are just normal people, without any special background, or it wasn't just presented yet. Overall it is a good story. 


This is great. Read it. I don't think I could do an extended review vais it would look something like :"sogoodsogoodsogoodsogood..."

it does have the occasional grammar mistake, but the most important parts, being the plot and the characters, are nailed so well. Also I'm around chapter 100 and Patreon is worth it. 


I am honestly loving this story so far. The world building, system, and writing is all top notch. There are a few minor flaws that can be easily overlooked (MC's parents talk to him in a convoluted manner when he is supposed to be literally 1 years old. Looking past this minor flaws, I think this story will go far. The pacing is amazing, the plot is building up, I can't stop reading it. Each chapter is like 4000+ words which is awesome. I love it!


The Story is pretty predictable with where it is going to go so far but in my opinion its a pretty good read. The MC is pretty OP and so far it is a pretty light hearted novel for the most part.

---Slight Spoilers---

I like his time in the army and Im glad that the author didnt go the "oh he was drafted so everyone and everything related to it is evil" approach. 

I'm still not sure if the whole mom being a princess, dad being a knight thing is really necesary especially since it feels very cliche to me and I can see it going very poorly very quickly but I'm still hoping the author doesnt fall into the pit fall of cliches.



Very enjoyable story. Im really digging the warrior main character and also the military aspect of the story so far. Who doesnt like some hack and slash. Though it appears our protagonist will dabble in spells at the least.  Good writing, good grammar, and everything makes sense so far mostly. Also the author is fixing things based on readers opinions on certains chapters which i appreciate !


Solid writing throughout, though the first half of the prologue almost threw me off the story. Grammar and spelling are solid. Knowledge of military structure is apparent and welcome. By around chapter 6 I was thoroughly invested. MC is not completely overpowered, while also overcoming numerous challenges in a reasonable way. Looking forward to seeing how everything develops!


I quite enjoyed this - I've just blown through 26 chapters one sitting kind of enjoyed it. Some nice ideas, engaging characters and the beginings of some interesting world building have kept me happy

Saying that, it's not quite a 5 star experience. Some are just annoying (some typos and other minor grammar issues), but others are a bit more problematic. So far, the worst is the infodumping of "the system", the sparse physical descriptions and the fact the MC is just a bit bland and just seems to accept and cope with everything that's going on equally. 

Gets conscripted and leave home for the first time? Just fine. Terrible hazing and near death? Not a problem! Two murder attempts? That's cool, I'll take that in my stride too! 


But none on those are massive issues for a LitRPG, hence the 4 star ratings





This story has an interesting premise, with the MC having dreams and consequently skills from his past life. The system is novel enough as to feel original, however the MC's system interaction is almost never explained. We are told he did this and that, the details are just glossed over. There is definitely a good amount of plot armour and forceful "upgrades", just so one more heroic deed can be performed for the sake of cementing the MC as strong.

Sadly, the author makes an artform from abusing "show, don't tell" guideline. The author also likes using very long sentences for explaining concepts, which come to the reader as tiring to read. 

Many a conversation is there only for the sake of exposition, like how a mother gives a winding talk to a one-year-old child, that most 10 year olds would struggle to comprehend. Many character personalities feel artificial, there's no emotion, there's no reasoning behind what they do, it just feels like a scripted event where empty shells dance to the author's routine. Good characters are innately good, bad characters are innately evil. There's no personality though, and no room for personal growth. 

All that said, everything's not bad. The premise is interesting, and for once in fiction, fantasy army is actually competent.  There are some minor grammatical errors, but nothing that deducts from the experience. 

All in all a solid slightly-above average story.